I picked up the controller with ample excitement. Finally, I had the chance to throw the iconic shield belonging to the one and only Captain America.  That is where the excitement ended.  The game takes place during the events of the Captain America: The First Avenger timeline.  I wish I could give you all the details from start to finish, but sadly this gamer couldn’t make it through the entire game.  Once I put my controller down there was no picking it back up.

We open with Cap on a plane receiving a mission briefing via radio from the lovely voice of Peggy Carter.  Sadly, all you ever do is hear Ms. Carters voice.  Peggy instructs you to pick up the folders on the desk next to you and then head to the back of the plane to grab a film reel.  This is where things got ugly.  From this point on you spend the rest of your time collecting folders (sometimes one and sometimes a stack), film reels, ceramic eggs and the list goes on and on.  Did I miss something?  In all my years reading Captain American comics did I not see that Captain American was secretly a kleptomaniac?

In between stealing other people’s stuff you do manage to kick some Nazi butt.  However, even this isn’t as enjoyable as it should be.  Throwing Cap’s shield leaves me feeling empty inside.  At this point I quickly reminisced about the bench mark for all superhero video games that is Arkham Asylum.  When you play a game that perfects playing as your favorite superhero you are so much more disappointed with the games that miss the mark.

Numerous times during Captain America I feel they played Arkham Asylum and said “Ohh free flow combat is perfect, lets do that with Cap.”  Then halfway through development they decide ehh, close enough.  The same can be said about the constant need to collect junk.  In Arkham Asylum you had to collect Riddler trophies, but this was so cleverly done it never became tedious.

Not to beat a dead horse here, but I also have an issue playing a game like Captain America and being forced to run in a straight line.  I am not sure they could have closed the environments more if they tried.  Even those scenes you see in the commercials or trailers for the game that remind you of Prince of Persia fall completely short.  The reason, you don’t actually control any of the cool leaping and swinging.  You are prompted to push a button and away Cap goes and if you are lucky you will be awarded for pushing said button in a timely manner for the “Perfect Timing” bonus.

If Captain America accidentally falls into your video game system do not turn it on!  Pass on this one and in a big way. Once again, we have all fallen victim to yet another edition of “Bad Movie Tie-in Video Game.”  Thank you Sega for ruining yet another one of my favorite comic book heroes.

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