BURBANK, CA (June 1, 2017) – Missing memories provide an intriguing mystery for everyone’s favorite young female protagonists in the all-new animated film, LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls: Brain Drain. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment and The LEGO® Group, the film – the first LEGO® entry in the worldwide DC Super Hero Girls franchise phenomenon – will be distributed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) July 25, 2017 on Digital HD ($19.99 SRP) and August 8 on DVD (SRP $19.98). 

When Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Bumblebee and Katana suddenly realize they cannot remember a single moment from their Monday at Super Hero High, the young DC Super Heroes spring into sleuthing action! Suspecting foul-play, they band together to retrace their steps and uncover the mystery of who exactly stole their memories – and what nefarious plan might be afoot?

LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls: Brain Drain voice cast returns its core cast in Grey Griffin (Wonder Woman), Tara Strong (Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy), Anais Fairweather (Supergirl), Teala Dunn (Bumblebee) and Stephanie Sheh (Katana), with Ashlyn Selich joining the group (as Batgirl). The cast also includes Yvette Nicole Brown (Amanda Waller), Greg Cipes (Beast Boy), Romi Dames (Lena Luthor), John DiMaggio (Gorilla Grodd, Wildcat), Jennifer Hale (Mad Harriet), Josh Keaton (Flash), Tom Kenny (Gordon), Rachael MacFarlane (Artemiz), Mona Marshall (Eclipso), Khary Payton (Cyborg) and Meredith Salenger (Lashina).

Todd Grimes (Back at the Barnyard, Star Wars:  Detours) directs LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls: Brain Drain from a script by Jeremy Adams (Justice League Action, LEGO® Scooby-Doo). Rick Morales (LEGO® Scooby-Doo! Haunted Hollywood) serves as producer, with Sam Register (Teen Titans Go!), Jill Wilfert (The LEGO® Movie, The LEGO® Batman Movie) and Robert Fewkes (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)  as executive producers.

Following the success of two home entertainment releases for the DC Super Hero Girls franchise – DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High and DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has brought together two of the world’s most recognizable brands in DC and LEGO for their first combined DC Super Hero Girls franchise production. The DC Super Hero Girls franchise aims to empower and connect with young girls through the brand’s vast digital content networks across,, YouTube and social media. 

“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is excited to unite two extremely popular brands – LEGO® and DC Entertainment – to present the first ever LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls film,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Vice President, Family & Animation Marketing. “Animated feature-length movies featuring DC Super Hero Girls and LEGO are extremely popular amongst our fans, so we look forward to bringing this first collaboration to life.”

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The LEGO Group is a privately held, family-owned company, based in Billund, Denmark. It was founded in 1932 and today the group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of play materials for children. The LEGO Group is committed to the development of children’s creative and imaginative abilities. LEGO products can be purchased in more than 130 countries.

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DC Entertainment, home to iconic brands DC (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash, etc.), Vertigo (Sandman, Fables, etc.) and MAD, is the creative division charged with strategically integrating across Warner Bros. and Time Warner.  DC Entertainment works in concert with many key Warner Bros. divisions to unleash its stories and characters across all media, including but not limited to film, television, consumer products, home entertainment, and interactive games.  Publishing thousands of comic books, graphic novels and magazines each year, DC Entertainment is one of the largest English-language publishers of comics in the world.

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Warner Bros. Animation (WBA) is one of the leading producers of animation in the entertainment industry, producing and developing projects for multiple platforms, both domestically and internationally. WBA’s TV series include Justice League Action and Teen Titans Go! for Cartoon Network; Be Cool Scooby-Doo!, Bunnicula, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, The Tom and Jerry Show, New Looney Tunes and Wacky Races for Boomerang; Mike Tyson Mysteries for Adult Swim; Right Now Kapow for Disney XD; Green Eggs and Ham for Netflix; and Young Justice: Outsiders for the upcoming DC-branded digital service. As home to the iconic animated characters from the DC Comics, Hanna-Barbera, MGM and Looney Tunes libraries, WBA also produces highly successful animated films — including the DC Universe Animated Original Movies — for DVD, Blu-ray®  and digital media. One of the most-honored animation studios in history, WBA has won six Academy Awards®, 35 Emmy® Awards, the George Foster Peabody Award, an Environmental Media Award, a Parents’ Choice Award, the HUMANITAS Prize, two Prism Awards and 20 Annie Awards (honoring excellence in animation). 


SDCC 2017 Exclusive Hasbro IDW Revolution Box Set

SDCC 2017 Exclusive Hasbro IDW Revolution Box Set

SDCC Marvel Legends Daredevil | SDCC Marvel Legends Battle For Asgard Box Set | IDW Revolution Set 

SDCC 2017 Exclusive Hasbro IDW Revolution Box Set
Hasbro really brought the thunder to this years SDCC.  Incredible Star Wars exclusives, amazing Marvel exclusives that we reviewed for you already (links above), and they threw us a curve ball.  An unexpected exclusive if you will.  Unexpected, but so amazing, that once announced, I knew it would need to be a part of my collection.  The IDW Revolution box set.  Box Set? Boxed Set?  Have I been saying it all wrong this time, I don’t care, it doesn’t matter.  I gather you hear today to show you just how epic the SDCC Hasbro IDW Revolution Box Set is.  It features characters plucked from my child hood, all present in current day IDW comics, specifically their forth-coming Revolution, cross title arc that includes Action Man, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Micronauts, Rom, M.A.S.K. and Visionaries.  I’ll admit to you now, that while I grew up loving almost all of the words I just said, I’m not current or caught up on the IDW comic universe.  I had to have this set though, because I will always love M.A.S.K. I will always love G.I. Joe, The Visionaries, I had totally forgotten about till this set, but I’m really happy to be reminded.  I never got into Micronauts or Action Man, but hey, the more toys the better, right?  

A quick note on the overall packging, the artwork inside and out, beatufiul, perfect, massive.  Though I’m a loose collector, I’m holding on to the box.  I have a poster frame the front fold out panel will fit, and I think it would look amazing on my walls.  Well done!

Micronauts | Action Man | Leoric | Roadblock | Matt Trakker | Dire Wraith | Rom | Jetfire The Rest | Availability | Family Photos


The Good

  • 9 tiny pretty well detailed figures here featuring the Micronauts Acroyear, Biotron, Oberon, Quin-Tillus, Phenolo-Phi, Xant, Gammatron, Baron Karza and Betatron.  
  • They are tiny!
  • Clean paint applications for figures this small.
  • Strudy little things.
  • Balanced, and stands are attached, which is appreciated.

The Bad

  • I wish I knew a little more about Micronauts to speak to it.  If you are into them, I’m sure you’ll love these.


Action Man

The Good

  • Action Man is well articulated, lots of movement here, ab-crunch, ankle rockers, wrists that spin, good head movement.
  • Clean paint application.
  • Very clean lines and nice design.
  • Action Man includes two sub-machine guns and a rifle, all fit well in his hand. 
  • I googled Action Man, it looks like him!
  • Included stand with nicely printed name on it, Action Man fits well and can balance easily.

The Bad

  • I don’t have anything negative to say, nor do I know the character enough to have a wish list.



The Good

  • If the Visionaries producers weren’t hoping for a live action movie featuring Burt Reynolds, I don’t know what the heck they would have been thinking.  Subsequently, if any further Burt Reynolds characters are made into figures, and this head sculpt / design aren’t used, the universe fails.
  • Helmet fits perfectly.
  • I love the lenticular look of Leoric’s banner and chest plate, seeing them brought me right back to 1987, I had em’ all and was always mesmerized moving them back and forth and watching their chest plates and banners change.
  • The sculpting here is really cool, eye catching.  The shoulder pieces, the sculpting on the legs.  It brings a smile to my face, I say that, because I’m smiling now looking at it to describe it to you.
  • Whip fits perfectly in Leoric’s hand.

The Bad

  • I don’t think it’s character appropriate, but I’d love a holster / sheathe for his big bad sword.


The Good

  • It has been a very long time since I’ve picked up a G.I. Joe in any capacity.  They have come quite a way since my first mighty childhood collection (it was over 350 Joes strong at it’s peak, not bad for a 9 year old with no direct source of personal income…).
  • Roadblock has a really personable face.  I don’t know if Hasbro meant to do that, but I look at Roadblock and think…I’d hang out with this guy.
  • Included weapons are interactive!  He comes with a holstered pistol he can use, his machine gun, a loose knife, and another holstered life on his left calf.  Each weapon fits well in his hands.
  • But my favorite part of all the weapons, the machine gun has a removable clip!  
  • Roadblock features solid all joints articulation, tons of great poses for G.I. Joe’s heavy weapons expert, but poses are limited by the flak jacket….but!
  • Flak jacket is removable!
  • Mutton chops on a 3.75″ figure never looked so good.  
  • Fun note, without this set, we may have never seen this Roadblock figure!

The Bad

  • Roadblock could be an unfortunate gateway for me, one that I’ve avoided walking through for some time. I don’t have money or space to spin up a collection of Joes again!


Matt Trakker

The Good

  • I’ll admit to you, the figures reviewed above this point were unexpected surprises that I fell in love with, and I do love them.  But from this point on, dictated why I needed to get this set.  I’ll start here, with Matt Trakker.  
  • While G.I. Joe was my first passion collection, and by far my largest until adulthood, it could have been M.A.S.K. too. I loved the show beyond words.  I loved they toys, the quick change features of all the vehicles.  For me, favorites were always between Matt Trakker and his awesome Trans-am like car, and Brad Turner with his helicopter motorcycle.  Getting either of them in 3.75 inch scale is a joy I never thought I’d have…a joy and a bit of a tease.
  • Matt Trakker as a figure has a tone of neat tricks, starting with articulation, featuring all modern Hasbro 3.75inch articulation.
  • Well fitting helmet accurate to current IDW deco.
  • Costume is IDW accurate.
  • The removable hose and harness set is really cool, and removing it allows for even a little more articulation.
  • Matt includes a cool sub-machine gun that fits well in his hand.
  • Another figure in this set with remarkably clean paint, and excellent detail expressed through paint.

The Bad

  • Something I had never thought of before, but now, I’ll be kind of mad if Hasbro doesn’t make a full line of M.A.S.K. toys.  Who knows, maybe we will see an announcement at HASCON or NYCC 2017…Toy Fair 2018?  Just… I really need Matt’s flying car.  I’ll stop there if you let me.

Dire Wraith

The Good

  • The Dire Wraiths featured in one of my favorite Marvel short series Annihilators Earthfall…needed a Dire Wraith since then.  Granted, this is the IDW take on a Dire Wraith, I’m really happy to have anything called a Dire Wraith in my collection.  
  • He looks sinister, that grin is pure evil. 
  • Character design here is faithfully honored in plastic.
  • Excellent, creepy, long arms that you can take off at the elbow for storage…or to stir your coffee.  
  • Solid articulation, has all expected points in 3.75 including ab-crunch.
  • Nice pouch sash, adds depth to the character.
  • Love the button detail!

The Bad

  • He’s got a holster on his leg, that is empty, and he didn’t have a gun included in his section of the box…now, he’s got no need for a gun, but, you have a holster, put a gun in it.  That’s just how I roll.



The Good

  • I was pretty excited when Hasbro turned Rom the Spaceknight into a Mighty Mugg for a convention exclusive a few years back.  Today, to get a proper 3.75″ articulated Rom…I’m over the moon.
  • Rom feels really sturdy as a 3.75″ figure, nice tight joints and very smooth movement.
  • Solid articulation considering his top half is mostly a box.
  • His weapon is highly detailed and true to comic appearances, fits very well in his hand.
  • Like the other 3.75″ figures in the set he comes with a stand that has his name on it.
  • I want a Silver Surfer on this mold, same paint, just change out the top half, it’d be perfect.
  • The paint feels thick and looks incredibly rich.

The Bad

  • If there is a way to take off his top box, I couldn’t figure it out.



The Good

  • I’ve really been excited to get to this part of the review since I started writing it, and that was actually a long time ago…so, this is pretty exciting for me.  
  • I’ve been out of the Transformers game for a very very long time, with my only current Transformer being a Generations Titans Return Hot Rod with Firedrive.  He’s awesome, but the last time I collected Transformers before him, Metroplex was brand new…the first one.  I say this, because my initial assessment of this box set, was that Jetfire would end up being just an in-scale with 3.75″ action figure.  So when I opened the box and transforming instructions fell out…I flipped because I was so excited.  I totally didn’t expect that he would transform, but he does.  In fact, I think …and I’m probably so off on this because I’m just not up on this stuff, this is a Generations Leader Class Jetfire…so not only does he Transform, but he’s a Transformer that you can get as a …Transformer, if that makes sense.
  • He’s gorgeous, just a really good looking figure, brings that amazing Jetfire sensibility into the 2010s with some slight updates to look a little more modern than the hulking and heavy Jetfire I had when I was a kid.
  • One of the coolest things for me here is the removable face mask, it comes off front-ways to reveal is very friendly looking face.
  • Jetfire includes 3 removable weapons, one spring loaded, they all have a few different placement options and look great.
  • Transforming is easy and satisfying, but don’t look at the instructions…unless you are smarter than me, then you will probably be okay to look at the instructions.
  • Jetfire takes me back…he’s shorter and doesn’t have as pointy or rotating ear antennae, but he’s every bit as awesome as  9 year old me remembers.  I’m so excited to have him on my desk at home.

The Bad

  • I am in love with this figure.  I really really enjoyed transforming him to and from a Jet.  That said, I got 3 steps into the instructions and had absolutely no idea what the heck I was doing by following them.  I mentioned it before, it’s been a while for me for Transformers, and maybe this is status quo and Transformers fans can look at this and be done in three clicks….but I couldn’t follow them at all.  I was able to figure out the transformation process very quickly without them though, so that’s still pretty awesome.


The rest

The IDW Revolution box set has exceeded my expectations of what it was, what was inside, and how much I’d like it in every way.  It’s a $99.99 piece, so it’s pricey, but there is so much value socked into this box.  One Leader Class Transformer, 6 3.75″ figures, 9 Micronauts, a ton of accessories, figure stands, and back to the box….  The box is a piece of art all by itself, and I’m reminding you of that now, because if you scroll just a little bit more, you can see it in all of it’s glory.  I did my best to take a large amount of shots and showcase some of the finer points of detail…it’s very big.  If you grew up in the 80’s, pretty much every figure in this box speaks to you in one way or the other (I mean..that is if you found your way to in the first place at least.  There is something for so many that were playing with toys as kids in that time period.  If you didn’t grow up in the 80’s and you are just super hyped for the upcoming IDW Revolution cross over event, well, this box set has you covered too.  I mentioned with the Asgard set, it did a good job of being an exclusive…if that did a good job, this does a great job.  A bunch of great figures, a ton of value, and characters that folks who are really passionate will seek out.  If you put Leoric on the shelves in 2017 out of nowhere, there would be a lot of kids, parents, and people scratching their heads.  Put him in an SDCC box and collectors loose their MINDS!  


Available only as an SDCC exclusive, and limited quantities after.  What’s after? Well, some thought it was 8/3.  HasbroToyShop lit up their links to buy 7 of their amazing SDCC exclusives, including this one.  Within an hour, all of those purchase links turned into out of stock.  Later today it was formally responded by Hasbro that orders that got in during this window would be honored, but the links going live was in error.  The true live date for the sale of SDCC exclusives from Hasbro is 8/14.  We dont’ know what time, but check back then (checking back daily can’t hurt either).  The following link will get you where you need to go on 8/14 when it’s!! There will be a limit of two pieces per household. 

Family and Packaging Photos!




Hasbro Confirms 8/14 For SDCC Exclusive HasbroToyShop Sale

Hasbro Confirms 8/14 For SDCC Exclusive HasbroToyShop Sale

8/3, Hasbro’s links for their very in demand SDCC exclusives went live and folks were able to add to cart and complete orders, for about an hour.  Everything went out of stock after that.  Don’t panic!  Hasbro responded to folks lucky enough to get orders in.  The links that went live yesterday were in error.  Orders entered yesterday will be honored, but not shipped until 8/14.  

The true date to buy Hasbro SDCC exclusives at is 8/14.

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SDCC Marvel Legends Daredevil | SDCC Marvel Legends Battle For Asgard Box Set | IDW Revolution Set 

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