Toy Fair 2017: JAKKS Pacific

Toy Fair 2017: JAKKS Pacific

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Oh the marvels we saw at the JAKKS Pacific booth at Toy Fair 2017!  Brand new reveals on World of Nintendo, Splatoon Guns, indoor app based exercise!  Minecraft costumes, tons of DC Super Hero Girls love! Before you have a look at each section, which you can do by clicking the link below (and if you want to come back to the top, click your home button on your keyboard or the up arrow on the right of the screen), check out the video of our friend Kopper at JAKKS showing off Groot, Splatoon, and Chocolate Surprise Eggs!

Marvel | DC | Nintendo | Star Wars |

Marvel  Marvel offerings here are fantastic!  Some very interactive toys, Groot, and a web flinging Spider-Car!  Don’t forget, JAKKs is the home of Marvel Tsum Tsum!

DC  The Lego Batman game at DC is strong!  Check out those fantastic Bat costumes.  Big Figs are beautiful with Flash, Superman, Harley, movie Flash.  DC Super Hero Girls  gets a lot of love at JAKKS too!

Nintendo  Fans of World of Nintendo have become obsessed with what’s coming next, and we have a great lineup here starting with Doctor Mario, a near explody Bob-Bomb and more, check the images!  Also, Splatoon guns that shoot real Splatoony goodness!

Star Wars  Star Wars gets more Big Figs in 2017, Big Figs are amazing!  

Toy Fair 2017: Dark Horse

Toy Fair 2017: Dark Horse

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Dark Horse makes comics, but they make some mean toys too.  They have thrown their full weight behind some exceptional Game of Thrones pieces, they are also supporting some of the video game industry’s strongest titles, like The Witcher, Zelda, Mass Effect, and Halo.  Their booth is persistently one to not miss at Toy Fair, so we didn’t and we are psyched to be able to share it with you!

Game of Thrones | The Witcher | Halo | Zelda

Game of Thrones  Check out the Hodor Door Stop.  Just…just freaking look.  It is all the things you’ve ever wanted.  If it wasn’t, you can also grab an incredible Jon Snow bust, beautiful figures, magnets, and a Three-Eyed Raven Snow Globe!

The Witcher  Dark Horse is touching all of the beautiful main characters right up through the most recent expansion.  The highlight for me is the bust, who has an exceptional level of detail present on his playing cards…let that sink in.

Halo  Halo vehicles abound here, they are all stunning, the bigger the get, the more they cost, but they are worth every dime.

Zelda  This beautiful Zelda statue will come out this year to show support for the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.  I can’t wait for the game, I can’t wait for the statue.

Toy Fair 2017: Bif Bang Pow!

Toy Fair 2017: Bif Bang Pow!

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The wonderful folks at Bif Bang Pow! graciously invited MUReview down to their booth at Toy Fair to show us all of their awesome stuff.  We very much enjoyed, and were incredibly thankful for the water…because we very…I very much needed it!

Everything you see below is up for order, head on over to Entertainment Earth to check it out! 

Pin Mates | Tiki Tiki and Push Puppets | Kiss | Twilight Zone | Star Trek | Twin Peaks | Nesting Dolls | Chair Capes

Pin Mates  Pin Mates are an incredible throw-back to the toys of yester-year.  Simple, but incredibly well designed, and artistically mesmerizing, these little finger puppet sized figures pack a big, high gloss punch.  Bif Bang Pow! has done an excellent job of packing a ton of great detail and flash into each Pin Mate.  Mates feature licenses from quite a few great lines, Marvel, DC, Star Trek.  This year, the line will grow and grow, each Mate is numbered, and vehicles too!


Tiki Tiki and Push Puppets  Tiki Tiki, stackable Marvel themed awesomeness.  Push Puppets, another awesome throw-back.  Push Puppets featuring Marvel and DC Heroes are sure to delight.


Kiss  BBP is doing some incredible things with Kiss, this go round, the figure line gets some beautiful single-carded love.  Check out the Cat, the Demon, the Star Child and the Space Ace!!


Twilight Zone  Twilight Zone figures from some of the most well known, and some of the more obscure episodes of the show.  Willie (the Dummy) is articulated!

Star Trek  Star Trek bobble heads featuring some of your favorite captains and some of your favorite crew.  Kilngons also available!

Twin Peaks  Fans of this cult phenomenon will be delighted to see Twin Peaks merchandise return to shelves.  Cards, a journal (won’t spoil the surprise that’s on every page), lunch boxes featuring iconic locations from the show!

Nesting Dolls  DC Nesting dolls featuring Heroines of DC Comics and Rogues!  

Chair Capes  Because, why shouldn’t your chair be as super as you are?  The patent for these awesome chair-cessories was granted this year, so expect the line to blow up!





Toy Fair 2017: Bluefin

Toy Fair 2017: Bluefin

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MUReview was lucky enough to get our first ever walk through of the Bluefin booth from our friend Jared.  While we’ve looked on in awe for many years, Jared brought us up close and personal to all the fine wares that Bluefin has to offer, and they are fine.  Thank you Bluefin for the walk through, thank you for the chance to see and hear about all of the incredible stuff you have coming out in 2017 and beyond….and also…Iron Mans for days!!!

Marvel | DC | Star Wars | Movies | Games | Anime | Sports | Transformers

Marvel  Bluefin puts the Marvel collectible world on notice with a full size, hyper-detailed Doctor Strange.   If you’ve got $10,000, yer in!  Their Iron Man collectibles are stunning, metal, lights, pose-able, beautiful.  We also get samurai editions of Spidey and Iron Man.  You’ll want for nothing here.

DC  Batman, Joker, Harley, more Joker, more Batman, so many accessories!!

Star Wars  Some of the nicest model kits for Star Wars I’ve ever seen are from Bluefin.  Don’t forget samurai figures, and R2-D2 and C-3PO are great compliments to one another, or, so I’ve been told.

Movies  Tyler Durden, Bruce Lee, Fight Club anyone?!

Games  The Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat game here is strong.  Reptile folks…Reptile.

Anime  I want to say I don’t know much about Anime, but Voltron, Power Rangers, Gundam, I know plenty about the first two, and enough about the later to make Bluefin a very dangerous place for my wallet to know about.  Add Dragon Ball fun to the mix and you can’t lose here.

Sports  Wrestlers, boxers, Mike Tyson, Hulk Hogan, beautiful sculpts, incredible details.  Must own!

Transformers  Autobot Drift folks, he can’t transform, but if looks could kill, you’d be DEAD!


Toy Fair 2017: McFarlane

Toy Fair 2017: McFarlane

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MUReview went down to the McFarlane booth at Toy Fair this year, and we met one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable folks that McFarlane or any company could have offered, Christopher H.  Incredible energy, incredible depth of knowledge about his products.  It was really cool to be able to talk to someone on this level about the great stuff McFarlane had to offer.  That’s why you are here, right?  You want to hear about what McFarlane had to offer?  You are right to want to hear about it, because it was all good, and you’ll want it all.  

Click the link to jump to the section, to come back up to links, click the back to top arrow on the right.  Enjoy!

Anime  | Border Lands 2 | Destiny | Gears of War | Labyrinth | Mass Effect | Titan Fall 2 | Spawn | The Walking Dead | Construction Sets (so many awesome construction sets!) | NFL

Construction Sets  The most exciting part of our tour was undoubtedly the Construction Sets section. McFarlane will feature sets from some incredible licenses this year, more Five Nights at Freddies, Steven Universe, SOUTH PARK!! THE FRACTURED BUT WHOLE!!  Featuring incredible build mechanics, detailed figures, all at an affordable price point, keep your eyes out for these to hit shelves soon.

Anime  McFarlane brings their special brand of figure art to Naruto and One Punch Man.  Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Ttian too!

Borderlands 2 Borderlands has an incredible cult following and these figures will make fans of the game, and casual fans alike, collectors!


Destiny  You can’t take three steps without running into a gamer that loves Destiny.  McFarlane will be bringing us a figure for each class…and look at that gun!

Gears of War


Mass Effect  Not sure if you heard, but Mass Effect gets a new game this year.  …This year!  Sam Sheppard won’t be making an appearance, but McFarlane will be giving the business to some of the main characters.

Titan Fall 2

Spawn  We’re at McFarlane, gotta have Spawn.  Another year, more chains.  These are always stunning figures and display pieces.

The Walking Dead  It’s the year of Negan.  Check out that stunning display piece.  Carl gets an action figure, Glenn gets an action figure! Negan gets an action figure!  Lucille…she’s a bat, but you can buy her too, now with more bloody!

NFL  NFL figures are what drew me into McFarlane so long ago.  They were my first “adult” collection.  I had every figure, including chase variants up through, I think series 14.  Since I sold my original collection for storage space and financial reasons, McFarlane has made me pay in regret with year after year of astonishing figure.  I’ve kept my Giants, and last year, added Odell Beckham to the bunch.  This year, we get some more really beautiful figures, and McFarlane is going to go with the solid colored uniforms to boot! (Neon Green Seahawks!)





Toy Fair 2017: Mezco

Toy Fair 2017: Mezco

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I don’t want to toot my own horn, but we here at MUReview kinda already blew things out with Mezco at their pre-Toy Fair event.   You should definitely click that link and read up, tons of great info, exceptional figures.  For the Toy Fair show floor, at Mezco, we don’t have any visual updates to add, though we still took tons of pictures and you can check them out in uncategorized “hey this is what the Mezco booth looked like” fashion below.  For now, I do want to take a moment to relay something i found to be vitally important.  One:12 figures will continue to get variants.  No one was making a peep as to what variants….but the promise and the hope is all I need.  Also important, review of the One:12 Flash within the next 3 weeks!