Continuing along down the road of my favorite figures of  2016, it’s time to have a look at the toy line that became a brand new collection for me this year.  …Not entirely true.  I’ve always admired Legends from the sideline.  I’ve always grabbed figures I had to have, usually Cosmic based, but there are a few BAFs that I couldn’t say no to along the way too.  This year though, broke the flood gates open for me.  Wave after wave of beautifully designed figure rolling off of Hasbro production lines had my wallet screaming “come on maaaaan!”  I’ve got my favorite figures of the year lined up to share with you though, and then I’ll whine about other figures I want in 2017, a 2017 that’s already shaping up to be pretty cool with figures we know about.  Read on!


10. SDCC Raft Spider-Man

The SDCC Raft Spider-Man gave me exactly what I needed, when I needed it.  A de-facto, fantastically designed Spider-Man.  No frills needed, just Spidey.


9. Silk

Silk is a dead on comic ringer.  She looks perfect, she moves well, she has accessories that really make her dynamic.  Love this figure, dare I say, the Spider-Gwen of 2016?  I dare.


8. Wolf Captain America

Wolf head be damned, this might be my favorite Legends scale Cap of all time.  For my fan’s taste, the color is right, the build is right.  The face may be a little bit left of the perfect center for me, but otherwise, when I close my eyes and think of Cap, it’s this Cap.  



7. Dreadknight

It’s Dreadknight, for real, did you ever think we’d actually get a Dreadknight figure?  That’s bananas!  But we got him!


6. Iron Fist

The Legends line needed a modern Iron Fist in the classic colors, they nailed it.  Nailed it and then some, with just about the coolest hand accessories I’ve ever seen included with a figure.


5. Black Panther

A rarity for me, never a huge fan of movie figures, but this year we got a few stunners, Black Panther and Scarlet Witch to name a few.  BP was a highly sought after figure this year, and for good reason, he’s beautiful.  I expect a re-release of this or a similar figure in Legends scale when the Black Panther movie drops, but for now and for good, this is a fantastic Black Panther figure.

4. Punisher

This Walgreens exclusive gives us a once again, exceptionally comic-accurate representation of a classic character.  I’d argue it’s the best in Legends scale yet for the Punisher, by that I mean I’ll say it and completely ignore any dissension.  .  



3. Rogue

In a year where people were going nuts over the MCU version of Scarlet Witch, in sauntered Rogue.  In my opinion, one of the best female Legends figures to date.  Perfect build, perfect comic-book recreation, the figure left you wanting little, but more awesome female figures from Hasbro.  


2. Deadpool

This was the runaway must have figure of 2016 as far as I can tell.  Hasbro really stepped up and answered the bell on the demand too, after initial cases of X-Men waves sold through and Deadpools were more rare than a Babe Ruth baseball card, Hasbro released full cases of just Deadpool to the masses, who promptly gobbled those up too.  Justifiably so, this figure is phenomenal.  The value in the package is out of this world with all of the included accessories.  Also, a taco.


1. Captain Britain

Captain Britain is my favorite Legends figure of the year (except for the next figure in the list.  He’s in perfect scale, his paint is dead on, he looks amazing.  I have only one wish / hope for this figure in the future, that Hasbro makes a variant with his 90’s Excalibur outfit.  Otherwise, this will be my favorite Captain Britain figure of all time, and since Captain Britain is on a short short list of favorite characters, he’s my number one for the year.  Hasbro probably would of had to mess this guy up pretty bad for him not to be in this spot for me, but they didn’t, he’s awesome, so it’s an easy call.  


BAF of the year  Space Knight Venom

Venom Space Knight is another all-time favorite for me that came out of 2016.  Favorite Cap, favorite female character, favorite BAF.  This lightweight but bulky BAF perfectly executes plastic against the comic page.  He looks great, his paint app is shockingly good, his claw hands are outright creepy.  Venom Space Knight, I heart you!


Hopes for 2017

Between SDCC, NYCC, Hasbro events, and panels, we know a good chunk of what’s coming in 2017 from the Marvel Legends line.  We get a refreshed Jim Lee Cyclops, we get a Sam Alexander Nova, we get a DEATHS HEAD II!!!!!   We also get more 6″ Guardians of the Galaxy!  Classic, GUARDIANS!  Vance Astro, Yondu, Adam Warlock!  more to come there too.  2017 is really is going to be a fantastic year for Marvel Legends, and another devastating year for my bank account.  That said, with what I know of (and have already shared with you all), the 2017 Legends line up, I almost don’t know what to ask for.  Let’s be really wishful.  Please Hasbro, let me complete the classic and modern Guardians of the Galaxy teams.  Charlie-27, Starhawk, then maybe Mantis.  How about a Legends scale modern Quasar with an old school running change?  Females, I’ll keep wishing for her till I get her, Phyla Vell.  Hasbro is going to kill it even if they stop at what’s announced, still, can’t hurt to wish.


MUReview received these products for free for review purposes.

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