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Marvel Legends 12 inch line started of strong in 2016, addressing three marquee Marvel characters in Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man.  In 2017, the line brought out some big guns and continued to show off how nice figures in 12 inch scale can look.  The roster included Deadpool (two ways), Hulk, Thor, black suit Spidey, and just at the edge of 2018, Tiger Stripe Wolverine is hitting shelves.   Thanks to some good friends at Hasbro, we got a look at the 2016 figures this year, and a few of the 2017 figures.  The 2016 figures are fantastic.  The 2017 figures show the line maturing, 2018 offers some nice promise.  Let’s check out my favorites of the year. 


This SDCC exclusive 12-inch Daredevil is a beautiful figure.  All the right accessories included.  Billy clubs, extra hands, fist / forearm wraps.  The figure as beautiful as it is was half the story.  The packaging he came in was pure art from the folks at Marvel.  I think may still have some available, if they do, you shouldn’t wait on this, go get it!


I had so much fun shooting this figure, and I’ve learned, I really get to have a blast whenever I shoot a Deadpool figure.  This one in particular though, with the 2016 12 inch figure, good times.  Add in Headpool?  This was one of my favorite figures of 2017.


Hopes for 2018

We know that Black Panther is coming, and while Wolverine is hitting around now, he’s technically a 2018 release.  What I want from this line beyond the announced is what I want from the 3.75 inch line.  Something not necessarily as guaranteed as with 6 inch.  More, I want a copious roster of my favorite heroes in this scale.  The design on these figures and what the Hasbro team can do in this scale is barely limited even by imagination.  I want more figures…I want Nova (Prime) most of all!

MUReview received some of these products for free for review purposes.

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