From the dark depths of the Internet, we have what looks like, possibly a Marvel Legends 3.75 inch figure leak.  I bring this news to you wholly unsubstantiated.  However, I am far far too excited not to share this with the readers of, because we love Marvel Universe, Marvel Infinite, Marvel Legends, any Hasbro plastic…and this sure looks like it.  I would say, let the speculation begin, this looks to me, very much like an SDCC 2016 exclusive set.  I leave it to you, the reader to decide though.  Have a look at the original link here.  It does list the lot under Marvel Universe, but assumptions being what they are….

Featured in the set appears to be:

  • The Collector – fully articulated
  • Cosmo – non-articulated
  • Lockjaw – non-articulated
  • Howard the Duck – non-articulated
  • Moon Boy
  • Zodiac Key, looks like the Casket of Ancient Winters, and Wand of Watoomb (thanks for the reminder Eric!)



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