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2017 was one of my favorite years yet for Minimates since I have gotten in on the Minimate action!  We got quite a few great series’ and of those series, I was thrilled to be able to review the series we did here, specifically because one of them included my favorite Minimate of all time!  Read on friends!

Blizzard Donald Gill

If it’s possible to have a favorite color Minimate, it’s Donald Gill!  The colors just explode off of him.


Howard The Duck

Me and Howard go way back.  So when I heard a Minimate of him was coming, all over it!  DST really knocked the likeness out of the park!


Captain Marvel 

I’m not this iteration of Captain Marvel’s biggest fan, but this is a fantastic Minimate.  Really captures the character, tons of fun accessories and display options included!


The Black Knight 

My 2017 favorite, one of my all time favorite Minimates, Black Knight!  DST did an amazing job with this character, making flat paint look like textured chain mail.  His facial expression, the sword, the helmet, the cape, all of it.  Fantastic figure!

Wishes for 2018

Minimates in 2018?  I feel like the only toy line that could pull this off is Minimates, so I’m gonna be extra wishful.  Give me a box set.  I want the Abnett and Lanning Guardians of the Galaxy extended family, and then I want the classic Vance Astro / Yondu / Martinex Guardians of the Galaxy.  Consider my wish sent out into the universe, and as long as it returns with awesome Minimates in 2018, consider it mostly granted.

MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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