Something teased so long ago and more than once, has finally been delivered upon.  After seeing a single eBay auction for this item go up months ago for an absurd amount of money…the Juggernaut / Colossus 2-pack still technically isn’t at ‘retail’, but it’s close enough to being real that I was able to grab one without putting a lean on my house.  There was even worry / rumor at points that the helmetless Juggs had been cancelled.  Hopefully this is living proof to the contrary.    Speaking of living proof.  I love the Juggernaut fig, but probably my favorite thing about this two pack is the back of the card, where we see an Ant Man / Moon Knight 2-pack advertised….Can’t wait!

The Good:
Colossus –

  • The uniform colors on this Colossus stand out more than previous editions.
  • This is otherwise the same large size sturdy colossus that we have gotten over and over in this line.  This is good…and bad.

Maskless Juggernaut –

  • Juggernaut from before but now without the helmet on.  This is why we all want him.  Juggernaut’s face is smug and ugly, so spot on Hasbro, good job.
  • As with the previous release, the Juggernaut is a well built sturdy figure that you can get into some pretty neat poses.
  • The darker overall paint is appreciated.

The Bad:
Colossus –

  • This is yet another figure we’ve gotten a lot of without much variation.  Chances are good that you already have him by single card release, Astonishing X-Men box, variant Astonishing X-Men box, or one of the multiple Wolverine line releases and you probably already have your favorite.  This isn’t a bad figure, but if you’ve got more than one I don’t think he’ll replace your favorite.
  • Colossus turns himself into metal.  Most awesome metal is shiny.  This colossus is not shiny…so he is not awesome metal.

Maskless Juggernaut –

  • I couldn’t just take the helmet off of the first Juggernaut I bought.
  • Can’t wait till the next one comes out with the articulated head and the helmet…that I can take off.

The Rest:

Don’t get me wrong, Juggernaut’s face is a welcome one.  In this two pack you get two solid figures for the price of…2 solid figures.  We just get another version of Colossus when we already have better, and another version of Juggernaut that is pretty cool, but mark my words I feel a triple-dip coming on here.

The Pictures:

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