We’ve been publishing a lot of non-toy / action figure related news.  We will likely continue to do so because people truly seem interested in what goes up.  However, I wanted to take a moment / post to re-affirm why MUReview.net is here, why it started, and what it’s mission is.

I’m a giant fan of the Marvel Universe Toy Line from Hasbro.  I have probably the single most complete collection that I have ever seen or heard of posted online or anywhere else (to my wife’s great chagrin).  Over the coming days, weeks, months, years, I want to delve through the entire collection and bring you reviews on each figure, and then potentially each wave of figures as a whole.  So far, we’ve only got two reviews up, and a third likely coming today 8/7/11 (Dark Galactus).  These will continue to filter, trickle, and hopefully eventually pour out.

Our reviews for previous waves will include figures only, and “relevant” accessories (wings, surfboards, etc…because I am a loose collector).  Future reviews will include packaging art, and accessories.

Have a look at the gallery for my collection as it stood in June.  It has expanded well enough even since then, and there are about 70 new figures coming between now and next year that I hope to cover for you as well.



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