So rare in the Marvel Universe do we get edgy done well.  Yes, we have Marvel Knights which has been solid at times, but I think my “Comic of the Week” selection is an effort that makes it feel right to be an adult and still reading comic books.

My choice for this week is the start of the miniseries “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1.”  Written by Cullen Bunn and art by Dalibor Talajic this latest effort makes me feel like they are finally giving us the Deadpool we all deserve.  We know Wade is crazy and funny, but the Wade we are given in this series is all that and twisted as hell.  I’m talking Heath Ledger as the Joker twisted.

You know I don’t like to give away spoilers, but here it is a must.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!

The guy kills the first family of the Marvel Universe in the first 8 pages!  How can you not read this book?!  I am also pretty certain unlike our regular comics these heroes won’t be coming back in this series.  Deadpool has been wronged and he is out for blood.  I can’t wait to see how they pit him against the big guns in the Marvel U.

This series has me excited and you should feel the same way.  The best part is you don’t have to wait another month for book number two.  The next in the series hits shelves tomorrow as this will be a weekly comic for at least four issues.

Kudos to Marvel for this new and mature take on one my favorite characters.  I think Marvel needs to do this with more of their characters and maybe this is a sign of things to come in Marvel NOW!

Pick up this book or you will be sorry you didn’t.  I known this because Deadpool told me so.  Crazy bastard…


Honorable Mention: The First X-Men #1

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