Pop! TV: American Horror Story: Hotel

Return to Hotel Cortez with our American Horror Story: Hotel Pop! figures!

Hotel founder, Mr. March, and Sally the junkie are waiting with open arms!

Watch out for our Holden, though! He gets thirsty sometimes…

Coming in March!

Vinyl Idolz: American Psycho

Patrick Bateman has all the characteristics of a human being:
blood, flesh, skin, hair; but not a single, clear identifiable emotion,
except for greed and lust.

Though he can hide his cold gaze, and you can shake his hand
and feel flesh gripping yours, he’s simply not there. Say, do you like Phil Collins?

Coming in April!

Vinyl Idolz: Breaking Bad

Who are you talking to right now? Who is it you think you see?

No, you clearly don’t know who you’re talking to, so let me
clue you in. I am not in danger. I AM the danger.

I am the one who knocks!

Coming in April!

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