NYCC 2012 Cup O Joe Panel Recap

NYCC 2012 Cup O Joe Panel Recap

Every year Marvel opens the floor to it’s fans.  Before they do that, they play cleanup and announce ‘everything else’ that they haven’t gotten to yet.  Let’s have a look at what went down…

Panel – Joe Quesada, Jeph Loeb, Axel Alonso, CB Cebulski, Steve Wacker, Dan Buckley, Arune Singh

  • We will see a new weekly series for 5 issues in The Punisher – Nightmare.
    • Guardians of the galaxy will be re-launching with Brian Michael Bendis writing, McNiven drawing, 2/13.
    • The book will feature: Groot, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gammora, and someone wearing what looks like Iron Man Armor.
    • Steve McNiven taking the stage.
    • McNiven confirms that the star of the first issue will be Star Lord.
  • Next up NOVA!!
    • Written by Jeph Loeb, drawn by McGuiness coming to your town 2/13.
    • This is new Nova, Sam Alexander.
    • We were advised later that Rich Rider is very much gone for good.  This is heartbreaking.  Loeb claims his story is over…side note I disagree. Star Lord came back, Thanos came back.  Last I checked they were both hanging out with Richard Rider….and the World Mind.  Why is he the only one that got screwed?
    • This is a story about how an ordinary kid has something extraordinary happen to him.
    • What would you do if you were put in a world you don’t understand, with no one to talk about it with?
    • Family is a big element.
    • Nova is in Point One Now.


  • Marvel Custom?
    • Axel now speaking – ESPN The Magazine.
    • NBA comic book cross over – What If Story.
    • 10 page issue will be available in next weeks ESPN Magazine.


  • One other thing from Marvel TV that they didn’t get to, Iron Man and Hulk Heroes United.
    • This was announced at SDCC but we got a new trailer and it was pretty cool, all CG.
    • Coming 4/2013. Blu Ray and DVD Digital only.
NYCC 2012 Marvel Super Heroes MMO Panel Recap

NYCC 2012 Marvel Super Heroes MMO Panel Recap

Marvel Super Heroes MMO.

After the Marvel Video Games panel I didn’t think there was much else to see but we came away from the Marvel Super Heroes MMO panel with some images and some additional information, read on brothers and sisters…

Moderating – Stephen Reid, featuring Josh Book, David Brevik (created Diablo 2), Matt Group, TQ Jefferson


  • The game is FREE to play.
  • You can buy characters and costumes…but…
  • You can also just earn them through gameplay.
  • We will have randomized levels.
  • Tons of alternate costumes.
  • I asked about Nova Prime and was told that they are going to try.
  • A ton of new costumes for Hulk, Mr. Fixit, Maestro, Grey Hulk.
  • New costumes for Wolverine.
  • Oh, and Jean Grey is a character.
  • We get a Mohawk Storm costume.
  • There is technically a character class for each announced character (they are that unique).
  • The game is written by Brian Michael Bendis.
  • Marvel Now! Costumes will be included!
NYCC 2012 Agent Coulson Lives – Marvel TV Panel Recap

NYCC 2012 Agent Coulson Lives – Marvel TV Panel Recap

Marvel TV 10/13/12

Marvel TV showed up to play today with a ton of great reveals.  One I’m sure most of you know by now…Coulson lives!

Panel = Pretty much just Jeph Loeb

This is incredible, I’m surrounded by all of the Marvel top brass, Joe Quesada not to say the least.

Ultimate Spider-Man

  • Getting a season 2.
  • Season 2 will feature a new Sinister 6, Kraven, Lizard, Elektro, Rhino, Beetle…and?
  • We will see new villains, and old friends…
  • Out comes Clark Gregg! (Agent Coulson).

Gregg is making a movie about an agent for child actors, he’s acting in it and directing and he wrote it.  Please do check it out:

  • ‘Trust me’ @trustmemovie.
  • I won’t beat around the bush here, the big surprise was that we will see Agent Coulson reprise his role on the SHIELD TV series by Joss Whedon. It was not mentioned whether this would be a pre-cursor to the Avengers film or happen after the events of the film.
  • “There was never going to be a SHIELD show without agent Phil Coulson. This was always the plan.” Said Joss Whedon in a pre-recorded video.

Marvel Universe on Disney XD

  • The Marvel Universe is expanding.

Hulk and the Agents of SMASH.

  • The show will feature A-Bomb, Red Hulk, Hulk, She Hulk Skaar.
  • Voice cast includes: (please forgive the spelling)
    • A-bomb –  Seth Green
    • She Hulk – Eliza Dushku
    • Slaar = Diskin
    • Red Hulk – Clancy Brown
    • Hulk – Fred Tatshore

Avengers assemble.

  • Continues the excitement of the movie.
  • Features Hawkeye, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Falcon, Cap, Black Widow.
  • We will see a different voice cast than that of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
  • Coming in 2013.
  • Voice cast :
    • Troy Baker – Hawkeye
    • Bumper Robinson – Falcon
    • Laura Bailey – Black Widow
    • Fred Tatashore – Hulk
    • Adrian Pasdar – Iron Man
    • Travis Willinghame – Thor
    • Roger Craig Smith as Captain America.

Marvel Knights

  • Marvel Knights will feature:
    • The Inhumans
    • Wolverine Origins
    • Wolverine Weapon X
    • Wolverine Vs. Hulk.
    • Available on iTunes and Shout DVD 2013.

Marvel Anime

  • Iron Man Rise of Technovores featuring:
  • Iron Man, Punisher, War Machine, Hawkeye and Black Widow.
  • Coming Spring 2013.


NYCC 2012 Marvel Video Games

NYCC 2012 Marvel Video Games

Marvel had some fun announcements at their games panel….

The Panel: Javon Frasier, TQ Jefferson, Chris Baker – the management.

“What do we do at Marvel Games?”

3 things


Compelling story

True to character experience

Marvel Games is rededicated to delivering the best gameplay experience possible.

This year Marvel Games celebrates it’s 30th anniversary.

The highlights and new stuff…

  •  Currently available – Amazing Spider-Man for iOS and new DLC for consoles, check em’ out.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man is coming to the Wii U next spring.
    • For the Wii U we will see an ultimate version with all DLC.
    • The Wii U screen will double as the OsPhone.


  • Marvel War of Heroes trailer displayed.
        • This is a digital card game.
        • Build your group of heroes.
        • Free to play.
        • Nova is a character in the game.
        • 300 characters at launch.
        • This will be a live service every 2 weeks with new battles, new bosses, etc…
        • In the vein of Magic The Gathering.
        • Users will be able to trade cards.
        • Users can pre-register at to get an exclusive Black Widow Card.


  • Marvel Pinball is the best selling Marvel game out there – Dan Slott is one of the best players in the world – number 60 – Dan is the writer of Superior Spider-Man.
    • A new table is announced based on the Civil War (Marvel).
    • You choose which side to register. This will impact the game significantly.
    • Recruit members to your side.  Moments from the comics play out.
    • Should be out by end of year 2012.


  • Avengers Alliance (huge cheers) the kids love this one.
    • Make a game on Facebook for core gamers was the aim / goal.
    • Upwards of 30 million users, over a million a day.
    • Last panel was AVX.
    • New Costumes are introduced, not just skins but with gameplay value.
    • Marvel is now retrofitting original characters with new costumes, new buffs (previously announced).
    • 90’s Cyclops, Grey Hulk, Classic Magic X-Men Legacy Rogue
    • Cable vs Deadpool
    • Deadpool is out now as a PVP tourney reward.  Cable will be out in the future the same way in the near future.
    • Avengers Alliance reaches CHAPTER 9 with Hercules
    • We will see a challenge mode tuned to your agents level.
    • A new Vision Spec Ops will be available.
    • Another new Spec Ops is coming featuring Ghost rider, Mephisto, Satana, Baron and Baron Mordo.
    • Now we get a look at New characters:
      • Beast
      • Havoc
      • Valkyrie
      • Psylocke
      • Black Knight
      • Union jack
      • Captain Britain
    • New locations will be available.


  • Avengers Initiative lead Patrick Brown shows us a new trailer.
    • Captain America showed up at the end.
    • A free Gladiator Hulk costume is available now and for a limited time over the next few days so go grab that on iOS.
    • Captain America is the next character to join the game and they are trying to get them in before the end of the year.


  • Marvel XP is a new system by which all involved games will share rewards:
    • Ex: If you beat someone in Avengers Alliance, something will become available in Avengers Initiative.
    • The first cross game reward will be the Hulk Buster Iron Man.  If you beat him in Initiative, you will get a classic Iron Man armor in Alliance.


  • Deadpool
    • We just got a look at some highlights from SDCC.
    • The developer just came out in tape…all bound and gagged.
    • We are told we will get lots of surprise characters and ridiculous humor by Terry from High Noon studios.
    • Deadpool then danced around the audience.  A cheap knock off Deadpool.
    • Then, the “real” one showed up.
    • Marvel did a great job of finding a quick smooth talking loon to put on the red and black.
    • We are going to see Domino in the game.
    • We will see the game in 2013.
    • The game WILL be rated M!


  • Marvel Heroes
    • We got a look at a trailer…that included
    • Nova!
    • Rocket Raccoon!!!
    • Different costumes for all characters, each with their own abilities.
    • There are now 25 announced characters (probably more my math stinks).
    • We will see true flight in this game.
    • Sign up for the closed beta at


  • Avengers Battle for Earth, Kinect
    • The game will follow the story line of the Marvel Secret Invasion.
    • Release 10/30.


  • Stan Lee showed up out of nowhere and loves Avengers Battle for Earth even though he doesn’t have a cameo.
    • He said Excelsior.
    • Nuff’ said.
NYCC 2012 Marvel Now Re-Evolution Panel Info

NYCC 2012 Marvel Now Re-Evolution Panel Info got a front row seat for the Marvel Now Re-Evolution Panel at NYCC 2012…let’s have a look at what went down. Panel – Rick Remender, Tom Breevort, Axel Alonso, Jason Aaron, Mark Pannicia, Kieron Gillen, moderated by Arune Singh.

Iron man – 11/12 written by Kieron Gillen

  • Tony will be doing his own thing.
  • Pepper will be involved as Pepper only, not Rescue.
  • There will be new villains each issue.
  • There will be new armor each issue.
  • The first 5 issues are building to a plot event in issue 6.

Thor God of Thunder – 11/12 written by Jason Aaron

  • The series will cover young Thor, present day Thor and King Thor.
  • The arc will focus heavily on the character of Thor and his development.
  • Thor will spend his time combatting Gore, the God Butcher.

Captain America – 11/12 written by Rick Remender

  • This series will attempt to delve into who Captain America is in the first 10 issues.
  • How did Rogers grow up?
  • Who were his parents?
  • How did he get to earn being Captain America?
  • We will also got the normal sci-fi crazy.
  • Hank Pym appears as Cap’s Q (Bond reference).
  • Main villain is Arnim Zola and Remender is making him an A level threat.
  • Cap will fall into a trap set by Zola and be sent off to Dimension Z where he becomes a castaway.

Indestructible Hulk – written by Mark Waid

  • We will see a different take on the Hulk.
  • This Hulk ends up being inadvertently very close to the behavior of the Hulk in the Avengers and Marvel Movie Universe.
  • Banner realizes that he has to play a part in fixing the world after AvX and stop worrying so much about fixing himself.
  • Banner works out a deal to be funded by SHIELD and ‘has something to hold over them’.
  • As the Hulk, Banner advises SHIELD to not think of him as a bomb, but as a cannon, point him where they need him and watch him go.
  • Hulk destroys, Banner rebuilds.

Fantastic Four – 11/12 written by Matt Fraction

  • Reed realizes that the path he has been taking the FF down is the wrong one.
  • It’s time for a year long family vacation.
  • The focus will be on the family and the kids.
  • The family will travel in a Fantastebego.
  • The year long vacation ‘should’ only take 4 minutes in real world time so they ‘shouldn’t be missed’, we will get to that more  in a little bit.
  • Reed has a hidden agenda, we don’t know what it is. Reed has a hidden agenda though

FF – 11/12 written by Matt Fraction 11/12.

  • To cover against any catastrophe while the Fantastic Four is on vacation, Reed puts together an alt FF including Ms. Thing, She Hulk, Ant Man and Medusa.
  • The FF should only have to worry about 4 minutes in total time, but it doesn’t work out that way.
  • All the FF (non Richards) kids are involved in this book.

Thunderbolts – 12/12 written by Daniel Way

  • We get the Red Hulk, The Punisher, Venom, Elektra and Deadpool.
  • 5 characters that WILL kill you.
  • In the first issue it is covered how the teamless Punisher ends up on a team.
  • This will be like X-Force without the mutants (mostly).
  • A large focus will be on how they get along.