Avengers Assemble – Wave 2 – 2013
Following up a solid Wave 1, the Avengers Assemble line gives us 4 new and very nice figures.  Again, all great re-creations of their cartoon counterparts!  Let’s dive in.


The Good

  • Tight Joints
  • Comic Accurate paint app.
  • Even, thick paint app adds to overall feel of high quality figure.
  • Good facial detail.
  • The rocket bow can be separated, so it’s just a plain bow!!

The Bad

  • No arrows.
  • Not a figure knock, but for me, Hawkeye wears a cowl and I hate that they went away from that ever.

Nick Fury

The Good

  • Excellent facial detail.
  • Jetpack has a very clever design and folds up very nice and neat like.
  • Another very sturdy figure with clean paint and tight joints.

The Bad

  • A molded on chest holstered gun?  Come on, let me take that out!
  • A holster on the leg that doesn’t fit the loose gun supplied.



The Good

  • Welcome “The Leader”, it’s nice to have you in my collection!
  • Good..brainy detail on the head.
  • Solid build, tight joints, bright, even paint application.

The Bad

  • Pointless accessory.
  • Brainy detail on the head could have been painted with more shadow detail.



The Good

  • Excellent face sculpt, probably my favorite Thor action figure face!
  • The heavy plastic of the figure makes the jerkin feel like it could actually take a punch.
  • The alternate weapon has a neat open / close mechanic.

The Bad

  • I really like this figure, I got nothin’

The rest

2 Waves in and Avengers Assemble is a toy line that is making some noise in my opinion.  Solid molds, good articulation and detail, very  sturdy figure feel.  If only they’d ditch the ridiculous ‘must have firing missle weapons’ mentality for better, character specific weapons or stands.


 Big Bad Toy Store is shipping this wave now, go get it!

And now…the group shots

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