Toy Fair 2017: Diamond Select Toys

Toy Fair 2017: Diamond Select Toys

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I mentioned in a previous post about being pretty lucky at Toy Fair to share the experience with great people.  Our Diamond Select Toys walk through fit that bill perfectly.  We had a great booth tour given by long time friend of MUReview and litlgeeks, Zach Oat.  Zach brings passion and knowledge to the Diamond Select Roadshow that is impressive and rarely met elsewere.  This was another booth walk through that I had the honor of sharing with our friends at Brian…and I already told you how awesome he is, so I won’t do that again here.  We were invited into the house of Diamond Select, and like hungry vampires, we sucked up all the info and pictures we could get, and now, I’m pretty psyched to share them with you.  

You can click the toy line / license below to jump to the page section, and if you want to come back up to the menu, there is a back to top button on the right of the page (it’s an up arrow).  Enjoy!  Also, for pricing and release information, please check out all the details in the Diamond Select Toys Toy Fair Preview Post here.


Marvel Select Marvel Select just gets better every year.  This year, stunning offerings include the Guardians of the Galaxy lineup, Lady Deadpool, the Netflix team, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Punisher, Elektra, so much here to love!


Marvel Minimates Marvel Minimates is growing into some Netflix action with Iron Fist!  We also got a look at some Spider-Man Homecoming Minimates, Wolverine Minimates, Guardians of the Galaxy Minimates, and, AND!! Luke Cage!


Marvel PVC Statues This line is mind blowing.  An already exceptional library of characters crafted from PVC, highly detailed, high quality, and an amazing price, most under $50.  This year, we get Guardians of the Galaxy from the upcoming movie, we get Ironheart, Black Panther, Sam Wilson, the hits keep on coming!


Marvel Premium Statues This line is the stuff of my nightmares if I’m being honest.  High quality, beautiful statues, large in size, and reasonable in price?  It’s that last part that gets me.  Thanos is going to hit at around $150 of our American dollars, and he’s must have…so is that Thor, and the rest of the line.  In my nightmares, I am poor!  These statues are Marvelous!


Marvel Retro Coming out in this throw back line, Daredevil!  With Pirate Costume! Headpool!  Ultimate costume!  Punisher!  Buy these!


DC Vinimates Giving hope to the hopeless, Diamond Select offers iconic DC characters under their Vinimates umbrella.  Fans wanting DC Minimates, get these instead, they are stunning!


DC Statues and Busts Busts, statues, a Bat Phone?!   


Gotham Select  The Gotham select line carries on  with series 4 bringing some fantastic characters like Azrael and Mr. Freeze!


Pirates of the Caribbean Minimates From the upcoming movie, the Pirates of the Caribbean are back!


Vinimates The Vinimates line continues to grow with awesome licensed figures, Back To The Future, Ghostbusters, Watchmen, Caddyshack!  Beetlejuice!  Gang’s all there!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Minimates The TMNT Minimates line takes a trip back in time and they will showcase the original TV Turtles from the 80’s cartoon!  Look at those colors! That shine!


Ghostbusters Some more Ghostbusters coming our way this year, the big news, Vigo and Dr. Janosz Poha!  Build a set pieces included!  What will they form…what is that in the background of the pictures?


Movie Minimates  Movie Minimates add some great ones this year, Iron Giant, Watchmen and more!


Nightmare Before Christmas  Nightmare Before Christmas continues to be supported across all phases of DST, Minimates, Selects, Vinimates!


Muppets The Muppets Select series hops into big numbers 3 and 4!  Piggy, Rowlf, Rizzo, Swedish Chef, we heart this line!


Pulp Fiction I know so many people that are going to lose it when they get their hands on Marcellus Wallace…because you know what he looks like, right?


Back To The future Astonishing detail in this Delorian for 2017!

BBTS News: Toy Fair, Star Wars, TMNT, DC, Alien, Marvel & More!

BBTS News: Toy Fair, Star Wars, TMNT, DC, Alien, Marvel & More!

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Newsletter February 21, 2017

Celebrate 40 incredible years of Star Wars action and adventure with vintage Star Wars figures, featuring classic design and packaging! Since 1977, Star Wars has captured the hearts of millions with iconic characters, impressive vehicles, and a galaxy of stories that has passed the test of time over and over again.

From the upcoming Alien Covenant movie comes new articulated figures by Neca! A horrific creature and a chilling Xenomorph figure have been added to the 7-inch scale line, each featuring over 30 points of articulation including a bendable tail and a 6-piece creature accessory pack.
Pre-order your favorite DC heroes as 1/6 scale statues! Each statue stands 13 inches tall and comes posed on their Justice League-themed base.
From DC Collectibles comes all new Bombshells for their DC Designer Action Figure Series! These articulated figures feature gorgeous heroes and villains of DC Comics with accessories and weapons, wearing their 40s and 50s-inspired outfits.
$23.99   Preorder
Make your DC collection stand out with these artist-inspired Designer Series Statues, Batman: The Animated Series statues, bookends, Amanda Conner’s artist statues, and Bombshells from DC Collectibles! Each come posed on a character-themed base, bringing comic art fans know and love to life.
Toy Fair 2017: DC Collectibles

Toy Fair 2017: DC Collectibles

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There are really good people in this world, and then there are people that are just better than that.  Today at Toy Fair, I had the good fortune to be surrounded by two people that are way better than good, two times actually, and almost consecutively.  This specific time though, it was Brian from and Kevin Kiniry from DC Collectibles.  Now, I consider myself to be a pretty big comic book junkie, I have a solid base of knowledge.  Standing next to these two though, I’m basically at coloring book level and they are Ivy League.  Listening to the two of them talk about things I have never heard of, names I’ve never heard, it really was awe inspiring, but I digress, they are good people besides their wealth of comic knowledge, that’s just icing.  I shared an appointment with Brian who is a long time friend of MUReview, and we were guided by Kevin who is basically just a super hero without a cape (sometimes he probably wears a cape).  Kevin showed us both through the unreal offerings at DC Collectibles.  If you’ve read this site, you may know that I am head over heels for the DC Icons line.  Well, what was showed, granted, you’ve already seen tons of pro-shots, was jaw dropping in person, and complimented by so much other great DC fun stuff that well…justlookitthefudginpictures!  

I like what I did on a few Toy Fair posts now.  You’ll see a list of toy lines, you can click any item in the list and it will jump you down to the right section of the page.  If you wanna get back up to the list, click the up arrow on the right of the page.  It’s all kindsa fancy for 2017, you dig?  


DC Icons For the past two years, DC Icons is the reason we went to Toy Fair.  We did a bunch of other stuff, saw a ton of amazing things, but this line has really been a game changer for us here at MUReview.  This year, we were shown things that did not disappoint us.  Icons things.  Supergirl is astonishing.  The Doomsday / Superman two pack is unbearably cool.  As Kevin described the pack, it captures an Iconic moment, and it’s something they aim to continue doing.  I cannot wait for what the future holds for this line….ferreals.


DC Movie Statues Our first stop in the DC Collectibles show room as the DC Movie section.  Jaw dropping.  The Wonder Woman riding her horse is beautiful.  


DC TV DC TV is unstoppable at this point, Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow.  DC Collectibles is sitting at the table of awesome with a full line of figures to support.  Also, a Melissa Benoist statue!  WIN WIN WIN.


Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary  If Kevin in a Wonder Woman tiara doesn’t make you smile, you are probably dead inside.  That’s mean, but it’s true, sorry not sorry.  Wonder Woman is 75 this year and she is glorious.  DC Collectibles has a great line of statues from a bunch of her phases of her career, and a wrist band / tiara / lasso set glee-worthy enough to make anyone drool.


DC Bat Signal  Folks, it’s a bat signal, with interchangeable bat pieces….just look.



DC Batman The Animated Series Batman TAS is well represented.  We get a rogues gallery with commissioner prison box set.  The side flips up to show the rogues in jail, and the front flips out to show the commissioner in her precinct.  We get Batman and Joker with dozens of accessories, alt cape, alt faces.  And maybe, if we are good and buy them, we will get a Harley to boot?  It’s a good year to be a TAS fan.  Oh hey wait, also, there is a freakin’ Bat Computer / Bat Cave Play set.  Includes base, bat computer, Alfred, tea set…come on?!?!?!



DC Black and White Series The Black and White series figures are astonishing.  The statue by Kim Jung Gi is all out of his own head, and he’s on roller skates.  The statue from Jonathan Matthews, also out of his own head… lookitthefreakincape!  Also, just some other stuff in the line, Harley in black and white with read 3 times, and just beautiful, and this no name character, a throw in, Nightwing, no big deal, he’s just also fudin’ amazing!


DC Bombshells People absolutely love the Bombshells line.  It’s not my thing, I’m being honest, sorry about that.  The figures and statues are beautiful though.


DC Bookends What if Joker and Harley captured Batman, there was a bomb, and it was all split in half to hold up your books?


DC Covergirls Statues Zatanna and Death, what more do you need?


DC Comics Super Pets Plush  I’m not sure what world you live in, but in the world I live in, I never thought I’d get a Plush version of Whatzit.


DC Designer Statues Just absolutely beautiful statues, Superman, Joker, Aquaman and Mera in a romantic pose?!  Where do I sign up!


Harley’s Holiday  What if Harley went on a vacation and also had a magnetic hat?  What if….


Toy Fair 2017: Playmates Turtles, Lions and Ben 10s Oh My!

Toy Fair 2017: Playmates Turtles, Lions and Ben 10s Oh My!

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1000 Thank yous to the wonderful folks at Playmates for having MUReview down to their booth at Toy Fair 2017.  They had a ton of incredible new Turtles to show us…and on a regular year, that would have been the most fun we could have at Toy Fair.  This isn’t a regular year though.  It’s 2017, the year of the Lion!  Playmates was showing off diecast Netflix Voltron toys…Voltron himself couldn’t have kept us from seeing that!  So amazing!  Let’s have a look.  Now, I’m going to do what I did with another post.  I’m going to post a product index up top.  Click the toy line, it’ll jump you down to the section.  There will be a back to top arrow on the right of the screen you can click to go way back to the top.  You can also just scroll up and down how you like.    Also to note, Playmates was showing off another property at the show. I took a picture of it, realized there were no pictures allowed, panicked, deleted it, and felt so bad I didn’t even look back.  So I’m going to ask my friends at Playmates what it was, and then share it with you…but for now.  **This was Mysticons.  Google the name and stay tuned for more info!


Ben 10 Brand new for Playmates in 2017.  They are bringing out a full line of very cool Ben 10 toys, figures, playsets, vehicles!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures Tons of great new Turtles on display this year.  Yusagi Yojimbo, Monster Turtles, alt decos for some older figures, tons to be excited about!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Blind Bags Everyone loves blind bags!  Turtles Mini figures are in blind bags.  Everyone loves Turtles…feels like there is some math one could do here.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes  The Half Shell Heroes line continues to grow with adorable turtle after adorable turtle.  This year, we get blind bags to boot!  More vehicles, more themes!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Mutants  Half Shell Heroes, Mini Figures, still, not small enough!  Check out Micro Mutants


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Role Play Sometimes you need to more than play with Turtles, you need to be one!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Talkin’ Turtles Turtles that talk!!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vehicles The Turtles need their vehicles….especially this year, because Samurai Turtles need horses!


Voltron Basic Figures / Action Figures Playmates builds on the Voltron Basic Figure line in 2017 with PALADINS!  MORE ROBEASTS!  ZARKON!  


Voltron Mega Lions These lions fit pilots!!  I can’t wait.  There is a downside though, they will not transform to form a super big Voltron.  They do come with exclusive Paladins though!


Voltron Legendary lions The bread and butter of the Voltron collection.  These are already in stores, but have been hard to find.  We were told that more should be hitting shelves in a few weeks.  Keep up the fight and the hunt!


Voltron Diecast Well well well…diecast lions?!  The Netflix Voltron is going to be all metal and transformable, and it’s gonna be awesome!  I really can’t wait to see how he looks standing next to Voltron V1!


Thank you to our great friends at Playmates for bringing us down to the booth, we had a blast!

Toy Fair 2017: Lego Mega Post!

Toy Fair 2017: Lego Mega Post!

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Lego invited MUReview down to their Toy Fair event.  It happened Saturday Morning at 7AM… We were on a 4:30 AM train to make it in for the event, it was absolutely worth the wake up.  Lego showed off some incredible kits, from Lego Batman to the STEM powered Boost kit that lets kids build, code, and play!  We are going to take you through the booth one section at a time below.  We hope you enjoy as much as we did!  For those that want to scroll along, we go in alphabetically and you can click the link below to jump to your section and jump back to the top with the up-arrow on the right of the page:

 Architecture featured build kits showing off some world renowned man made structures.


 Batman Lego Batman is a worldwide phenomenon this year.  The movie was fantastic, and the kids coming out of it are incredible.  The Ultimate Batmobile is jaw dropping, the Scuttler is amazing, and check out that Batwing!



Boost Boost was a knock out for Lego this year for us.  Combining so many different play patterns, learning, programming, interactive play, and of course building!   One kit gives you multiple different build options, a cat, a robot and more.  Check out the demo video and gallery.



Brickheadz Lego Minifigures, but bigger, and you really get to build them out of layers of Lego.  We took home Batman and Robin to review for you, so keep your eyes out for that!


City City offers incredible, true to life vehicles and city playsets.


Classic Just what they say they are, classic!





DC  Lego is going to town on DC, offering a ton of great figures, not just from Batman, but also to support the Justice League movie in 2017!  Don’t forget Mini Figures and Mighty Micros


DC Super Hero Girls Carrying the runaway TV show hit into the Lego realm!  Check out these adorable Super Hero Girls!



Disney Disney is an unstoppable force, and Lego is a buildable object. Nuff’ Said!



Duplo For the litlestgeeks!


Elves Elves brings beautiful …well, Elves into the Lego world.


Ideas Really fun stuff here, Beatles, Adventure Time!



Juniors Juniors does a great job of bridging the gap between Duplo and standard Lego!


Marvel Brand new Guardians sets, brand new Spider-Man sets!!


Minecraft 2017 and Minecraft is still going strong and growing!  Now in the hands of Lego, the sky is the limit.  New sets were shown and they are litlgeek mouth watering!


Nexo Knights All new Nexo Knights sets for 2017!!


Ninjago With a new movie coming soon, Ninjago is on fire.  The sets are incredible this year, check out that red and blue dragon!


Pirates of the Caribbean The buzz of the Lego show floor, the brand new pirate ship from the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie!


Star Wars With 2017 kits for Rogue One and VIII on the way, there is so much to be excited for here!


Technic Lego gives us some truly incredible kits here! 


Video Games  All things being equal, I was disappointed that Lego Games didn’t have their own booth at Toy Fair.  I was happy to see box art for Lego Worlds, I was just hoping for more.


Thank you to Lego for having us down to their showroom.  We had a great time and there is so much we can’t wait to share with you in 2017 from Lego!

Toy Fair 2017: Hasbro Spider-Man

Toy Fair 2017: Hasbro Spider-Man

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Hasbro is coming out swinging with an amazing set of offerings to support the Spider-Man Homecoming movie coming out this year.  There are some great role-play items, like the Spider-Man mask with animated eyes, the Spider-Man half mask.  We also get a man-sized Spidey playset with all kinds of great play features.  Let’s also not forget a slew of fantastic action figures, Vulture, Homecoming Spider-Man,…back to role play.  Kids will get a chance to show off their under arm web wings!!