Welcome everyone to the newest addition to MUReview.  Each week yours truly will select one comic as MUReview’s “Comic of the Week”.  Obviously, since we are mainly a Marvel driven site I will only be making my weekly selection from the Marvel books released.  However, I reserve the right to throw in a “Walking Dead” book when it is well deserved.  I will also try to keep any potential spoilers to a minimum.

So, now to the moment none of you have been waiting for.  The first ever “Comic of the Week” is Uncanny X-Men #14 written by Kieron Gillen with art by Dustin Weaver.  Before going in to far we have to keep in mind we are now knee deep in Avengers vs. X-Men goodness.  The Phoenix Force is back on Earth and created the newly dubbed “Phoenix 5” consisting of Cyclops, Emma Frost, Colossus, Namor and Magik.  While they don’t make an appearance here, a certain someone has taken notice of Cyclops and his new powers.

Mr. Sinister is back after taking his last butt kicking.  If you have been keeping track of Sinister’s last few appearances you know he has taken his love for genetics to a whole new level and is now his own species.  The book opens with one “Sinister World” civilian filling the role of a reporter interviewing what I’ll call the Alpha Sinister.  I can’t help to feel like I am reading a story about “The Matrix” done Sinister style and I LOVE every minute of it.  While Sinister is everyone and everything he has created a world where every Sinister plays their part no matter how large or small.  Just as in everyday life you have a the garbage man and a president.  Sinister has made sure the same dynamics exist in his world.

The world artist Dustin Weaver has created is genius and a true homage to the madness that is Mr. Sinister.  Each page embodies the magnitude of Sinister’s ego which has no bounds.  The writing is intelligent and witty.  At the climax it does get a bit predictable, but that’s okay because it still conveys the true purpose of the story.

Mr. Sinister, in my mind, may be the greatest nemesis the X-Men have ever faced.  Before you start crying foul about how Magneto is number one take it easy.  All I know is Sinister isn’t on team Cyclops and living on Utopia.  The man is as twisted as they come.  However, it reaches a whole new level when you get to witness his menagerie of mutant creations.  Quite frankly the last few pages of this book are maybe the coolest I have seen in any Marvel comic in a long time.

I can’t stress enough that this book is ENTIRELY about Sinister. There are no heroes and no overdone fight scenes.  This book should leave you saying, “yea, that is about as creepy as it gets.”

By the end of this issue if you aren’t looking more forward to Sinister’s next appearance than AvsX #7 then you might not be the X-Men fan you think you are.

It is for all these reasons that make Uncanny X-Men #14 our first ever “Comic of the Week.”

Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Dustin Weaver & Jim Charalampidis
Cover by Stuart Immonen & Jim Charalampidis

Honorable Mention: Avengers Vs. X-Men #6 



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