It is with great honor that I present to you the first in our series, taking a look at some fantastic art from one of MUReview’s great friends, someone we are an incredibly huge fan of!

Our long time friend, amazing artist, and all around solid dude, Blue Hanzo, he has been putting together brilliant art for a long time.  If you’ve been to East Coast conventions, you’ve seen him.  If you haven’t, go, see him.  You can also check out his art at

Even better…he also does custom work, like my tattoo! (Keep scrolling though, this is just me bragging, we are here for something else entirely!)  If you want some custom comic or anime art, hit him up a



Now, let’s get to business as they say.  I present to you, our first sharing of Blue Hanzo’s official art.  Ororo, Luke Cage, and Black Panther.



 Check out for more great art!

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