Pop!: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“Did I tell you how divinely and utterly happy I am?”

Introducing the Holly Golightly Pop! to celebrate
the 55th anniversary of the classic film
Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

Holly Golightly is clad in her iconic
black gown and tiara!

Coming this fall!

Coming in November!

Pop!: iZombie

Seattle PD’s most helpful zombie is
ready to join your collection!

Olivia Moore is dressed in her Medical Examiner
garb, available with her glasses and bone saw,
or bowl of brains!

Collect them both this fall!

Coming in November!

Rock Candy: Marvel

These 5″ stylized vinyl figures feature the
powerhouse women of Marvel!

Collect the super-strong Captain Marvel; crime-fighting
Spider-Gwen; mighty She-Hulk; and Lady Thor,
the Goddess of Thunder!

Spider-Gwen is available unmasked or masked
(exclusively at Hot Topic)! A special glow-in-the-dark
She-Hulk is available only at Walmart!

Coming in December!

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