First off, I know this is a little bit late, but thanks to some technical difficulties that kind of stuff will happen.  Now onto the show.

I can’t say this was a stellar week for comics.  I feel like choosing an official “Comic of the Week” is like choosing a president this year.  You are in bad shape either way you choose.

With all that said this weeks honor goes to Wolverine #312 by Jeph Joeb and art by Simone Bianchi and Simone Peruzzi.  I’ve mentioned in past posts that I really love the art style on this Wolverine series.  It is dark and edgy which is perfect when depicting the world of Wolverine.

Issue 312 picks up with Wolverine hot on the trail of newly revived Sabertooth and the man behind it all Romulus.  This time he has help in the form of Romulus’ sister, Remus.  Of course she has to be a red head, they are always red heads.

We have quite the plot twist at the end that if true will end up turning Wolverine’s entire life upside down.

I think any book with a battle between Sabertooth and Wolvie is worth the read.

Honorable Mention: Nothing


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