In 2015, I started collecting DC Icons figures.  A little after, I realized just how amazing they were, and how much a failure it was that I’d been collecting without sharing the experience and the absolutely gorgeous figures with you.  So I fixed that in early 2016.  Since that time, we’ve covered every single figure release to date right up through last week’s Batgirl Deluxe figure, that was absolutely beautiful.  This week, I think…I think!  We will be bringing you news of the first Icons Accessory pack, I’ll know more on that later in the week.  But for now, we are here to talk about my favorite DC Icons figures of the year.  Now…I’m not gonna give you 10.  I think there really only has been about 10 Icons figures this year, so I’ll go with 5.  5 of my favorite figures of 2016 down below.  Check em out, then my wishlist for 2017.


5. Flash

Kicking off this top 5 of 2016, the Flash.  A fantastic figure with an awesome accessory, the Cosmic Treadmill!  Flash looks great, has the perfect hand accessories, and he’s a must have for any DC fan.



4. Superman

This list doesn’t have a chance of not having Superman on it.  Visually, he’s my favorite Superman figure of all time.  When I started picking up DC figures it took me 3 or 4 to find the best of the bunch out at the time.  Then, DC Icons made one, and as quick as that, this is my de-facto Superman figure.


3. Joker

This absolutely Iconic version of the Joker is one of the few that people think of when the name comes to mind.  The purple suit, the gatling gun, the terrifying smile.  This is the Joker that gave Bats the fits in so many ways and he looks perfect on the shelf next to his arch-nemesis.


2. Darkseid

Darkseid is only number two because Firestorm is one of my favorite figures of all time.  That said, Darkseid makes a very strong argument for that slot too.  Certainly, he rivals some of the other larger figures out there from other brands and lines.  He’s well put together, incredibly well designed.  His motion with satisfying, and he even comes with articulated shoulder pads! That he comes with Grail to boot, this is a value package and a monster figure that you need to own.


1. Firestorm

Firestorm was displayed in one of the first showcases I ever saw DC Icons in.  My eyebrows raised and I knew from that point on I’d be in for it with this line.  Certain figures come along and they are just special to you, special forever.  This is the figure that re-ignited my passion for all things DC.  I was insanely bummed to see him announced in 2015 only to have to wait a really REALLY long time to pick him up this year, but now that I have him, he’ll be in my home forever, leading my collection of DC Icons figures.


Wishes for 2017

DC Collectibles has already lifted the veil on a lot of figures for 2017, there are some absolute gangbusters figures coming out to flesh out this line and grow it into maturity, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold two pack, Etrigan, Nightwing, Deathstroke, Deadshot, Swamp Thing, the list goes on and on.  DC Collectibles will continue to delve into the rich catalog of DC Super Heroes to bring you those heroes at their most Iconic moments.  My wish is just more.  I’d like to see some more Lantern’s though, if I had to ask for anything, one from each color by the end of 2017 is my wish.  Let’s roll DC Collectibles!

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