Best Fiends x Kidrobot Medium Plush Available Now!

From the hit game, Best Fiends, Kidrobot presents “Gordon” the scorpion, “Bo” the slug and “Quincy” the spider in medium plush form! Kidrobot’s plush is made with lush materials and features embroidered details. With Kidrobot’s Best Fiends plush, you can now enjoy your favorite characters from the game in huggable fashion!

The Best Fiends medium are available now at on for $19.99 each!

Meet Gordon
Born with a warrior’s heart but stuck in the shadow of his formidable father, Gordon the scorpion can’t wait to carve out his own legend in the war against the Slugs!

Meet Bo
Bo is a slug. But before you attack, check out those fancy flippers. The guy is a Dragon Slug, the colorful king of the ocean floor, and anyone who says different is going to get slugged!

Meet Kwincy
Can a spider be an “ugly duckling”? Because inside this big-eyed, big-butted bulldozer, there is a handsome hero waiting to burst out.

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