Well, we made it.  2016 is at it’s beautiful end. It has been a staggering year for plastic, especially at Hasbro.  Today, we are going to look at our first best of 2016, maybe that’s the wrong description, I’m going with it, but this is really more a “my favorite” of 2016 for Hasbro Marvel Legends 3.75″.  This year we saw a showering of Marvel Cosmic love and I’ve been in my glory because of it.  I can’t get enough, this year, the fine folks at Hasbro definitely tried to test it.  That said, below, in order of most favorite to mostest favorite, have a look at my favorite figures from the Marvel Legends 3.75″ in 2016!  Keep scrolling for my hopes for Marvel Legends 3.75 in 2017!

10. Kree Captain Marvel

In the Kree Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Hasbro has delivered a clean, comic-page-perfect Kree Soldier.  Amazing to have Captain Marvel in this outfit, but from a different perspective, a bitter pill for those looking to army build Kree Soldiers. 


9. Mighty Thor (Jane Foster)

The Mighty Thor is a beautiful figure with a ton of bells and whistles, neat design tricks at every turn.  


8. Vance Astro

In a weird twist of fate, prior to this figure’s release, I had 3 different custom Vance Astro figures.  This official figure goes above and beyond all of them, and most importantly, even includes the original Guardians chest badge


7. Yondu

When the only complaint you have about a figure is that he doesn’t have more of his friends to play with….


6. Hydro Man

Easily one of the most innovative figures to come down the Marvel 3.75″ pike.  The water cyclone instead of feet, bottom half is beautifully executed and because of it you have a conversation piece action figure!


5. Living Laser

Really, just a stunning figure here, beautiful paint / translucent effect, clean lines, highlight this very under used, but no less evil super baddie.  


4. Lockjaw

This is where my Cosmic bias comes out.  It’s my site, and I don’t care what anyone thinks my top 4 should be.  I know Lockjaw’s only articulation is his jaw, but I’ve been waiting since the beginning of Marvel 3.75″ toy lines for this figure, and I got him!  He’s mine!  All mine!


3. Cosmo

Cosmo, though just a “statue” figure, will go down as one of my all time favorite figures in Marvel history.  Cosmo is a favorite character that I have always held near and dear to my heart.  He’s one of those characters that I thought I’d never ever get without making a custom for myself.  I went so far as to have my father start work, but he had to tap out due to a decline in health.  At any rate, that brings this one even closer to home. 


2. Groot

A proper 3.75″ in scale, Guardians of the Galaxy uniformed Groot!  I’m one step closer to the complete team, and this is one brilliantly executed figure!


1. Quasar

2016, my favorite figure, Quasar.  Another figure I had almost given up hope on.  To have him, for him to be just a fantastic looking figure, it’s tough to ask for more…but I will.


Hopes for 2017

We’ve already got some figures announced out of SDCC for 2017, Jewel (Jessica Jones), AoA Magneto, Hydra Steve, Spider-Man (definitive best ever we are promised!), Shocker, and Tombstone.  That’s what we are getting, but what do I want?  I’d like to see more Guardians, especially with GotG V2 hitting theaters in 2017.  Mantis for sure, Phyla-Vell, classic Wendell Vaughn Quasar?  Not that he’s my favorite, but I think we are also coming due on a Sam Alexander Nova…classic Rich Rider Nova?  Can I have some New Warriors love?  Speedball?  Night Thrasher?  Namorita?  Let’s dive even deeper into the catalog, Sleep Walker?  What about Nomad?  Has there ever been a Nomad figure?  I’m rambling, I don’t care, I’m going to keep going,   I’d like some more classic Guardians, Charlie, Starhawk.  Give me some Heralds to go with my big bad Galactus, Firelord, Fallen One, Terrax (in scale), Frankie Raye, Air Walker.  Let’s blow this thing wide open in 2017! I can’t wait, and thankfully, the fine folks at Hasbro don’t disappoint!


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