Toy Fair 2015: Toy Fair Mega Post All MUReview Toy Fair Coverage In One Place!

Toy Fair 2015: Toy Fair Mega Post All MUReview Toy Fair Coverage In One Place!

MUReview has been literally bleeding gobs of Toy Fair 2015 Coverage and it might be getting a little unwieldy from the home page.  I wanted to give everyone a place to get all of the goods in one place.  We still have official press stuff to put up, it will all land here, and this post will be sticky for a little bit to make sure everyone gets a crack at what we have put together.

Vendor Subject Coverage Type
Alpha Cars / Coptors In Person
Bleacher Creatures Plush In Person
Dark Horse Game of Thrones / Comics figures and busts In Person
Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select / Minimates In Person
Factory Entertainment Movie / TV Merchandising In Person
Fantasy Flight Games Board Games In Person
Funko Action Figures / Pops In Person
Hasbro Marvel action figures In Person
Hasbro All other Hasbro In Person
Lego Marvel / DC / Star Wars Lego In Person
Little Buddy Plush In Person
Loot Crate Various In Person
Makey Makey Creative Tech In Person
Mattel He-Man / DC Action Figures In Person
McFarlane Toys Walking Dead In Person
Mezco Action Figures / statues In Person
Monogram Busts / Banks / Keychains In Person
NECA Various Comic Properties In Person
Paw Patrol Kids show toys In Person
Playmates (TMNT) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Figures In Person
Show Floor Pictures General In Person
Spin Master Kids toys In Person
Square-Enix Comic Figures In Person
Tamashi Nations Dragon Ball / Chogokin / etc… In Person
Tech 4 Kids Mashems / Fashems In Person
Thinkgeek Various Geeky Toys In Person
Ty Plush In Person
Uncle Milton Educational / Science Toys In Person
Toy Fair 2015: Diamond Select Toys

Toy Fair 2015: Diamond Select Toys

This it folks, the end of formal Toy Fair 2015 coverage, everything I was able to capture live with my own eyes and ears, ends here.  I assure you, I have saved the absolute best for last.  Last year at Toy Fair, I missed my time with Zach from Diamond Select Toys and I was honestly really upset about that.  Zach is one of the most passionate, knowledgeable and outright awesome people in the world of toys.  He is a credit to all that Diamond Select has achieved and I really look forward to every chance I get to meet up with him and talk shop…or well, listen shop anyway!  We have so much information for you, so many incredible reveals for you, so many release dates and prices, and …AND DOCTOR STRANGE!!  Let us begin….



Chiefly important to, the Marvel stuff that Diamond Select Toys has going on, and there is so so much.  Unforutunately, my favorite of which is something my eyes did not get to behold, so I pillaged the DST Facebook feed for the image…but…coming soon from Diamond Select Toys under the Marvel banner:

Marvel Select

  • Marvel Select Doctor Strange sculpted by Jean St. Jean, coming in Summer 2015 for $24.99.  There is a place in my house where this belongs, right next to Thanos, Mephisto, Silver Surfer and Uatu.  Absolute must buy (and we will review!).
  • Marvel Select Ant-Man movie figure, coming in May for $24.99.  Ant-Man comes in Select scale and has a little teeny tiny Ant-Man to boot.
  • Marvel Select Avengers Age Of Ultron figures!  All prices are $24.99
    • Black Widow in June
    • Hulk in March
    • Thor in June
  • We have spoken of this before, and shown press images, but the Marvel Select Zombie Sabertooth is coming in July, and he’s so incredibly gory!


  • Avengers Age of Ultron Counter Display single blind bags are coming in March and will be $5.99 a piece.  The assortment will include multiple types of Ultrons, Iron Man’s Iron Legion, plus one-per-case Minimates of Baron Strucker and Nick Fury.
  • Minimates series 60 X-Men Vs. the Brotherhood will hit shelves in March for $9.99 per two-pack.  The assortment features Wolverine (with Forge parts) vs. Blob, Banshee (with Gambit parts) vs. Pyro, Storm (with Psylocke parts) vs. Avalanche, and a short-packed, one-per-case two-pack of Jubilee vs. Destiny.
  • Minimates series 61 will feature Avengers Age of Ultron at $9.99 per two-pack in March.  The assortment includes Iron Man with Black Widow, Thor with Captain America, Hawkeye with Ultron and a rare one-per-case variant pack of Hawkeye in his long coat with a Sub-Ultron.
  • Minimates series 62 featuring the players in the Axis Marvel storyline will hit shelves in July for $9.99 per two-pack.  The series includes  Sam Wilson as Captain America vs. Red Onslaught, Superior Iron Man vs. Apocalypse, Carnage vs. Hobgoblin, and Sabretooth vs. Kluh, the evil Hulk.
  • Minimates series 63 features more characters from Avengers Age of Ultron, it drops in July and $9.99 per two-pack.  Now, I was told I couldn’t photograph these…but I’m kind of an idiot…I barely looked at them.  My brain said, oh no, no photos…don’t even look. I’m dumb.  I know Hulkbuster is in the assortment.  Isn’t that enough!?

Molds, Classics and More!

  • Wolverine gets his own 8-inch retro figure set in March for $80
  • Captain America gets a shield gelatin mold in Fall for $14.99
  • Deadpool gets a gelatin mold in June for $14.99
  • Hulk gets a gelatin mold in Summer, again for $14.99


Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants, you know, the little sponge that got a fresh new movie just a few weeks ago?  He’s getting his own Minimates assortment in March and 2-packs will retail for $9.99.  Included in the assortment:

  • SpongeBob with Sandy
  • Patrick with Squidward
  • Mr. Krabs with Perch Perkins
  • Rare, one-per-case box set of Grandpappy Redbeard with an orange Perch Perkins!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I hope you were all paying attention when MUReview brought you reviews of each character in the blind bagged first series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Minimates.  They are epic.  Wave 2 is coming, more bust banks are coming… we even have a review of a pizza cutter waiting for the Toy Fair dust to settle so we can share it with you!


  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mirage box set hits in July for $19.99.  This set features the original early days comic book Turtles (you know, the ones with all red bandanas).
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles counter display shows up in stores in June including 18 blind bags at $5.99 a piece.  Included in the assortment:
    • 4 all new Turtles with new accessories and looks…and Ice Cream Kitty!
    • Casey Jones
    • Splinter
    • Kraang Bot (suited and Kraang chested)
    • Karai
    • Bradshaw (pre Dog Pound / RahZar)
    • Beebop
    • Mutagen Donatello!!

Bust Banks

  • Shredder Bust Bank coming in July for $22.99
  • Footbot Bust Bank in August for $22.99



Ghostbusters is coming to the Select scale in a huge way this year.  There are also a bunch of great home goods items…it’s time for this, it’s just time.


  • All Ghostbuster Select scale figures are due to arrive in Winter at for $24.99.   We are getting Ray, Dana and Winston!

Home Goods

  • We are only going to see one item from this line in 2015, July, the Ghostbuster Slimer Pizza Cutter for $18.
  • Coming in 2016, the Ghostbuster home stuffs line, the Ghostbuster logo pizza cutter, bottle opener, the Slimer bottle opener, and the Stay Puft bottle opener.


Nightmare Before Christmas

Every show it inches a bit closer.  But still, it’s really far away.  The point at which I can go to a store, and buy me some Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates!  That isn’t all that’s going on here though, we get Select scale figures and a Coffin Doll set!

Minimates ($9.99)

  • The Minimates for Nightmare Before Christmas, labeled as series 1 hits in Fall for $9.99 per 2 pack.  I don’t know what the 2 pack line up is, but figures will include:
    • Jack Skellington
    • Sally
    • Mr. Oogie Boogie
    • Dr. Finklestein
    • Mayor of Halloween Town
    • Clown
    • Christmas Elves
    • Reindeer (skeleton)

Select ($24.99)

  • Jack Select hits shelves in August of 2015
  • Dr. Finkelstein arrives in November
  • Sally in August
  • Santa Jack in November
  • Mayor in November
  • Mr. Oogie Boogie in August

Coffin Doll Set

  • The gorgeous Jack and Sally Coffin Doll set arrives in August for $99.99



The DC goodies from Diamond Select Toys are nothing if not expansive for 2015 and 2016.  Everything is gorgeously sculpted, so smooth…precious.  Also to note, we didn’t get images, but there is some very nice Gotham stuff coming too!

Batman Classic TV items

  • We get a Batgirl Bust in Winter for $59.99.
  • A Batusi Bust also in Winter, also $59.99
  • A Catwoman Bust coming in Fall for $59.99.
  • Egg Head Bust in October for $59.99
  • Joker gets a Bust Bank in March for $29.99
  • The TV Logo turns into a Cookie Jar for $39.99 in April
  • Mr. Freeze will be frozen in place as a bust in June for $59.99
  • Penguin waddles to busty goodness in March, $59.99
  • The Penguin will be a bank for breaking in December 2015 at $29.99
  • A Premium Collection Batgirl statue will be available in Summer for $199.99, and I assure you folks, it is premium!

Batman The Animated Series products

  • A Batman bust is on the way for Fall at $59.99
  • Catwoman bust joins Batman at some point in 2016 for $59.99
  • The Dark Knight gets a bust in 2016 for $59.99
  • Femme Fatales statues for 2016 include Batgirl and Catwoman for $45 a pop
  • Out in 2015, a Femme Fatales Poison Ivy statue in August and a Harley Quinn in Winter for $45.00
  • Harley Quinn gets a bust in Fall for $59.99
  • Phantasm has a bust coming in Winter of 2016 for $59.99
  • Poison Ivy will get a bust in Winter 2015 for $59.99

Justice League Animated Series products

  • Femme Fatales has three statues coming between July 2015 and 2016, all at $45 a piece.  Supergirl comes out this year with Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman to follow in 2016.

Superman Animated items

  • In support of Superman’s animated series, 3 busts will be released in 2016 for $59.99 each, Lex Luthor, Supergirl and Superman.


  • Select Scale figures for Gotham (TV series) start arriving in Summer 2015 with a Jim Gordon figure.  Releases continue in 2016 with Penguin and Selina Kyle all for $24.99 a piece.


Jay and Silent Bob

Jay and Silent Bob continue to get amazing products from Diamond Select Toys, whether it’s from the Jay and Silent Bob movie, or from Clerks, everything is so faithful to the source material that it warms the cockles of my heart….maybe even the sub-cockles.  Clerks gets a ton of black and white select figures, Jay and Silent Bob get all sorts of interesting stuff, let us see.


  • All coming in Summer, a full line of Select scale Clerks characters will include Bob, Dante, Jay and Randle for $24.99 a piece.

Jay and Silent Bob

  • A Bluntman hat replica is coming in June for $24.99.
  • A Bluntman mug and Chronic mug will be available in March for $14.99 each.
  • The Buddy Christ plush is coming in March and will set you back $19.99.
  • The Mooby Mug hits shelves in March for $14.99.
  • Select Scale Bluntman, Chronic and Cock Knocker figures all drop in May for $24.99. …and I just got to type Cock Knocker.
  • A Jay and Silent Bob Strike back tumbler will release in summer for $9.99.
  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Series 2 Minimates release in March as a box set for $19.99.  The set includes Jay and Silent Bob with Federal Wildlife Marshall Willenholly and jewel  thief Justice — plus a micro-‘Mate of their orangutan friend Suzanne.
  • Also expected in 2015, but not carded in the display, the Comic Book Men Minimate set featuring Mike, Ming, Kevin, Walt and Bryan!  I think it’s expected in June and will likely run around $19.99.


Alien and Predator

Alien and Predator are getting some nice new stuff this year from DST, let’s see what’sit.


  • A Queen Cookie Jar comes in Summer, no price yet.
  • A Queen Bottle Opener comes in June for $18.
  • The Deluxe Minimates Series 1 hits in Fall for $9.99 a pack.
  • Minimates Series 2 (not deluxe) comes in Fall for $9.99 a 2-pack.


  • The Predator Bust Bank arrives in Summer for $22.99.
  • Minimates Series 1 arrives in the Fall for $9.99 per two pack.
  • The Minimates blind bagged counter display arrives in Fall as well at $5.99 per single figure pack.


Universal Monsters

Universal Monsters plays well in my house.  I’ve got a 2 year and and a 4 year old that don’t have monster nightmares, but monster parties in their heads, and they love the classics!  DST brings em with their 2015 Universal Monsters products!

  • 3 Select scale figures will ship in Fall of this year for $24.99 each featuring Mummy, Wolfman and Lucy Westerna (pictured below).
  • A three figure set is coming in July for $50 (also pictured).
  • The Creature gets a bottle opener in Summer for $18.
  • The Creature also gets a gelatin mold in Fall for $14.99.


Lost In Space

Lost In Space gets two pieces thi syear, the B9 Robot in March for $49.99 and a Jupiter 2 bottle opener in July for $18.



Godzilla will get a bunch of nice new merch in 2015!

  • 1974 Godzilla Figure Bank in August for $34.99
  • A Godzilla pizza cutter in March for $14.99.
  • A 1993 Rodan Figure Bank in the Fall for $34.99.



Kill Bill, Sin City and Pulp Fiction

Kill Bill and Sin City will both get Minimate figure assortments in 2015.

  • Kill Bill gets the Deadly Vipers box set in July for $19.99.
  • The Sin City series 3 Minimates box set delivers in June for $19.99.
  • Sin City will also get a Marv bust out in March for $59.99.
  • Pulp Fiction gets a new box set of Minimates in March for $19.99.  The set  includes Bloody Jules, Bloody Vince, The Wolf, and Jimmie.


Back To The Future

Back to the Future gets some epic love this year from Diamond Select!  Mr. Freaking Fusion!  A full sized prop replica??!! Are you kidding me?

  • Mr. Fusion is out in March for $399.99.
  • A 1:15 scale frosted Time Machine ships in Fall for $60.
  • Back to the Future Monopoly arrives in Summer for $39.99…I get to be the hover board!


Star Trek

Star Trek gets a ton of new weapon and ship replicas that are to stun for! (get it?)

  • The Star Trek III movie Phaser will arrive in March for $39.99.
  • The NX-2000 Excelsior ship comes out in June for $60.
  • Star Trek The Next Generation Cobra Phaser can be had in Summer for $39.99.
  • The Worf Bank arrives in Fall for $22.99.
  • The Romulan Bird of Prey ship comes in Winter for $70.


Femme Fatales

Femme Fatales will have 3 new statues show up in 2015, they are all spectacular, they are all $45.00 a piece.  Cassie Hack hits in Fall. Raven Hex II comes out in Summer along with Tarot #2.


Dragon Age

We didn’t grab any shots of Dragon Age stuff, but that doesn’t mean nothing is coming.

  • A Dragon Age Minimates box set will come out in March for $19.99.
  • The Select scale Morrigan figure will arrive in September for the usual Select price point of $24.99.

My Little Pony

You can’t escape My Little Pony these days…unless you are me, and you take pictures of them at the booth, and then you have no idea what the hell happened to them…but they are coming from Diamond Select Toys, My Little Pony banks that is, each priced at $22.99 and dropping throughout the year.

  • Dr. Whooves in Fall
  • Fluttershy in March
  • Pinkie Pie in July
  • Rainbox Dash in Summer
  • Rarity in March

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead will get two new Minimates assortments in 2015.  I’m blanking on whether or not they were displayed, I feel like I would have taken pictures, but at any rate, you should know what they are, who they contain, and that they cost $9.99 per two pack.

  • Series 7 comes out in March and includes Rick and Jesus, Dwight and Negan, Derek and Zombie, Chris and Zombie.
  • Series 8 comes out in Fall and includes…I don’t know, I have no idea who is in this set, but you can buy it in Fall, I assure you.
Toy Fair 2015: Dark Horse

Toy Fair 2015: Dark Horse

Dark Horse brings it’s properties to life like few other companies out there.  Leading up to Toy Fair we were very happy to be able to share with you their upcoming Goon statue and Daenerys and Drogon statue.  Seeing them in person…just no comparison, not even close.  They are gorgeous, and so is everything else that Aub at Dark Horse was good enough to take a few minutes to talk to me about.

Game of Thrones

Since 2011 Dark Horse has been bringing it’s Game of Thrones game hard.  This year, Dark Horse will be adding to their incredible list of Game of Thrones display pieces, and (in)action figures!

  • Checking in at about 7-8 inches tall, the Dark Horse Game of Thrones figures are second to none.  While not articulated, the sculpts and paint are photo realistic and just staggering.  All figures are due out this year starting in April and continuing through the year.  Coming in this years line:
    • Brienne of Tarth
    • Little Finger
    • Tywin Lannister
    • Joffrey (let’s be honest he’s a Lannister) Baratheon
    • Hodor (with Bran)
  • Standing in a more statuesque scale for 2015, we are going to get a large Brienne of Tarth.   Brienne is massive, gorgeously sculpted and available in May for $225!
  • As mentioned and posted previously, this year will find us with a dandy of a Dragon and Pretty Lady statue.  Shipping in July for $424.99 get your pre-orders in now because this is a highly limited run!



Droool…  Link standing, Ganon, these are already out…but not in my house, so I can still drool.  Coming this year though, Link in action pose and Scervo figure.  Both should be out this year but date is TBD.


Judge Dredd

Check out the beautiful Michael McMahon version of Judge Dredd, he’s coming, but we don’t know when or how much he’ll cost.


Legend of Korra

Dark Horse has a little something for everyone here.  For the serious collector the gorgeous memorial statue of Aang shipping in March for $149.99.

For everyone, the Naga plush doll, shipping also in March for around $35.  IT’S SO FLUFFY!





There are a ton of options to play Halo in the real world if you tire of your video game controller.  None are more incredibly detailed than the ships coming form Dark Horse in 2015.

Dark Horse is bringing out two UNSC ships and one Covenant ship.  All items are pending licensor approval at this point, but seriously…who isn’t going to approve this awesomeness?  The UNSC ships will be out in July, and the Covenant ship will be out in Fall of 2015, pricing is TBD.


Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta’s “The Death Dealer” donned the first three covers of Molly Hatchet’s albums, so when I saw that Dark Horse is bringing unique Death Dealer pieces to market I was more than a little stoked.  You can pick up the coaster set and playing cards now for $9.99 and $4.99 respectively.  If you want the snow globe you’ll have to wait till May and the Stein is coming in March for $19.99.


The Goon

Sculpted by Sean McNally, Eric Powell’s Goon statue comes out in Summer of 2015 for $150.  This is the fully painted version of the wildly successful Kickstarter campaign which was offered in faux-bronze.  It’s exceptional, and leaves only one question…when do we get Franky?


Criminal Macabre

Sculpted by William Paquet, 14 inches tall, this Cal statue will be a highly limited run (375) available in August 2015 for $149.99.  This is a hand painted piece and each one will come with a signed certificate of authenticity.  Not displayed at the show, but spoken of, the winged variant!

Toy Fair 2015: Mattel Collectors Event

Toy Fair 2015: Mattel Collectors Event

I am feeling very old.  I feel this way because Mattel makes incredible He-Man action figures.  I was alive before they started doing that.  They are still doing that, they have been doing that for over 30 years…I am well over 30 years.  The He-Man figures, they keep getting more and more amazing.  Me, things just keep falling apart.

Enough waxing poetic though, a very big and special thank you to Mattel for having MUReview at their Collector Event at Toy Fair 2015!  It was a last second request on my part and they were so awesomely accommodating!  We had a great time, saw incredible toys, got great pictures, and even got sent home with some lovely parting gifts (a giant He-Man Zodiac figure and an awesome Halo Mega Bloks kit!  Speaking of Mega Bloks, this is the first year that Mega and Mattel were on display in the same room at Toy Fair (since the acquisition by Mattel last year).  Let’s have a look at all that our eyes got to see!

DC Properties

The Mattel DC figure lines are an incredibly mature format and they are making some fantastic looking figures!

  • The Batman Classic TV Series action figure line…with Surfboards!  The line features favorites from the 66 series, Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Batman, Batgirl, Robin and the Riddler!
  • OF COURSE!  There is also the classic Batmobile!!
  • YES!! The Batcave too!
  • Have a look at the pictures for the DC Comics 3.75 inch line.  The line is rapidly growing featuring all of the amazing DC characters you could want, Azreal, Nightwing, Dark Knight, Harley and the Joker, so so many more!
  • The Arkham City Batman Vs. Solomon Grundy playset is amazing!



I mentioned before, I’m getting old?  Each and every figure displayed is un-freaking-believable.  Gorgeous artwork, amazing sculpts, if you aren’t collecting He-Man in 2015, you are absolutely missing out.

  • We get some Giant figures!  Man-At-Arms and Zodiac!!  Probably about 4-5 times the size of a normal He-Man figure.
  • I’m just gonna list off the figures displayed…check the images for the glory!
    • Lizard Man
    • Ninja Warrior
    • Huntara
    • Snake Men 2-pack featuring Snake Armor He-Man  and Battle Armor King Hsss (Indiana Jones would hate that!)
    • Spirit of Grayskull
    • Oo-Larr
    • Mutli-Packs
    • More Snake Men
    • The list goes on…the pictures are prettier than my words, so go look!


Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels just keeps going and growing and growing.  On display this year some awesome vehicles from Stare Wars and back to the future.  The Hot Wheels line will also be representing DC and Marvel Characters.

  • The clear highlight of the Hot Wheels display was a $100+ Delorean from Back to the Future.  Doors opened and closed, wheels flip, things were chaotic but I do believe that I heard someone mention that it was all metal!



Amazing…on display was an amazing Terminator Mega Bloks bust with light up eyes for Terminator Genesys.  Also on display were Mega Bloks man vs. machine playsets that are going to be a ton of fun to build and play!



I mean, who doesn’t want Halo weapons?  On display, the Needler, Spartan pistol and tons of vehicle and playsets from Mega Bloks to build and enjoy in 2015!




Despicable Me introduced the world to Minions.  Now, it’s hard to remember a world without Minions.  Thanks to Mattel, we will have a world even more full of Minions with Mega Bloks Minions, the line features half a hundred little yellow lunatics!





Toy Fair 2015: ThinkGeek

Toy Fair 2015: ThinkGeek

For those of you living under a rock, or without an Internet connection, I am here to advise that ThinkGeek is amazing.  They bring incredible, fun and innovative original and licensed products to market year over year and have fun doing it.  They share that fun with you with every purchase…and with me…with all of my purchases….I write this post to you from a MacBook Pro taken out of a Dragon Skin Bag of Holding, purchased, you guessed it, exclusively at!  Huge thanks to Steve for the booth walk through and for his patience in me being a scheduling moron.  Would you believe my professional title is Manager of Test Planning?  Sigh…  Let’s take a look at teh funs that ThinkGeek will be issuing in 2015 to keep you occupied in your house, at your desk, even in your car!

Walking Dead

Walking Dead  is on the tip of everyones tongue, and with brand spankin’ new, non-lethal Walking Dead weapons from ThinkGeek, you will be ready for zombie slaying in no time.  Each piece is highly detailed and would definitely make a great cosplay addition to whatever you happen to be sportin’.

  • Michonne’s Samurai with scabbard.
  • Daryl’s Crossbow (with firing sound) …(but not firing)
  • Merle’s knife hand.



As a father of a little guy who is on the cusp of Minecraftyness, I see new Minecraft ThinkGeek products and in tandem, in my minds eye, I see the reduction of my bank account.

  • Minecraft torches. You can hold em, or they angle for wall mounting…and yes, they light up.
  • Minecraft Diamond and Redstone ore cubes.  These also light up.  Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking.  You can light your room just like you can in Minecraft.  Pretty sure that’s what ThinkGeek was goin for here slick.


Star Wars

The amount of people at Toy Fair either talking about, but not showing, or showing, but not allowing photographs for Star Wars episode 7 product is enough to give me a chuckle.  It’s everyone, and everyone is tight lipped.  I guess it’s for the better.  God forbid we find out about the lightsaber musical triangle before it’s time.  I kid, I kid.  ThinkGeek has some awesome Star Wars stuff coming out, and already out.

  • You can go buy now, an R2-D2 USB Car Charger.  It’s 40 bucks, it’s awesome.
  • You can go buy soon, Star Wars table place settings (plate, silverware, placemate, napkin, napkin ring).
  • A Death Star Waffle Maker.  Let that sink in…A Death Star Waffle Maker.  (Coming soon).
  • Everything pictured, you can pretty much go buy today, and you should…so look at the pictures and go buy it all.


Back To The Future

Remember the April Fool’s gag Flux Capacitor that ThinkGeek advertised last April Fool’s day?’s real now, you can go get it.  So do that.  You can use it as a USB charger in your car.


Mega Man

The picture says it all.  You can buy Mega Man’s hand cannon.  It has lights, sounds, it has single shot and charge shot.  I’m a big guy, and my hand fits no problem.  It’s $80 but out of stock.  ThinkGeek is expecting a restock sooner than later.



One of my favorite surprises of the show.  Battlestruct, a modular (play) weapons system that allows you to build, configure, reconfigure weapons to any degree that your heart and wallet desire.  You can buy a starter kit that allows for an epic amount of configurations, and you can also buy individual weapon kits that allow for more and more options!


Games and More

ThinkGeek is giving us some really neat stuff that…for purposes of this post falls in a sort of “other” category. It’s not licensed, it’s not weaponized, but that doesn’t make it any less cool.

  • Brick Boy.  He’s a little boxy looking person thing with arms, legs a giant head, but connect pegs all over him.  You can load him up with Lego pieces for a build on experience that is unparalleled.
  • Along the lines of Brick Boy, with a build on mechanic, remote controlled build system wheels.  Each wheel has it’s own forward / backward control and you can add about as many wheels as you want to a creation for all sorts of fun!
  • The Hover Kraft game we brought to your eyeballs last Toy Fair has received some updates.  Lighting changes (from red to blue) and difficulty adjustment.  Other than that, it’s still every bit as awesome as it was last year!


Toy Fair 2015: Lego Booth

Toy Fair 2015: Lego Booth

Another Toy Fair first for, we found ourselves on the right side of the walls at the Lego Booth to check out Lego Star Wars, DC and Marvel upcoming products for 2015.  We also got an up-close look at Scooby-Doo sets too!  We would like to extend our undying gratitude to the team at Lego for having us down to the booth, we are honored and realize what a privilege it was, and we hope that you all enjoy what we have learned and photographed for you!

Star Wars

Lego Star Wars is reliable for being absolutely awesome.  What was most exciting here though was really what wasn’t shown.  Of course, Episode 7 sets.  nothing on display, only mentioned in whispers.  We did get to see a few upcoming sets, Naboo Star Fighter, Death Star Final Duel set, Imperial Assault Carrier and a Speeder set.  We also got a look at the buildable characters for Luke and Darth Vader which are very pleasing to the eye.  Otherwise the display was largely show casing released items.  We should hear more about Episode 7 sets as the long months up to the films release wear on.


Lego has all the comic guns out, tons of characters are featured in sets in support of Justice League, and some neat new play mechanics are introduced.  Demoed live was a plastic stand that, when a figure is on it, and the stand is pressed, you can essentially fling / flip the figure flying through the air!  Many sets on display for DC are already released, but check out the Joker’s Funhhouse, coming in August!



Avengers Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, a Jedi fears not these things…he builds Lego playsets out of them!  Hulkbuster, Avengers Tower, sets shipping in March, check out the images!!  These are engineered from movie screen grabs folks!  Let the speculation continue!



It was big, huge news a few months back that Lego had secured the rights to produce Scooby-Doo Lego sets.   The line starts shipping in August and features all of your favorite characters and villains along with spooky playsets and the Mystery Machine!