Diamond Select Toys just keeps on cranking out hit after hit in their 7+ inch Marvel Select toy line.  2016 has brought some amazing figures to the table for us, and here at MUReview, well, we’ve been lucky to get our hands on a bunch of em’.  The ones we held, and the ones we didn’t, we have our favorites, and it’s time to share them with you.  After the sharing of our top 3 favorite Marvel Select figures of 2016, let’s have a look at what I’m hopeful for in 2017!


3. Spectacular Spider-Man

There is no greater Marvel Select Scale Spider-Man available.  The accessories, the pose-ability, the dead on iconic look.  If you have to have Spider-Man in your collection, whether you collect in the 7+inch range or not, this is the one to get folks, look no further!   We didn’t get a chance to review him for you in 2016, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love him any less.  Maybe in 2017!

2. Avenging Captain America

The Avenging Captain America is a remarkable figure, Cap in one of his darker colored outfits still manages to explode with bright color.  Another exceptional sculpt out of Diamond Select Toys captures the first Avengers in an iconic outfit with a great stand (hail hydra).  


1. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange was a massive gap in my Marvel Select collection up until very early this year.  In fact, he may have been officially released minutes before 2016, but I’m still counting him because I love this figure.  Beautiful stand, great magic effects and the likeness here is impeccable.  This is Doctor Strange in his most classic and recognizable costume.  This is the Doctor Strange I wanted, and the Doctor Strange I needed, and my favorite Marvel Select figure of 2016.



Wishes for 2017

My wishes for Marvel Select in 2017.  It’s time.  I’d like a modern Marvel Select Nova Prime with a classic Nova running change.  He’s returned, it’s time!  I’m itching for that Lady Deadpool to stand alongside my Deadpool.  I’d also like to see some re-releases, Kree Mar-Vell, Watcher, Mephisto.  Burst the bubble of these lunatics that are trying to re-sell on Amazon and eBay north of $2000.  That’s just me being spiteful…and I’m ok with it.  I have a Mephisto, I have a Watcher.  These are remarkable figures that more people should own, and not at mortgage payment prices!  More than all of the above, I just want Diamond Select to give me awesome figures in 2017, what’s cool about that wish, I know they will.  All the stuff they make is awesome, it’s the law!


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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