NYCC 2013 – Diamond Select Toys Panel

NYCC 2013 – Diamond Select Toys Panel

Hey there MUReview Fans! I’m a guest writer and I attended the Diamond Select Toys panel at New York Comic Con. Overall, I want to say that Rick from Diamond did a great job with the the set up and the information for giving us, the fans, what we wanted to know. He had a raffle and was really organized. The only downside I had with the panel was that we couldn’t take pictures of what was being presented; but respectively so since a lot of the information was was still concept control art.

What we learned:

A lot of Batman products revolving around the old Adam West series are in production.

  • Metal bottle openers;
  • First one up is the Batman Logo.
  • Vinyl busts banks of Batman, Robin, and the Joker

Domo is a big deal now.

  • Vinyl banks.
  • Domo pizza cutter. The first from DST!
  • Silicon Domo trays.

Ghostbusters is going large!

  • 24” vinyl Mr. Stay Puft bank.
  • 7” light up firehouse replica should finally be coming out.
  • New Minimates are scheduled.
  • I had to ask; “With the 30th anniversary, will we see more?” That was a possibility!
  • Alas, no Ghostbusters Select!
  • More Minimates are in the works.

Knightrider is coming out with some more vehicles.

  • One of them is the going to be a whole new Super Pursuit KITT.

Lenore is getting more 4” PVC figures.

Lost in Space is getting some large electronic figures and Minimates.

Marvel is really going to be getting a lot more Avengers related products.

  • Black Widow from Marvel Select is going to be available in comic book stores.
  • No longer just a Disney Store Exclusive.

Thor movie Selects are coming soon!

  • Thor is the first.
  • Jane Foster is the second release. Connecting bases!

New Silver Surfer Select! He comes with base, board, and Infinity Gauntlet.

More bottle openers are coming!

  • Venom!
  • Deadpool!

Some silicone ice cube trays are coming.

  • Spider-Man’s mask!
  • Iron Man’s helmet!
  • Thor’s Mjolnir!
  • Captain America’s shield!

Munsters are coming!

  • The next wave of select is going to be Hot Rod themed versions of the characters.
  • They come with pieces to make a BAF staircase.
  • A Glow-In-The-Dark Munsters mobile is coming!

After that was over, there was a raffle for some Marvel Select figures and a KITT prototype. I won a Stargate poster too. Hope that quenches your Diamond Select thirst for now! Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing Rocket Raccoon, Marvel’s Deadpool tumbler, and the whole Comic Con!

NYCC 2013 – Marvel Now Captain Marvel

NYCC 2013 – Marvel Now Captain Marvel

NYCC 2013: All-New Marvel NOW! Captain Marvel
Kelly Sue DeConnick reveals her plans for the next adventures of Carol Danvers!
Posted Oct 13, 2013 4:28 pm
Updated Oct 13, 2013 4:28 pm

By Brett White

Carol Danvers still has plenty of holes to punch in the sky.

During her first year operating under the rank of Captain Marvel, the seasoned veteran and mainstay Avenger fought off a who’s who of her own worst enemies and the relentless hordes of INFINITY. While she managed to save herself, her friends, and the entire world on a number of occasions, those victories did not come without a sacrifice: Captain Marvel’s own sense of identity and memory fell victim to her victories.

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s steady hand guided Carol through her previous adventures, and the writer revealed to us that she still has plenty of stories left to tell starring the character. Artist David Lopez joins her on a new ongoing CAPTAIN MARVEL, which launches in March 2014.

We spoke to DeConnick about the continuing exploits of Carol Danvers as part of All-New Marvel NOW! The teaser word for this CAPTAIN MARVEL re-launch is “Higher.” How does that word factor into the series?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: Man, there is no way I’m not going to come off as a terrible smart alec here but, “literally.” It figures in literally. “The Enemy Within” and INFINITY have so far given Carol some big, meaty, emotional moments and left her with an altered memory. How will Carol’s experiences factor into the new volume?

Captain Marvel by Leinil Francis Yu

Kelly Sue DeConnick: I think the two events provide direct impetus for her re-launch—and again, that’s literal. I’m in a tricky spot here because I don’t want to give too much away about the Carol Corps issue—issue #17 of the current run—but Captain Marvel steps up and pays a heavy price to live that idea of “hero” in “Enemy Within,” then feels disconnected from herself and her fellows in INFINITY then finds a way to reconnect to a part of herself in CAPTAIN MARVEL #17, which directly influences the choice she makes that leads to the new number #1.

One thing I’ll drop [is that] there’s a time jump. Not as in time travel—you’re welcome!—but rather, there’s a gap between the end of this run and the start of the next, and figuring out what happened in that time will be part of the fun of the first arc. Carol’s gained a bit supporting cast in her first volume as Cap, ones that the fans have really responded to. How do Tracy, Wendy, Jessica, Frank and the rest fit into her new series, or will we see new additions to the supporting cast?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: We will see them, but not the same way we’ve seen them up to this point. I love them too much to abandon them, though. And yes, [there will be] some important additions. You threw a lot at Carol in the first volume, from dinosaurs to giant robots and even the villain that set her on her super-powered path. What types of villains are you looking to include in Captain Marvel’s further adventures?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: [I’m] looking to create some cool new villains worthy of Carol. There are two that are competing for my affection at the moment. David Lopez is coming off of some stunning issues of Brian Wood’s X-MEN. What vibe does he bring to CAPTAIN MARVEL?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: A “classic” vibe, I think. David and I are just getting to know each other, but his passion for the form is inspiring. The book’s fans, the Carol Corps, have become an incredibly powerful movement online. Do you have any words of advice for them during the book’s quick hiatus?

Kelly Sue DeConnick: The Corps doesn’t need any advice from me—they’ve got it covered. That’s just one of the things that impresses me so much about them: they’re very much a community of self-starters. You know they have their own podcast? I think they’re reading and discussing the history of the character starting with the 1977 MS. MARVEL run right now.

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NYCC 2013 – Marvel Cup O’ Joe Panel

NYCC 2013 – Marvel Cup O’ Joe Panel

Every year, the Cup O’ Joe panel is the one to go to at New York Comic Con.  This year wasn’t any different really, but the reason for that isn’t what you might expect….

I’d love to make you read on, but I’m spoiling the post with my favorite part.  All con, year over year actually, I go to Marvel Panels with a question in my head.  I never ask it, and so far, every year, someone else has.  This year, I didn’t think it was going to work out.

I can’t get to any panels tomorrow, I am bringing family in, so expect updates to be light, but I say that because, I won’t be able to ask any questions, or listen to any questions.  The last question that I will have heard the answer to was at Cup O’ Joe.  Joe Quesada had called “wrap up time” and brought up the last person to question.  The question came out like a ray of sunshine.  I’ll paraphrase.  “We have Thanos back, we have Starlord back.  Where is Nova (Richard Rider)?”.  That was it, the last question of my NYCC 2013, and it was the golden one.  The answer this time….wasn’t “He’s dead!”.  It was, that the Guardians of the Galaxy books are now touching on that and beginning to explain, which will continue, as well, the upcoming Nova (Sam Alexander) arc begins to address this as well.  So, if I went to the whole convention to hear one thing, that could have been it and I’d of left happy, but there was more.

Infinite Comics Deadpool – The Gauntlet

  • Infinite Comics continues it’s run with Deadpool, the Gauntlet.
  • Written by Gerry Duggan, he will introduce a very important person in Deadpool’s life.
  • When Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, he sees your browser history….

Disney Kingdoms – Seekers of the Weird

  • This is the first true merging of Disney and Marvel on the comic pages.
  • The series will explore of all things, an expansion of a Disney ride (Haunted mansion) that never came to fruition.

Marvel Universe Live

  • Joe brought Juliet Feld to the stage.  Juliet has done some impressive work with the likes of Ringling Brothers and a ton of other ‘live stunt / show acts’.
  • Juliet gave us a look at what she has been working on, Marvel Universe Live.
  • A live show featuring 25+ Marvel heroes and villains.
  • The show is set to go live in the Summer of 2014.
  • The show will feature an original story line and bring viewers up close and personal with the action.
  • We were shown an exclusive trailer…it was the logo.
  • Joe Quesada described that, for all the things he thought they couldn’t’ do in a live show…they are doing.

Fantastic Four

  • Tom Breevort is ending his run as FF / Fantastic Four editor.
  • As such, both books are ending with issue 16.
  • Tom was presented with some nice covers of the book.
  • In Q and A, Tom went on to say that the Fantastic Four is over, forever.
  • …then he said he was probably lying.

Empire of the Dead

  • To the stage came George Romero…I don’t have time to explain who he is, but trust me, he’s a pretty big deal.
  • George is eager to bring to comics, something that he would never have the budget or time to bring to the silver screen.
  • What is he bringing?  Zombies…and Vampires (and people) in New York city!!!
  • The story will focus on the human element and survival.

Miracle Man

  • Introduced in a video narrated / discussed by Neil Gaiman (not present), we were re-introduced to the long gone series.
  • Marvel will be re-publishing and finishing the series (Miracle Man 25).
  • Look for the reprint of the original and Niel’s run to start in January of 2014.


NYCC 2013 – Day Two Round Up

NYCC 2013 – Day Two Round Up

MUReview had a fun an interesting day two at NYCC 2013.  I will admit, there isn’t a lot to share here however, we didn’t spend a lot of time on the floor.  We were in panels, or waiting for panels…but we did run into some interesting things.

  • Rocket Raccoon and Starlord Cosplay?!! Yes please!
  • Murray (the Muppet from Sesame Street) made an appearance at an inbetween panel about writing comics for all audiences.  No one remembered anything about that panel after that point, but I got a picture with Murray! And an autograph for the kids!
  • Multiple Cosplay girls playing dead on the floor…sigh.
  • Oh! And I got an autograph from Andy Lanning!! What an incredible guy!  Thanks so much Mr. Lanning! My first comic book autograph ever!

The pictures!

NYCC 2013 – Marvel Inhumanity Panel

NYCC 2013 – Marvel Inhumanity Panel

One of the panels that we here at MUReview were most excited for was this years Inhumanity panel.  Chocked full of information about what’s next after Infinity for the Marvel Universe…it’s a lot to swallow…and it looks like Galactus won’t have a problem….

Inhumanity #1

  • The book / series is an aftermath event as well as it’s own story.
  • This will chronicle the fallout of infinity.
  • There will be lots of Inhumans.
  • They will be powerful.
  • They aren’t going anywhere.
  • Some Inhumans may not like their new powers.
  • Will they accept Black Bolt’s rule?


  • This is the event that kills the Ultimate Universe, ends with issue 5.
  • Mark Paniccia walked out when this came up…he’s very sad.

All New Invaders #1

  • This book will bring the Invaders into the present.
  • In the past, Bucky and Namor hid a device that the Kree invented to control the Asgardians.
  • They want it back…
  • and now it’s the future.
  • The book features the Invaders, Bucky, Namor, Cap and the Human Torch.

Defend = Iron Patriot #1

  • Rhodey has had enough dealings in the shadows and decides to don the Red White and Blue armor just like the big boys in the movies.

Overdrive = Ghost Rider #1

  • Seriously, just check out the cover art in the gallery, this is going to be a sick run.

Rad = Radd = Norin Radd = Silver Surfer #1

  • As written by Dan Slott…I wonder how long before the Surfer is inhabited by Terrax and goes around doing bad stuff?
  • Seriously though…a little worried here.  We are going to get to watch the Surfer travel the galaxy with a female friend.
  • and do “Crazy” stuff.
  • Girlfriend = Earth Girl.

Q and A quick hits

  • Avengers World Wants us to get to know the new guys.
  • The Runaways aren’t coming back.
  • Toro is going to do some cool stuff.
  • Dan Slott says Peter Parker is dead.
  • Dan Slott is still seeding the Reckoning Wave.
  • We should be able to determine who is an Inhuman vs. who is a Mutant..because Inhumans “Cocoon up”.

The Gallery