Vinimates: Lost In Space B-9 Robot

Vinimates: Lost In Space B-9 Robot

Vinimates: Lost In Space B-9 Robot

There are 2 kinds of people in this world.  Those that love Lost in Space, and those that are just incorrect.  …maybe 3… I guess I’ll allow for the odd strange lad or lady that hasn’t seen it.  Still though, my childhood was well built upon re-runs of Lost in Space.  My dreams are frequently filled with a wacky looking robot screaming Danger Will Robinson!  Fast forward almost 40 years, and today, has landed on my shelf, the Lost In Space B-9 Robot Vinimate.  What is a Vinimate?  Picture  the same incredible art and design of a Minimate, bigger, more ornate, vinyl, and more statue-esque.  Why do you want this one though?  Apart from being wrong if you don’t?

B-9 Robot

The Good

  • The Vinimate design captures B-9 show-perfect here.
  • Spinning head dome!
  • His muted grey / silver is strongly contrasted by the explosive red hands.
  • Scuplt detail here is top notch, all of the lines you remember, 
  • Sharp detail on B-9’s front panel, contrasting colors make the panel look like it’s actually lighting up even though it’s paint.

The Bad

  • Of the amazing new Vinimates line of toys, few characters cry out for articulation quite like B-9.  Arms that flail was his signature move, I get what Vinimates is going for, I love it…but I would have loved it with flailing arms more.  

The Rest:

  • Who doesn’t want a B-9 in their house?  No one…This is an incredibly faithful treatment to the character and should find a happy place on anyone’s shelves!


Amazon has this awesome Vinimate in stock today!



Magic Box: Alice Through The Looking Glass Vinimates

Magic Box: Alice Through The Looking Glass Vinimates

Magic Box: Alice Through The Looking Glass Vinimates Series 1

The litlgeeks and MUReview got a great surprise package from Diamond Select Toys this week.  What was in it?  A Magic Box full of Alice Through The Looking Glass Vinimates!  What’s a Vinimate?  It’s like a Minimate, but bigger, made of vinyl, beautiful, but only the head moves.  Short story, we love them!  Watch the video, then click the name of the character you want to read about to bounce down to where they are in the page.  To come back up, click the back to top arrow on the right of the page, or the home button on your keyboard.

Time | Alice | Red Queen  | Mad Hatter | The Rest | Availability | Group Photos



  • Time is beautiful and really gives an exceptional likeness to his on screen counterpart.
  • Intricate line work and detail, watch, mechanics in the back of his head.
  • Very clean paint.



Alice Kingsleigh

  • Alice is featured in her colorful and detailed pink blouse.
  • Very fine detail on her outfit accents.


The Red Queen

  • Perfect heart shaped lips!
  • The Red Queen’s scepter is gorgeous and sits solidly in her hand.
  • The level of detail in her hair is exceptional.



Mad Hatter

  • The Mad Hatter is the belle of this ball.  His hat is perfectly detailed.
  • His “flowing” red curls are an exceptional work of crafting.
  • The way Diamond Select Toys captures so much facial detail with so few lines is astonishing.


The Rest:

  • The Alice Through The Looking Glass Vinimates are beautifully detailed, well posed and designed figures that any fan of the movie would be thrilled to have!


Family Photos: