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It’s 2015.  Why has it taken this long to figure out that comics and drinking are natural allies?  Enter Inbeon Studios.  The group with the vision to put two great tastes that taste great together…together, and then add a third that may have hurt the overall experience for some.

Now, allow me to start with the fact that the show started at 3PM on a Saturday at the Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale NY.  There were about a dozen artist tables setup, and 3 bands set to perform.  Unfortunately, thanks to life and the way things happen, MUReview was only able to attend from about 6PM to 7:30.  Thankfully, we had time to take in all of the artist tables, eat some pretty good if incredibly salty wings (we would have bought another beer anyway…),  drink some tasty beer, meet some great people, and get a little “scared off” with some other folks by Mick James Is Dead (it’s a band, we will explain later).

The Nutty Irishman is kind of a big place, and for intents of the event it was split into a front half and a back half.  Front half was Nutty business as usual, the back half is where the convention was situated.  After grabbing our badges, compliments of Garret at Inbeon Studios, we entered the world of ComicBarCon.  Some good classic metal was playing on the PA, people were walking around in costume, and at any given time we were surrounded by about 50-75 people.  A nice crowd for a Saturday afternoon in Farmingdale.

We made a lap taking note of tons of great custom art from Christina Grande Photography. Jason Koza,  Taomoon’s Workshop, and now old friend of MUReview.net, Blue Hanzo.  We committed to the location of the corner bar for a quick bite and a beer.  While we were waiting for food to show up, I visited Joe’s Comics, signed up for an auction, Elastic Figures, grabbed a couple of neat rubber bandy figures for the kids.

Photo Jul 25, 6 07 13 PMPhoto Jul 25, 6 08 24 PMPhoto Jul 25, 6 09 00 PMPhoto Jul 25, 6 09 05 PMPhoto Jul 25, 6 09 11 PMPhoto Jul 25, 6 11 22 PM

Photo Jul 25, 6 22 09 PM
















The interesting odd table out was Taomoon’s Workshop.  Not necessarily comic related, but the gentleman there was exhibiting some amazing pieces and is clearly very talented.

Photo Jul 25, 6 12 03 PM







Through the first hour of our attendance, Garret from Inbeon grabbed the mic a few times and talked up some of the artist tables and some of the raffle giveaways that were going on.  He also encouraged Con goers to find and take a picture with a Cosplay Harley Quinn, up it to Facebook and tag Inbeon to be entered for neat prizes.  I did that.

Photo Jul 25, 7 10 52 PM







I also made some time to go meet up with Derwin Roberson AKA Blue Hanzo.  I am happy to have picked up some awesome custom artwork that now adorns the walls in the kids room, and I’m also going to work with him on an awesome concept for a Nova Tattoo that I’ve been meaning to get for 3 years now.  This dude is the real deal and if you don’t know, now you know.

Photo Jul 26, 2 33 48 PMPhoto Jul 25, 6 36 44 PMPhoto Jul 25, 6 36 39 PMPhoto Jul 25, 6 36 33 PM













After meeting up with Blue Hanzo, the next band was up.  We had already missed The Proletarians, next up, Mick James Is Dead.  The band was clearly into the showmanship that would relate well at a Comic Con.  The band was on stage playing in an intro while the singer was carted in in a coffin.  Fans were given black flowers to toss in the coffin as it rolled through the audience.  Once to the stage, assumedly, Mick James jumped out of the coffin and started their show.  When it comes to musical leanings, you can put me in the 90% metal side of things.  I’m also a little bit grumpy about learning and liking new music, so that’s on me.  Mick James is Dead had a unique sound, and while the band definitely had talent, it wasn’t my thing.  Unfortunately, it seemed like it wasn’t a lot of folks thing, as after about a half hour of playing it did look like the overall crowd had thinned considerably.

Photo Jul 25, 6 48 59 PM Photo Jul 25, 6 46 54 PM Photo Jul 25, 6 47 03 PM Photo Jul 25, 6 48 42 PM













Thanks mostly to the magic of parenthood, MUReview.net also had to leave during the Mick James set, but we stopped a few places before our exit.  We took a good look at Christina Grande Photography and artwork by Jason Koza and met the good folks behind both tables.

Photo Jul 25, 6 40 50 PM Photo Jul 25, 6 42 18 PM








On the way out we made sure to say hi to the good folks at the Inbeon Studios booth, they had some awesome artwork for sale!

Photo Jul 25, 6 40 01 PM Photo Jul 25, 6 40 21 PM Photo Jul 25, 6 40 06 PM Photo Jul 25, 6 45 29 PM













Wrap up

ComicBarCon 2015 was a great idea.  The artists were awesome, folks turned up in costume and everyone looked like they were having a good time.  If there was one thing that tripped it up, it was that at least for how it looked, one of the bands performing wasn’t necessarily a please all, super accessible type of band.  When you put comic book fans in a room, you’ve got a lot of different tastes in music that mix, and that makes it really tricky to find a band that is going to fit for that balance.  I can’t wait for ComicBarCon 2016, but these are the things I’d like to see different.  Take over a place like the Nutty Irishman.  The whole thing.  Put the comics and artists in the front and the more interactive / entertainment stuff in the back.  That way, when a band comes on that isn’t to someones taste, they can jump into the other room and not be overwhelmed.  Otherwise, all of the ideas were well executed and all of the people at Inbeon were fantastic to talk with and very enthusiastic for what they had going on.  Thanks so much for having MUReview down to the party!

Make sure you check out Inbeon Con Summer Edition August 8 from 10AM – 6PM at the Madison Theater at Molloy College in Rockville Center, NY.  Keep an ear out for more ComicBarCons happening near you!

Oh! I don’t want to forget.  When we were walking out, we saw just how comitted Mick James is Dead really was to the whole dead thing..check out their ride!

Photo Jul 25, 7 23 39 PM








I just heard from one of the other ComicBarCon fans in attendance.  The closing band, The Native Alien Tribe had the collective club “jumpin'” and the night ended with a bang.  Very happy to hear that, and I can’t wait for the next one!

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