Out of nowhere comes Shocker?!?! Really, out of nowhere, not announced at SDCC 2011, nowhere on the Hasbro site. Okay, maybe not out of nowhere…out of Canada. Does that count as close enough? I kid, I love our partially to mostly French northern friends. This figure though did appear from the ether. The only availability is from Canadian sellers on eBay (which is where I found mine at a very reasonable price).

The figure has a nice paint app and is a good representation of the character. No complaints here, they did a good job.

I’m really not impressed here. The head swivels. The legs swivel at ball hip joints and have a generally good range of motion. However where this figure falls very short is the lack of ankle and wrist movement. Nothing at all!!!

Shocker comes with two wrist blasters that clip on the wrist much like the shield accessories for the Captain America figures. They are spring-loaded launchers of electrical blast projectiles. The power of these little guys is impressive…I only tested it once or twice (I swear!!) and I got some good force / distance out of them.

Packaging is pretty standard fare for the Spider-Man line. Being a Canadian only figure (for now?) you can see the French writing. If Shocker falls into any Spider-Man line wave it’d be that of Scorpion and Lizard, other reasonably hard to find SM villains.

I’m glad I was able to pick up this figure. I’ve always liked the character and I never expected to see Shocker in plastic at this scale / this figure generation. It seems like Hasbro has a lot of other figures well in line before any chance of Shocker would pop out, but here he is. Thanks Hasbro!

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