Captain America – The Winter Soldier – Grapple Cannon Captain America

Anyone with limited interest will have picked up by now that the Captain America – The Winter Soldier toy line is now in stores and not incredibly hard to find.  The line contains a few figures of note, a nice Red Skull, a new deco Winter Soldier and a modern / movie style Steve Rogers.  Funds aren’t endless round these parts, so I made a choice and I’m bringing you just the Steve Rogers for now…mostly because he’s my favorite of the bunch.

The Good

  • Nice suit design, fine detail!
  • Good facial detail, aims for the movie.
  • Excellent shield, unique, I hope it’s movie accurate it’s pretty cool!

The Bad

  • The body shape is very barrel like…for a fit type like Commander Steve, that’s a little weird.
  • The launching suction cup doesn’t have a heck of a lot of launch.

The rest

As said, the Cap 2 line has some nice figures, most of the best, we’ve already got a ton of though, so it’s tough to tell anyone but a kid who is a fan of the movie, or a hardcore must have it all collector, that they need to pay attention to this line.  That said, if you fall into either of those categories, get to your favorite LCS, Toy Store, or, my favorite, Big Bad Toy Store!


Big Bad Toy Store!  Go get it!

And now…the pictures

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