Marvel Comics went and done did it.  They are bringing someone else back from the dead…but who?

Hero Teaser

Now, for some education.  There is a lot of speculation out there.  Let’s use some simple visual history to find out who our returned hero is.

Is it Richard Rider Nova?  Not unless they changed the logo, doubtful.  But check out this image from the NovaPrimePage in case you aren’t sure…


Is it Mar-Vell, Genis-Vell, Phylla-Vell…use your eyeballs to find the truth…I say nay.

Mar-Vell_(Earth-616) 4055486-8508098189-phyla 250px-Capitanmarvel3

Your answer lies here…I will tell you just who it is.  IT’S MUTHAFUDGIN QUASAR!!


hqdefault Quasar_Vol_1_43

Nuff’ Said

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