I try to be an active member of as many Marvel related forums as I can. It doesn’t always happen, running my own site, having a kid, a job, etc…  Luckily though, I was over on Marvelousnews.com and a forum member posted some great pictures and comparisons of Sentinel figures over the years.  I contacted him and asked if he wanted to do a review / comparison for MUReview.  Turns out, he already had one up.  It is with that, that I am happy to bring you the following from Roshan’s Guides.  (Views expressed below do not necessarily reflect views of MUReview.net and / or it’s affiliates).

Welcome to Roshan’s Guides.  This is the first of (hopefully) thousands of reviews I’ll be bringing to you each week.  I’m going to be hitting all of the best the action figure world has to offer.  But tonight, the first up to bat will be a Sentinel mash-up: San Diego Comic Con Sentinel and the regular release Sentinel.

For those of you who went to San Diego Comic Con, or were lucky enough to get one off of Hasbrotoyshop.com, you already know how massive the Sentinel box is.  It comes in at 28″x19″  (whereas the non SDCC version is 21″x12″).

The reason for the giant size, is due to the figure being carded.  Just like last year’s Galactus, Sentinel joins the ranks of the largest carded figures ever made.

I know it’s not technically feasible to put something like that on a retail peg.  The weight alone of just one would probably tear the peg off the back wall.   But just imagine how cool something like that would look hanging from a peg.  I almost didn’t open the thing for the review because it looked so cool carded.  Almost.

I measured him at 16″ so just slightly larger than the Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Sentinel, and much bulkier than the legends Sentinel.  I still prefer the Legends Sentinel to the Universe Sentinel, even though the Universe version is still an awesome piece.  I see a lot more human characteristics on the Universe version this time around.  The thing has a belly button.  Really?  A robotic killing machine was designed to have a belly button?  It’s all good though, the figure is still very solid.  Poseability is solid, I count about 20 points of articulation, but the figure holds a pose well, which was often a problem with the Legends Sentinel who was prone to popping off BAF parts when a pose was pushed too far.

The Sentinel also comes with light up eyes and sounds.  I didn’t count how many phrases is spoke but it was enough to keep my son busy pressing the button on the guy for about 10 minutes playing with him and the other Sentinel.  It sounds like they both have the same number of phrases.  I would have preferred to see the button for the sounds on the back since it messes with the aesthetic of the front chest plate, but it’s better for the kids from a playability stance.

Now to compare the SDCC with the standard release:

After going back and forth on it, I prefer the standard release over the SDCC.  I like the colors on the SDCC version, but the retail version just has the added details that put it over the top.  There are scratches all over the shoulder plates of both sentinels, but given the dark purple on the SDCC, it doesn’t show up as well as the retail release.  The retail release also has a manufacturing number on the right shoulder that makes it stand out.

The retail version also comes with a Wolverine pack-in which makes it more expensive than the SDCC version.  Given the additional packaging and carding, and also that there have been so many Wolverine’s in Universe, I feel there’s more value in the SDCC Sentinel if you can find it at a reasonable price.  Just don’t go looking to ebay right now that reasonable price.

So how does this Sentinel stack up the rest with the historical Sentinels?

Like I said before, I still prefer the tried and true, but it’s definitely a step up from the old Toy Biz rotocast versions, and the Wild Sentinel from Classics (yea I know I’m missing the water blaster Sentinel, but I can’t find him ATM). Now as far as value for your money goes, you can’t get a Legends Sentinel for $55 (usually he’s twice that), so if you don’t have the funds, or want to build up an army, the retail version is the way to go.  I hope these things get bought up quick.  The Galactus had a tendency to sit a bit on shelves, but with the Sentinel being an army builder, this should be a hot item to collect.

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