Amazon Exclusive Marvel’s Avengers Titan Hero 12-Inch Figure 12-Pack
The litlgeeks and MUReview woke up Saturday morning to a package on our door step filled with 144 inches of awesome!  The Amazon Exclusive Marvel’s Avengers Titan Hero 12-Inch Figure 12-Pack!  This box is stuffed tight with awesome Marvel figures featuring an incredible greatest hits roster of characters from Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers…and the litlgeeks got to open it!  Let’s check it out!

Amazon Exclusive Marvel’s Avengers Titan Hero 12-Inch Figure 12-Pack

This Amazon Exclusive 12-pack is just in time to make it into your holiday shopping cart.  True story, we were at Toys R Us the day after we recorded this, and a nice lady asked litlninja if he thought a 10 figure pack of Marvel 12 inch figures would make a good gift for her 7 year old nephew, or maybe she should get a few individual figures.  litlzombie said…”Actually, Amazon has a mega pack for just $109.99 with like EVERY figure!”  He said that!  

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Ant Man

  • The Ant Man we’ve grown to love in these modern times. 
  • Solid black, bright red, excellent paint application.
  • Ant Man features forward leg articulation, arms go up and down, his head swivels, as do his wrists.
  • His helmet looks awesome!



Black Panther

  • litlninja’s favorite figure of the bunch!  
  • Black Panther features his necklace and silver adornments that pop against his deep deep black glossy outfit.
  • His head sculpt is all of the Black Panther comic accurates!
  • Black Panther features some nice “arm raise” articulation.


Black Widow

  • Black Widow has a removable utility belt.
  • She also features her zappy wristbands which rotate on her wrist (they are not sculpted on).
  • Widow shares the same rich gloss black paint as Black Panther and the figure pops for it!


Captain America

  • Cap looks great in his read white and blue as usual!
  • Captain America can mount his shield on either wrist or his back.
  • Cap features arm raise articulation in addition to standard leg, arm, and head movement.



  • Falcons wings don’t come off…or do they!! No seriously, they do.  And you can even put em on backwards if you like.  
  • Falcons wings look great on, but he’s also a pretty figure with them off!  
  • As litlninja said, he can’t actually fly in real life.


  • The deadliest force in the galaxy comes equipped with a sword and a way to stow it! You can holster her sword through her belt!  
  • Face sculpt is beautiful!
  • Hair coloring is fantastic.  



  • He is Groot, and Groot can do splits!
  • Excllent sculpt detail, tons of branches visible throughout.  
  • Green highlights look great.



  • Hawkeye features additional wrist articulation to make bow aiming look awesome.
  • Sharp, clean lines on the purple arrow on his chest.
  • Sun glasses complete the Hawkeye look!


Iron Man

  • This All New All Different Iron Man is a welcome deco to our collection! We love this Iron Man armor!
  • Red looks great against the gold, solid and clean paint application.
  • Iron Man has some nifty leg articulation.
  • Open repulser hand allows for some fun blasty posing.



  • The favorite of litlzombie from this set, his chest spider looks great!
  • Classic blue and red paint deco makes this the defacto Spider in our 12-inch Titan collection.
  • Big eyes make Spidey look very Spider-sense aware.



The Good

  • Star-Lord comes blast ready with his two element guns.
  • Guns fit great in his hand, or are easily holstered on his hip.
  • Mask and hair out the top looks great.
  • He stands up very well to his premium movie 12-inch counterpart in this comic deco.



  • Thor’s hammer fits well in his hand.
  • Thor can get down with some split action.
  • His armor and helmet look great.
  • Thor’s hands can spin at the wrist.


The Rest

The Hasbro Marvel Titan Hero Series figures, at 12-inches are super kid friendly.  They are a great way to bring the world of Marvel comics into the play room.  these figures are durable, pose-able and fun to play with.  At $109.99 for 12 figures, Hasbro is bringing out the holiday gifting value in a big way.   You’ll find other collections of similar figures on shelves at Toys R Us and Target, but I believe that this is the most comprehensive, and definitely the best value!  If you are looking for a whole collection of Marvel figures for your litlgeek this holiday season, I’m confident that this is by far your best option, and the litlgeeks agree!


This is an Amazon exclusive set, and available now for $109.99.


Family Photos!


MUReview received this product for free.  This product is for ages 4 and up.  This post and video are for entertainment purposes only.

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