Pop! Anime: Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z

The latest Pop! figures from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z include
some of the franchise’s most revered characters!

The untapped powerhouse Gohan, Trunks the time-traveling human-Saiyan
hybrid, and Krillin the Z Fighter are fan favorites! Collect them all
to bring down the playful supervillain, Majin Buu!

This series also pays homage to the original Dragon Ball story with
Bulma the scientist and Goku on his Flying Nimbus!

Coming in July!

Mystery Mini: Steven Universe

Steven Universe Mystery Minis are coming soon!

Each box contains the possibility of finding one of the Crystal Gems, former Homeworld
Gem Lapis Lazuli, Steven’s Lion, Steven’s father Greg Universe, or Steven himself!

Which character will you get?!

Coming in July!

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