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  • If your images were on you'd see the Minecraft Creeper Backpack!Minecraft Creeper Backpack

    So, fun fact, I am a college student! And it is really hard to make new friends, especially in a lecture hall filled with over fifty students. And while most of us have been fear trained to run AWAY from Creepers, this one is sure to get your shy/new/awesome elementary/middle/high school student some attention.


  • If your images were on you'd see the Apocalypse Snow Globe!Apocalypse Snow Globe

    Quick! Besides The Walking Dead, what’s you’re favorite pop culture apocalypse setting? Wrong! It’s still The Walking Dead! (Or maybe Cthulhu) I’m not one for knick-knacks, but if I need a snowglobe to drop as I reference my dearly held childhood plaything (Sega… Gamegear…) then I’d need this.


  • If your images were on you'd see the Exclusive Periodic Table of Elements Blanket!Exclusive Periodic Table of Elements Blanket

    This one is just too neat. I dream to use it as a distraction from any alien scenes when my friends play XCOM for the millionth time. I don’t like aliens. They freak me out. This blanket does not!


  • If your images were on you'd see the European-Style Charm Bracelet and Charm Beads!European-Style Charm Bracelet and Charm Beads

    While Zelda is my favorite game series, I am a PC gamer. Joulery doesn’t always feel good while gaming. But how can you resist such a classy piece of shiny? The bangle doesn’t hurt when on the computer and there’s also a leather band version.


  • If your images were on you'd see the Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set!Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set

    So this isn’t actually on my wishlist. This was the product I had to write a Press Release for in order to get this internship. I have them in my home and they get lauded every time we play D&D. But I may have a chemistry BiAs.


  • If your images were on you'd see the Go Home, Evolution Fitted Ladies' Tee!Go Home, Evolution Fitted Ladies’ Tee

    This is also available in Men’s BTW. This shirt mixes two things I love dearly: memes and absurdly adorable (and venomous) animals. I think Mother Nature’s kid drew a platypus in kindergarten and she just decided to make it happen on a whim.


  • If your images were on you'd see the Giant Robot Slippers with Sound!Giant Robot Slippers with Sound

    There were a lot of people who walked around in these when they were being made and released. They sound really cool. And it was super easy to click out of Facebook before they reached my cubicle. It’s loud, without being obnoxious. And they are super comfy.


  • If your images were on you'd see the Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Infuser!Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Infuser

    I only recently started watching Doctor Who. I’m more into My Little Pony currently. I’m still working through Leather Jacket Doctor, but I like Nice Hair Doctor and Fez Doctor is funny. Yes, I do drink tea (I like a nice Oolong) when I am watching the marathon of episodes. No, I don’t have this infuser. Yet.

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