Let me start off by saying I could have easily made the second issue of “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” my ‘Comic of the Week.’  Seriously, the comic is just that good.

With that said I decided to go with “The New Avengers #29” instead.  Out of all the Avengers series available, New Avengers is by far my favorite and that has a lot to do with Brian Michael Bendis as the writer.  Art is done by Mike Deodato and color by Rain Beredo.  Marvel has a ton of great talent when it comes to writers and Bendis is at the top of the heap.

This comic was different from most New Avengers books.  First off it puts the Illuminati of the Marvel Universe back in the same room. If you don’t know Iron Man decided to get what he considered the leaders of the Marvel Universe together to discuss threats that were of a massive scale after the Kree/Skrull war invaded Earth.  The group consisted of Reed Richards, Charles Xavier, Namor, Black Bolt, Doctor Strange and Black Panther was invited, but decided not to join after the first meeting.

In the end the group did more harm than good.  Basically, their decisions lead to the Skrull invasion and World War Hulk.  They all swore to never meet again, but this issue #29 brings them together once more.

When you put these men all in the same room it is ALWAYS a big deal.  However, this time it is Captain American who has called the group together.  His purpose is to hopefully draw out his former WWII brother in arms, Namor, to talk some sense into him.  All the original Illuminati members show except for Black Bolt.

What makes this issue so great is the whole issue is just these men in a room talking.  It is very rare you have an entire comic just dedicated to dialogue.  I thought it was a nice look into the dynamics between each of these individuals and seeing where they are at as the events of Avengers vs. X-Men unfold.  Bendis does an amazing job writing the wise-cracking Stark.

So after you are done reading Deadpool Kills Marvel U, go let your nerves take a rest and pick up this comic. Well worth your time and money.

Honorable Mention: “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #2” (Did you really think it would be anything else?)


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