When I started a website about comics, I never really envisioned talking about playing cards.  But ya know what?  I play cards, solitaire, black jack, poker!  Because of that, I’m very thankful that our friends over at Bicycle sent us a fantastic care packaging showing off all the hot new card decks for the first half of 2016.  Of Bicycle, it should be said.  If you are using any other playing cards, you aren’t really playing for real.  The consistency, the quality, the history that Bicycle brings to the table in every deck of cards makes any game you play feel like you are in the game and the cards are there with you.  Not, you are playing a game and these are the cards you happen to be using.  That said, some words on the cards themselves.

The Good

  • Quality through and through, solid, heavy, sturdy, slick.
  • Bicycle cards shuffle easy, slide easy and play amazing.
  • Iconic packaging with some nice flavors thrown in for 2016…SHARKS!  Presidents!

The Bad

  • I would really like to see the quality and the history of Bicycle team up with the truest of art juggernauts, Marvel!  Can we get a full Bicycle Marvel deck for the second half of 2016?  I know Bicycle is the absolute class of the playing card industry, but I don’t mind a little pandering!

Where to buy Bicycle Cards

Wherever fine playing cards are sold.  Amazon for the folks who want to be a click away.


The Rest

Now, I bring you this review and these images as unboxed.  I play cards.  For serious.  When I play a game, I open a deck.  The deck doesn’t get open until that game.  That said, I bring you my kind words knowing full well that the quality of these cards, and their play will be of the finest experience possible, because that is just what Bicycle does, for my whole life and from way before that.









Prestige, the whole group and more!


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