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2017 was the year that Diamond Select really went big.  Their Gallery and Premiere Collection statue lines exploded with amazing statues of unforgettable characters.  Their Select line of figures also continued to pump out fantastic figures.  Going back through our catalog of reviews for 2017, we had a great look at the Guardians of the Galaxy Select figures, and nowhere near as much else of the releases in 2017 as we would have liked.  Stellar figures like Homecoming Spider-Man, Planet Hulk Hulk, and Lady Deadpool.  It was because of this abbreviated look at the line, we are going to include our Select favorite here among a few of our favorite Diamond Select Toys statues for the year.  


Doctor Strange Gallery Statue

This Gallery scale statue is the cream of the crop for me.  Doctor Strange’s cape makes the statue, but as a whole it’s beautiful.  Sculpt, paint, detail, it’s so lightweight, and the floating effect.  I really love this statue.  

Marvel Select Star-Lord

My favorite Marvel Select figure of the year.  Star-Lord packs a ton of detail, has a great look, awesome weapons, a flight stand!  


Thanos Statue

Many items came through the doors of and litlgeeks in 2017.  Toys, gadgets, video games, a few movies, we enjoyed all of them, we brought you reviews of all of the things.  I would suggest though here, in this Thanos Premiere Collection statue, we have the finest thing, my most favorite thing of 2017.  I have been eagerly looking for a great Thanos statue since I first started collecting Marvel stuff in about 2008.  He’s been number one on my want list for a very long time.  Thanks to Diamond Select Toys in 2017, wish fulfilled.  Not only fulfilled, but really fulfilled in a big way.  This statue is large.  He is heavy, and he is just pretty.  He comes with a Gauntlet, a Cosmic Cube, and an Infinity Stone adorned base.  He’s wearing his most iconic look.  I want for nothing with this statue, and I can’t thank Diamond Select Toys enough for sending it to me.  


Wishes for 2017

Where do we go from here?  It was an outstanding year for Marvel Select, an outstanding year for Gallery, and an unbelievable year for the Premiere Collection.  In 2018, mostly, I just want to see more.  We’ve got the Avengers movie coming out, I can’t wait to see what pieces DST comes up with to support that in Select.  For Gallery, let’s be real, for Gallery and Premiere, I want Nova.  It’s kinda my thing.  I have a crazy awesome Nova statue, that doesn’t mean I don’t want at least two more….  Realistically speaking though, the sky is the limit for both statue lines.  Both lines are beautiful, and both lines are substantially more affordable than some of the other folks making Marvel statues.  My hope true hope is that fans continue to gobble these statues up at retail, because I want them to be around forever!

MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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