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Way back in 2009, Hasbro started a 3.75″ action figure line featuring everyone’s favorite Marvel heroes.  I took notice immediately, and it didn’t take me long to develop my love of Marvel Universe figures into a place called  In case you wondered what the upper case M and U stood for, there it is.   Maybe a little silly on my part, I couldn’t have imagined how many people would just call it MOOO Review.  Fast forward to 2017, and who would have thought, our little corner of the Internet has outlasted at least the name of the toy line that launched it. We’ve even gone on to expand what our name means, covering far more than just 3.75″ Marvel figures over the years, covering far more than even just Marvel over the years.  We’ve talked movies, video games, DC, Star Wars, Transformers.  But it all ties back to Marvel Universe and the 3 and 3/4 inch figures of that line.  3 and 3/4 inch figures Hasbro managed to pump out quite a few of in 2017, quite a few really nice ones at that!

Mega Man

Hasbro’s first jump into video games, to support Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, and it made the list!  This figure is incredibly well designed and he looks outstanding for it.  Kind of has that “just jumped out of the screen into your living room” vibe.  Hasbro did an outstanding job with this guy, and I’m hoping that it leads to more Marvel Vs. Capcom figure packs in 2018!


In 2014, Wolverine died, X-23 took up the mantle and became Wolverine.  In 2017, we got a figure of said X-23 as Wolverine and she is stunning.  Her swirling hair, and bi-clawed hands look perfect.  The only thing she’s missing is the foot claw…wouldn’t a retractable one be pretty neat?

All New All Different Iron Man

One of the coolest Iron Man armors to come along in a while gets a nice treatment.  Very well executed figure, but I do have the complaint of not being able to swap out the right hand for something normal.


All New All Different Maestro if yer nasty!  This bad boy added some bulk into the 2017 Marvel Legends 3.75″ character lineup.  While I still pine for a savage land type Maestro with a ton of trophy accessories, being able to add him to my collection in this scale is 100% a win!  His armor is beautiful.

Moon Knight

One of two figures this year I got to love in both 6 and 3.75 inch.  This bad boy has fewer accessories than his taller brother, but he looks the same amount of fantastic, very faithful to the character.


Finally, a main line Shocker!!  The lines on his uniform are poetry, so well done!


Did i I just say finally?  Maybe under-utilized above.  FINALLY!  Executioner!  The bald guy that was promised so many years ago!  He’s a fantastic figure, looks great, and he even came with an exceptional redesign of Enchantress.

Age of Apocalypse Magneto

This pony-tailed Magneto has a cape that might be one of the best in scale.  His frame is excellent to represent the character, and you can even headswap with old school MU Magneto, for classic Magneto on a way better body!


Stunning in white, the blue contrast gloves and belt, the jewel on Jewel’s belt, the hair, this is one of my favorite 3.75″ figures of the year.

Spider-Man 2099

The other 6 inch / 3.75 inch figure to win my heart in 2017.  I don’t know that I’ve ever read a page of the books that this Spidey is in, but I love the figure, I love the character design, and the execution on the figure in both 6 and 3.75 inch scales is Legendary (see what I did there?).

Hopes for 2018

There isn’t much announced for the 3.75 inch scale in 2018.  The Rainbow Deadpool set, which should be a retail wide release got pushed out of 2017, so we can expect that.    Everything else though, blank slate.  My main hope for this line is that it continues.  It is the one that started our site, it is the one that is the literal basis for decoration of my basement.  There are still so many figures that need to be done in this scale, New Warriors, classic Guardians of the Galaxy, how about a Herald’s of Galactus box set?  I’m worried but fairly certain it will be a quiet year in 2018 for Marvel 3.75″.  I’m hopeful though.  After 6 inch Marvel Legends had a quiet year or two, it came back to be one of the biggest collector toy lines ever.  Either way, we will have a ton of great toys to buy in 2018, so let’s buckle up and see what’s next!

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