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That happened a little too fast for my taste.  DC Icons was introduced in 2015, soared to glory with a stellar roster of well crafted, beautifully designed figures in 2016 and 2017, and now, it’s over.  Their Swan Song being the Doomsday / Superman Iconic Moments Death of Superman set.  DC Collectibles has officially ended / completed the line with that last set, and they are looking to bright, bigger tomorrow’s with the DC Essentials line to launch in 2018.  I can’t wait to see the line, get hands on it, the figures are similar to the design of Icons, but larger in scale.  What got me about DC Icons was the design for certain.  The faithful treatment of DC heroes I grew up with, from those time frames in comic history.  I hope that DC Essentials continues that philosophy, if they do, I’m sure it will be another hit line for DC Collectibles.  For now, let’s take a look at highlights from 2017 for DC Icons!

Rebirth Set Aquaman

This is a perfect take on a fantastic iteration of Aquaman, Rebirth’s version of Aquaman continues to be one of the best written books in the lineup, and this figure is just amazing.


Rebirth Set Wonder Woman

Two DC Icons Wonder Women to choose from, but this more Amazonian look wins it for me.  She’s larger in scale, the color palate is more true to my notion of what Wonder Woman should look like, and that hair!!!



Rebirth Supergirl really does an exceptional job of taking the traditional Supergirl look and modernizing her. DC Icons did an exceptional job of capturing that look in plastic.  Included flight stand works fantastic as well!



I wasn’t sold on this Nightwing when it was first announced, he seemed to be a little short for a Storm Trooper.  In hand though, he’s a great figure, highly pose-able, authentic comic-look from the Hush run of books.  The way the blue logo paint pops off of the deep, rich black, this figure is outstanding, throw in some bat grapple accessories, it’s even better than outstanding!



In 2016 I was enamored with Firestorm.  He’s still the golden standard by which I will hold all other Firestorm figures.  In 2017, that same title, that same standard goes to Deathstroke.  DC Icons throws in a ton of great tricks with this figure, scalloped armor sculpt detail, shimmery blue paint, highly pose-able, tons of great, authentic weaponry, and those boot flaps!  Deathstroke takes home DC Icons figure of the year for me, hands down.


Wishes for 2018

I sincerely hope that the DC Essentials line in 6/7 inch scale, that will go on to supplant DC Icons in 2018 and beyond, is a massive hit with figures at least as fantastic as what we got out of DC Icons.  I hope DC Collectibles chooses wisely with characters, and mixes both the standard must haves with characters that maybe were not addressed early on in the DC Icons line, like Red Tornado, Doctor Fate, and Martian Manhunter.  I’m really bummed that this is the end of the line for DC Icons.  It was one of my favorite lines while it lasted.  I’ve since trimmed my collection and kept only the figures of characters that are favorites.  As DC Essentials figures hit retail, I’ll likely cycle those newer larger figures into the collection, until eventually DC Icons is fully replaced and upgraded.  Everything I’ve seen out of DC Essentials looks bigger, and, I didn’t think it possible, but better than DC Icons.  I’m gonna miss you DC Icons!  Thanks for a great run!

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