Minimates have been a part of MUReview for almost as long as there has been an MUReview.  With good reason, Minimates bring out some of the best in comics, mini-sized!  The fine folks at Diamond Select Toys have spent a whole ‘nother year killing it on the Minimates front, and this year, unlike all my years before, I will sit in judgement and rank them in a top five format.  Because, well, I decided to do that for my favorite toy lines this year, and Minimates is one of em!  Since, with Minimates, you don’t get one without the other in any two-pack, I’ll be ranking the top five Minimate figure packs of 2016.  Not based on anything other than, they happen to be my favorites this year.  Keep scrolling for my 2017 Minimates wish list too!  Note, there are a few that made the top 5 that I didn’t do a full review or photo shoot on.  But I still love them, so they made it.  


5. ZenPool and Cable – Deadpoolapoolza

I love it when Minimates bring us outside of the box characters and costumes.  Enter one of the early 2016 Minimates releases, ZenPool and Cable.  This isn’t a set we got to review directly, but I absolutely love the character designs here.

4. Walgreens Exclusive Iron Spider and Task Master

Any and every single time we get Task Master in plastic I’m happy.  He’s an amazing character and he’s always beautifully executed, as is everything by DST.  Iron Spider also looks fantastic, and you can’t ever be unhappy with his amazing Iron costume.  The red, the gold, the spider-legs!

3. Walgreens Exclusive Dark Avengers Thor and Thanos

A set we didn’t get to review at MUReview this year, but Thanos will make any top list I have all the time forever.  It helps that he’s amazing and Dark Avengers Thor is a solid kicker!

2. Wolverine and Thunderbird – Giant Size X-Men 2-Pack

This Wolverine Minimate is my favorite Wolverine Minimate that I own.  He’s the best he is at what he does…being a Minimate.  Perfect paint from a favorite era. Looks great.  Comes with Thunderbird, he’s awesome too!


1. Cyclops and Banshee – Giant Size X-Men 2-pack

This two pack gives me a perfect take on one of my all-time favorite costumes for one of my all-time favorite mutants, Cyclops.  Awesome accessories, great paint, and partnered with a Banshee that has a wealth of plus column material himself.  My favorite of the year!


Wishes for 2017

What do I want out of Minimates in 2017?  The same thing I want out of every other toy line.  More Marvel Cosmic figures.  It’s just a thing I have.  Minimates has already provided quite a few, but I’d like more Heralds, more Guardians.  In fact, i’m thinking, and have already been teased that more Guardians are coming.  I’m good with that.  But I’m greedy.  There has been a bananas group of custom classic Guardians of the Galaxy floating around the Internet, I’d love it if DST made it official!  A large scale Minimates Galactus?  YES PLEASE!.  Again, these are just my wishes.  I’m on board and excited for whatever the amazing minds at Diamond Select Toys want to bring to bare in 2017, but it’s my post, so I’m allowed to wish.  And hey, here’s to hoping maybe a return to Minimates for DC comic characters?  I’d love to see some Rebirth decos!


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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