SDCC Exclusives Auction – The New Jersey Grabowskis Are Raising Money for Receptions For Research: The Greg Olsen Foundation And You Can Help By Buying Toys!

SDCC Exclusives Auction – The New Jersey Grabowskis Are Raising Money for Receptions For Research: The Greg Olsen Foundation And You Can Help By Buying Toys!

Long time friend of MUReview…and well, of mine, Joe Moscone is taking his toy collection to the streets for charity and he wants you to come with him!  In a series of auctions on eBay, Joe and Friends will be auctioning off a ton of great SDCC exclusive history and more to raise money for Receptions For Research: The Greg Olsen Foundation.  The Greg Olsen Foundation is an incredible organization devoted to providing hospitals, doctors and scholars across the nation the resources necessary to treat and enrich the lives of those affected by various forms of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The cause is worthy, the toys are incredible, go, bid, win! Click Here! To check out the auctions.

You can donate directly if you don’t want to buy any toys at the two links below too!

100% of the money raised from these auctions is donated to Receptions For Research: The Greg Olsen Foundation

Wouldn’t it be great if we could destroy cancer and cardiovascular disease already?

Items being auctioned:


  • Sealed Case – Mezco Toyz RARE 7” Hellboy II Action Figures
  • SDCC 2012 Hasbro Exclusive RARE Hollywood Jem and The Holograms Doll
  • TRU Exclusive 2006 Transformers Robots In Disguise Soundwave w/ Laserbeak and Ravage
  • Mr. Potato Head – Marvel Iron Man 2 “Tony Starch”
  • G.I. Joe 25th Ann. Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank w/ Driver
  • Hasbro Indiana Jones 3.75” Raiders Of The Lost Ark Indiana Jones action figure
  • Star Wars Celebration V 2010 Hasbro Exclusive 3.75” 4-LOM & Zuckuss figure set
  • Starting Lineup 1990 Series – NFL Christian Okoye Kansas City Chiefs figure
  • Starting Lineup 1990 Series – MLB Bo Jackson figure Kansas City Royals figure
  • SDCC 2014 Hasbro Exclusive Mighty Muggs ROM figure
  • Transformers BotCon 2005 Exclusive Decepticon Skywarp figure
  • Transformers Mighty Muggs G1 Prowl
  • Hasbro Star Wars 30th Ann. Commemorative Coin
  • Target Exclusive Star Wars 3.75” Utapau Shadow Trooper action figure
  • My Little Pony 3-Pack Mini Figurines – Lotus Blossom, Zecora and Pinkie Pie
  • POP! Vinyl Funko Figure – Maleficent
  • G.I. Joe 25th Ann. Hasbro Collectible Playing Cards Deck
  • ‘Transformers Animated’ Hasbro Convention Staff Mechanic Shirt (circa ’08)
  • Star Wars The Original Trilogy series 3.75” Darth Vader action figure
  • SDCC 2012 Disney Vinylmation So Tasty Cotton Candy Figure w/ Jerk Paper Hat
  • Star Wars Hasbro 3.75” Boba Fett Prototype Armor (White) action figure
  • Tooth Tunes Star Wars Electronic Tooth Brush
  • SDCC 2010 Hasbro Exclusive Marvel Spider-Man Movie Spidey Suit action figure
  • Star Wars Mighty Muggs Boba Fett
  • Hasbro Star Wars Father’s Day 2-Pack w/ Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader
  • Hasbro Exclusive Marvel Universe 3.75” Old Man Logan action figure
  • SDCC 2006 Hasbro Exclusive Star Wars 3.75” 501st Legion Stormtrooper action figure
  • SDCC 2007 Hasbro Exclusive G.I. Joe 3.75” “Pimp Daddy Destro” action figure (Gold Head)
  • SDCC 2007 Hasbro Exclusive Star Wars 3.75” Ralph McQuarrie Obi-Wan & Yoda action figure set
  • SDCC 2009 Hasbro Exclusive Star Wars 3.75” Legacy Collection Luke Skywalker (“Smiling Luke”) action figure
  • SDCC 2013 Hasbro Exclusive My Little Pony DJ Pon-3 figure
  • SDCC 2008 Hasbro Exclusive G.I. Joe 3.75” Cobra Commander action figure (Blue Suit)
Minimates: SDCC 2013 Exclusive – Iron Man 3 – Hall of Armor

Minimates: SDCC 2013 Exclusive – Iron Man 3 – Hall of Armor

Minimates: SDCC 2013 Exclusive – Iron Man 3 – Hall of Armor 

I know I’m a little late to the punch here, and because of that I will make this kind of a different review.  We are going to have a look at the 2013 SDCC exclusive Minimates Iron Man Hall of Armor set.  This epic set came out at last years SDCC hot on the heels of the success of Iron Man 3.  This set is a behemoth featuring 10 different figures, 8 Iron Man armors in total.

I said that I would take this a slightly different route.  It’s already been out for some time and even folks that weren’t at SDCC 2013 had a good shot at picking it up, they even still can at sites like Big Bad Toy Store.  The things I have to say that are great about the set apply to each figure, the down sides, also apply to each figure.  So We can address them first and then I’m just gonna show you a bunch of pictures that I had fun taking.

Also, check out SDCC 2014 for some amazing DST exclusives including the Days of Future Past X-Men set!

The Good:

  • Fine line detail. Exceptional paint applications.
  • Fantastic attention to character detail.  The snozberries always taste like snozberries with Minimates!
  • You get a Pepper and a Tony!  Marks I – VII and XLII!

The Bad:

  • The armors are house party protocol only.  Granted, you can swap Tony’s head for any of the armors at any time, none of the helmets are hiding a tiny Tony face.

Mark I


Mark II


Mark III


Mark IV


Mark V


Mark VI


Mark VII




Pepper Potts


Tony Stark



  • Amazon,  Big Bad Toy Store, eBay.  This was an SDCC exclusive folks, you aren’t walking into Toys R Us and picking one up.


The Family Pictures:



MUReview received these products for free.


SDCC 2013: Marvel Comics Announcements – Amazing X-Men, Longshot Mini Series

SDCC 2013: Marvel Comics Announcements – Amazing X-Men, Longshot Mini Series

It’s easy to get lost at San Diego Comic Con, in the hype and the spectacle of movies, video games, TV shows, toys…but, it’s still San Diego Comic Con, and news about comic books is still a real and important thing.

Let’s check out some of what went down in the Marvel World.

Longshot will be getting his own mini-series.  Written by Christopher Hastings with art by Jacopo Camagni, it will launch in November.

When the luckiest people in NYC are being routinely murdered, the next target on the list is Longshot. It’s not just one person that’s marked him for elimination, however, and soon everyone from supervillains to S.H.I.E.L.D. to cosmic beings are gunning for him. With the odds stacked against him, Longshot’s about to press his luck.


Amazing X-Men

We get a new X-Men title with a team featuring (confirmed members so far) Iceman, Storm, Beast, Northstar, and Firestar, Nightcrawler.  Announced during the X-Men panel, the series will be written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Ed McGuinness.  Te series will be focused on Wolverine’s mission to search every corner of the Marvel Universe in an effort to bring Nightcrawler back from the dead.  From the looks of it…it works.


SDCC 2013: Captain America and Thor Toy Line Images

SDCC 2013: Captain America and Thor Toy Line Images

At some point I will find a way to repay Nathan from Make Mine Marvel…for now, I’m just going to share with you, more of his efforts.

Today, Hasbro added Cap and Thor line figures to their booth in both 3 and 6 inch forms (Thor is 3 inch only).  Unexpectedly, we got a glimpse at the new movie uniform Cap sans helmet in 3.75 form.  Check out the images.

Diamond Select Toys Booth Photo Blowout

Diamond Select Toys Booth Photo Blowout

So..MUReview is not actually at SDCC.  We’ve relied heavily on the outstanding photographic works of Nathan E from the Make Mine Marvel Facebook group, and we have mostly regurgiatated information as we have learned it from other sites…and we really have to, because we want to make sure that if is your favorite site, you can get the info you need here.


Unfortunately in this case, I don’t have anything for Diamond Select, but they have an amazing amount of new stuff coming and soon!  The Toyark has an obscene gallery and you should go check it out here.


Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener.  Marvel Select Surfer, TONS of new Minimates…go check em out!

SDCC 2013: Hasbro Marvel Panel Recap – Full images included!!

SDCC 2013: Hasbro Marvel Panel Recap – Full images included!!

Hasbro brought a ton of great news to share with Marvel Fans at their SDCC 2013 panel.  Over the week there has been a ton of speculation, most of it turned out to be true and thankfully, all of it is pretty good news!

Iron Man 3

– The final wave of Iron Man 3 Assemblers is shown, we’ll be getting Igor and Red Snapper.

– The Hall of Armor pack (previously reported) will be an exclusive in October.

– We will see Iron Man 3 Micro Muggs wave 2 in August.

Thor: The Dark World

– The most articulated line they’ve done, in stores October 1.

– Line features Thor, the Dark Elf, Loki.

– A fifth figure will be revealed in the booth on Sunday.

– Thor 2 role play gear includes, you guessed it, a hammer and a helmet.

Marvel Universe

– Wave 5 officially announced as Omega Red, Northstar / Aurora (variants), Black Knight and Nightcrawler (AoA).

– The X-Men 3 pack (Juggernaut Colossus, Emma, Asotnishing Cyke) will be coming this fall.

– Marvel Universe is not going anywhere, it’s just getting a new title, “Avengers” as requested by retail.

– Picking up where David Vonner left off, the design duty’s of the line will be taken up by Bobby Vella.

– The first figures we see from the Avengers line are:

– Grim Reaper

– Hyperion

– They both look great!

Marvel Legends

–  The final Marvel legends line as we know it, wave 3 will include

– Thor

– Agent Venom

– Tigershark and Radioactive Man (variant)

– Moonstone and Songbird (variant)

– Blizzard and Batroc (variant)

– Wave 3 BAF Jubilee

– 2014 will not have another mini BAF, it’s going back to full size.

– All Marvel Legends will be moving into movie tie ins.

– The first of which is Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

– Captain America (Marvel Now version)

– Baron Zemo (Marvel Now version)

– We will see the end of variants, they will just be packed 1 per case

– Black Cat

– BAF is Ultimate Green Goblin

– Star-Lord is shown, let’s assume that this will be a Guardians of the Galaxy figure, no date was given.

Q and A

– No BAF for 3.75 line.

– We will still get lesser known figures in the Avengers 3.75 and movie tie in 6 inch lines.

– 3 packs will be discontinued in the Avengers line, no mention of 2 packs.

– New case packaging (no more variants) starts in 2014, so oh well for wave 5…

– Playskool Marvel will continue.

– Stryfe (6 inch) is still ready to go, just needs a home.

Check out yet more of Nathan E. from the Make Mine Marvel Facebook Page’s hard work!