It’s been a really fun week putting together all of this custom mayhem for you folks out there.  However, at the end of the day, it’s really all about the characters and figures I love.  That’s why I made this site, to share that passion with you.   My biggest fave in the Marvel Universe is all things Cosmic.  Ever since the Infinity Gauntlet series came out I’ve been hooked.  Everything just feels bigger with so much more than just Manhattan, or America, or even the Earth at stake.  In Marvel Cosmic, it’s always for all of the marbles.  For a guy that east planets for breakfast, what is Earth really but an appetizer?   It’s that grand scale of proportion and consequence that has enamored me since I first stumbled upon it and I’ve made a point to read as much of Marvel at the galactic level as possible.

Unfortunately, while I know this part of the universe has it’s fans, I also know that in the grand scheme of things, Nova Prime doesn’t move books like Spider-Man, and the Fallen One won’t sell figures like Iron Man.  I’ve gone to great effort to obtain as many official Cosmic representations as possible from statue form down to HeroClix scale.  For your consideration, I have put together some of my scale appropriate collection (excluding statues and HeroClix).  It includes all of the main line release Cosmic figures I could find, as well as a slew of incredible customs from Onlinebuyer21, CruzAzul08, 1andonly5711, and many other custom makers from days gone by.

I’ll outline a few teams / scenarios below and let you enjoy with your imagination in the gallery. I hope you enjoy having a look as much as I enjoyed collecting them, and as much as I enjoy displaying them.  With real estate in my house at a premium, EVERYTHING you see featured is on display because I love it that much.

Guardians of the Galaxy





Heralds of Galactus































The Best of Enemies










The Whole Family




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