Please help save Lady – donate HERE.

A friend of has recently come upon one of the hardest times.  A family pet is in peril.  Lady, the beloved German Shepherd of Make Mine Marvel Group member David has experienced a medical emergency.  In an effort to afford the care that Lady needs, David’s son wants to  offer his Marvel Universe action figure collection for sale.

Lady is a hero, she saved David’s son’s life when he was just 8 years old from choking in his sleep.  Any pet is a family member, but any pet you owe a Wookie life debt to, well…Lady I’m sure is much more than family to David and his son to say the least.

The cost of Lady’s surgery and medical bills will be $1200 – you can help donate HERE.

We love us some dogs, and we love us some Marvel Universe.  No child should ever have to make a choice like that, and we want to help David and his son avoid it.  We’ve convinced him to setup a Chip-In so that the incredible people on the Internet can help him out.  I really hope you all decide to do so.  Please know that this has nothing to do directly with and we are not associated with the Chipin link below in any other way outside of us bringing this story to you and asking you to help David and his son.   All funds go directly to him / his Paypal.

I’ve also spoken with David regarding the just in case – if donations are received in excess of what they need to help Lady, the excess will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society.

I know times are tight, but to help Lady David needs $1200 by 8/10/12.  You can donate here:


Check out the gallery for the story of Lady saving David’s son’s life in 2006.


Save Lady and don’t let a little kid part with his toys! Donate please!

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