I love collecting my Marvel Universe figures, so much so that I’ve dedicated a website to the act.  Seems like every time I put a picture of a figure on a message board, a page, a post, or wherever, I get a question about how I store / display my figures.  The answer is simple if expensive.

I use the Protech CC-5 ACTION FIGURE DISPLAY to encase the figures.  These keep them generally safe and I don’t have to dust nooks and crannies of individual figures.  These cases are perfect for 3.75 inch action figures, there isn’t much headroom for any that are taller, but I have not had a problem fitting the slightly larger Marvel Universe Figures like Colossus or Warpath.  Accessories (Wings, Surfboards, etc… Generally will not fit).

I’ll also make use of the LOOSE ACTION FIGURE SHADOW BOX, which will hold 24 loose figures.  Also great for not having to dust, but it’s a little harder to display and manipulate due to it’s size.  As far as the figures they will hold, it’s about the same as the clear cylinders, but there is a little less room width wise, so those broader figures might have to find a different home.


I have, on many attempts purchased the Protech Action Figure Stands for Newer Star Wars Action Figures, but most times I think I get sent the wrong ones, because the pegs never fit the feet (this is from a site that’s no longer online).  I have never been let down though, with the Entertainment Earth Action Figure stands, which I buy through Amazon.

I have also had a good amount of luck using the “Earth Stands” from Earthtoymall.com.  These are single foot stands, so you’ll want two per figure.  

Collecting supplies aren’t without their price.  I used to have a great site I went to that offered this stuff dirt cheap, it was near criminal.  However, I now frequent the http://www.protechproductsinc.com/ which I have found to be great with shipping and very reasonably priced, if not the best price online for most of the above. The Entertainment Earth stands are about 12 bucks a bag from Amazon and you can grab them at the link below.  Hard to go wrong with a product that has the action figure line you collect right on the package.

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