Magic Box: Ghostbusters Minimates

Magic Box: Ghostbusters Minimates

Minimates and Ghostbusters…what could go wrong?  The litlgeeks ain’t afraid of no ghosts.  They got a look at Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Minimates collection from the 2016 film and they had a blast!



The Ghostbusters Minimates are in store now and you can check out some nice up close images of Abby and the gang below!  Just a quick note, the hoses between the backpack and the proton blaster are delicate, so be careful!

Best of 2016: Marvel Minimates

Best of 2016: Marvel Minimates

Minimates have been a part of MUReview for almost as long as there has been an MUReview.  With good reason, Minimates bring out some of the best in comics, mini-sized!  The fine folks at Diamond Select Toys have spent a whole ‘nother year killing it on the Minimates front, and this year, unlike all my years before, I will sit in judgement and rank them in a top five format.  Because, well, I decided to do that for my favorite toy lines this year, and Minimates is one of em!  Since, with Minimates, you don’t get one without the other in any two-pack, I’ll be ranking the top five Minimate figure packs of 2016.  Not based on anything other than, they happen to be my favorites this year.  Keep scrolling for my 2017 Minimates wish list too!  Note, there are a few that made the top 5 that I didn’t do a full review or photo shoot on.  But I still love them, so they made it.  


5. ZenPool and Cable – Deadpoolapoolza

I love it when Minimates bring us outside of the box characters and costumes.  Enter one of the early 2016 Minimates releases, ZenPool and Cable.  This isn’t a set we got to review directly, but I absolutely love the character designs here.

4. Walgreens Exclusive Iron Spider and Task Master

Any and every single time we get Task Master in plastic I’m happy.  He’s an amazing character and he’s always beautifully executed, as is everything by DST.  Iron Spider also looks fantastic, and you can’t ever be unhappy with his amazing Iron costume.  The red, the gold, the spider-legs!

3. Walgreens Exclusive Dark Avengers Thor and Thanos

A set we didn’t get to review at MUReview this year, but Thanos will make any top list I have all the time forever.  It helps that he’s amazing and Dark Avengers Thor is a solid kicker!

2. Wolverine and Thunderbird – Giant Size X-Men 2-Pack

This Wolverine Minimate is my favorite Wolverine Minimate that I own.  He’s the best he is at what he does…being a Minimate.  Perfect paint from a favorite era. Looks great.  Comes with Thunderbird, he’s awesome too!


1. Cyclops and Banshee – Giant Size X-Men 2-pack

This two pack gives me a perfect take on one of my all-time favorite costumes for one of my all-time favorite mutants, Cyclops.  Awesome accessories, great paint, and partnered with a Banshee that has a wealth of plus column material himself.  My favorite of the year!


Wishes for 2017

What do I want out of Minimates in 2017?  The same thing I want out of every other toy line.  More Marvel Cosmic figures.  It’s just a thing I have.  Minimates has already provided quite a few, but I’d like more Heralds, more Guardians.  In fact, i’m thinking, and have already been teased that more Guardians are coming.  I’m good with that.  But I’m greedy.  There has been a bananas group of custom classic Guardians of the Galaxy floating around the Internet, I’d love it if DST made it official!  A large scale Minimates Galactus?  YES PLEASE!.  Again, these are just my wishes.  I’m on board and excited for whatever the amazing minds at Diamond Select Toys want to bring to bare in 2017, but it’s my post, so I’m allowed to wish.  And hey, here’s to hoping maybe a return to Minimates for DC comic characters?  I’d love to see some Rebirth decos!

Magic Box: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates Series 5

Magic Box: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates Series 5

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates series is exploding with amazing and very deep Ninja Turtles characters.  Each is exceptionally well designed, faithful to the cartoon character, and features 14 points of articulation.  Today, the litlgeeks are taking a look at Series 5 of the Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles Minimates.  Thank you very much for sending these to us for review Diamond Select Toys!


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 5 blind bag case includes 2x of each of the below (except where otherwise noted):


  • Space Raphael 2X
  • Space Michelangelo 2X
  • Leonardo 2X
  • Donatello 2X
  • Space Casey Jones 2X
  • Kraang 3X
  • Salamandrian 3X
  • Hamato Yoshi 1x
  • Space April O’Neil  1x

Space Raphael


Space Michelangelo






Space Casey Jones






Hamato Yoshi


Space April O’Neil


TMNT Series 5 Group Photos


Magic Box: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates Series 4

Magic Box: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates Series 4

Teenage Mutant Minimates is a toy line that is absolutely rolling.  If you go to stores today, you’ll find up through FIVE series of Minimate Ninja Turtles figures, and they are all fantastic.  Today, the litlgeeks have a look at the Series 4 Counter top display with 18 blind Minimates bags filled with Turtly goodness!



The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 4 blind bag case includes 2x of each of the below (except where otherwise noted):

  • Space Leonardo 2X
  • Space Donatello 2X
  • Michelangelo 2X
  • Raphael 2X
  • Fugitoid 2X
  • Mozar 3X
  • Exo-Armor Kraang 3X
  • Baxter Stockman 1x
  • Oroku Saki 1x

Pick up your set of Minimates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 4 today!

Space Leonardo


Space Donatello










Exo-Armor Kraang


Baxter Stockman


Oroku Saki


TMNT Series 4 Group Photos


Magic Box: Muppets Minimates Series 2

Magic Box: Muppets Minimates Series 2

Magic Box: Muppets Minimates Series 2

A very big thank you to Diamond Select Toys for sending litlgeeks and MUReview these fantastic Muppets Series 2 Minimates to look at.  They are all fantastic, and at least one falls under my personal category of favorite Minimate ever!  Even better…we’re going to give some of these away, so check back often.  For now, let’s see what the litlgeeks thought.  Scroll down to see what I thought, and It’s time to light the lights!

Kermit (Reporter) / Rowlf The Dog

Kermit (Reporter)

  • Adorable trench coat.
  • Microphone fits well in Kermits hands.
  • Kermits hat looks great!


  • Diamond Select Toys absolutely nails Rowlf, he looks Muppet perfect.
  • Excellent scale / sizing.
  • Adorable doggie face.
  • Very cleverly implemented ears.


Doctor Teeth / Animal

Doctor Teeth 

  • Brightly colored.
  • Another perfectly captured Muppet character in Minimate form, right down to the gold in his mouth.
  • The hat makes the man!



  • Animal wins Minimates for me.  Marvel, Aliens, Alice, Turtles, Animal wins all.
  • This is the coolest headpiece on a Minimate ever, the hair, the chain, amazing.
  • Drum sticks fit perfectly in his hand.
  • This is Mini Animal! NO DRUM!


Statler and Waldorf

Statler and Waldorf

  • That’s right, I’m going to talk about them both together. They are both great, but essentially the same figure, so everything really applies to both.
  • Their suits are screen perfect.
  • Their grumpy faces convey exactly that, to a ‘t’.
  • The only thing missing is the balcony, but if you get the Muppets Select version, it comes with that!


Crazy Harry / Mahna Mahna

Crazy Harry

  • Crazy Harry is a fantastic, simple, understated Minimate.
  • While understated, he once again is captured perfectly in Minimate form.
  • Face design is dead on with the character.  Crazy Harry is defined by his eyes and DST kills it here, perfect.

Mahna Mahna

The Good:

  • Good luck…you read his name, now the song is stuck in your head forever.
  • Another brightly colored, perfectly replicated muppet… Mahna Mahna.


The Rest:

  • Muppets Series 2 carries the Muppet Minimate flag forward in every way.  Excellent character selection, incredible execution, result in a toy series that anyone should be thrilled to own.




Family Photos:

Magic Box: Minimates Alice In Wonderland Through The Looking Glass

Magic Box: Minimates Alice In Wonderland Through The Looking Glass

Magic Box: Minimates Alice In Wonderland Through The Looking Glass

litlgeek zombie is enamoured with Alice in Wonderland Through The Looking Glass, he has been since he first saw it.  The characters speak to him and he’s always smiling when he watches the movie…so I thought, Alice Through The Looking Glass Minimates?  What an incredibly perfect fit!  Let’s do some litlgeeks action!  Thank you Diamond Select Toys for sending this out for litlgeek zombie to review for us.  Readers of litlgeeks and MUReview, stay tuned, we will be giving away a set or two in October!  Let’s see what litlgeek zombie thought, and scroll down for a more formal review-lite.

Alice Kingsleigh / Tweedledee

Alice Kingsleigh

The Good:

  • Alice Kingsleigh comes to us in the outfit she word for the better part of Alice Through The Looking Glass.  An outfit that is stunningly replicated in detail with this figure.
  • Very clean paint application, incredibly sharp lines.
  • A small round face that looks so much like the character in the movie, with only painted on eyes nose and ear is remarkable.



The Good:

  • Tweedledee is another very movie like representation of the character in Minimate form.  Squat, rotund.
  • The painted on double chin kills me, it’s perfect.
  • It’s amazing how Diamond Select is able to capture that glazed look in his eyes.


Ribbon Fantasy Alice / Tweedledum (1 per case!)

Ribbon Fantasy Alice

The Good:

  • Ribbon Fantasy Alice is another outfit from the movie, less ornate than standard Alice.
  • This figure once again perfectly captures the actress in Minimate form.



The Good:

  • Tweedledum is Tweedledee with a different face, absolutely character perfect.  It’s astonishing, with so few brush strokes, how well Diamond Select Toys is able to capture a character.



Mad Hatter / Queen of Hearts

Mad Hatter

The Good:

  • The Hatter is the star of the series.  The detail soup to nuts serves to once again perfectly represent the film character as a Minimate.
  • The card on his hat.
  • The makeup around his eyes is dead on.
  • His bow tie colors, the coat strap.
  • I’m almost as annoyed just looking at this Minimate as I am looking at Johnny Depp overacting… The figure is that dead on!


Queen of Hearts

The Good:

  • By now you should sense a theme.  It’s crazy that these little not entirely human shapes look exactly like the characters they intend to represent.
  • This figure looks so good, I once again dislike her as much as I dislike the Queen of Hearts in the movie.
  • litlgeek Zombie loves them all…but I’m allowed my own opinion right?


Time / White Queen


The Good:

  • The accessories make the character, same as in the movie.  I shudder to think what would happen if Minimates decided to make a Borat Minimate….


White Queen

The Good:

  • Ornate and incredibly detailed.
  • The ghost white complexion with the sunken in eye make up again fully captures Anne  Hathaway’s White Queen likeness.


The Rest:

  • The Alice Through The Looking Glass Minimates series is an accomplishment of movie likeness unlike what I’ve seen before in Minimates format.  That’s fudging the truth a little.  Minimates always nails it, this is just extra icing on the cake.  These mates all look fantastic.  It should be noted, a “case” is 10 packs.  You get 3 packs each of Alice Kingsleigh / Hatter / Time, but only one Ribbon Alice.  That’ll be the tough to find.




Family Photos: