Official images from Hasbro’s Avengers Age of Ultron plastic franchise are hitting everywhere along with pricing detail, so that’s pretty cool! All of these can be found on store shelves starting next month.  Let’s dive in!

Titan Hero Tech Hulkbuster Iron Man, $35























Titan Hero Tech, assorted electronic figures, $20 each










Age of Ultron 2.5-inch Hulkbuster Breakout set, $20












Age of Ultron 2.5-inch sub-Ultrons, each comes packaged with a different hero, $6 per set











War Machine & Captain America 2.5-inch Deluxe Figure Set, $10













The Avengers Tower.  This is a  combination of multiple separate playsets (all available at around $20 each).  The total package will likely cost a little north of $100.



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