Magic Box: Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 2 Amiibos for Nintendo Switch

Magic Box: Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 2 Amiibos for Nintendo Switch

The litlgeeks played the bananas out of Splatoon for Wii U.  They loved nothing more than running around levels and making a paint splat mess…which, as a parent works out pretty well.  On screen mess is way better than off screen mess!  Now, the Nintendo Switch is out, and with it, a slew of amazing new Nintendo games, Zelda Breath of the Wild, 1 2 Switch, ARMS, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and today, we are going to have a look at the highly anticipated to the sequel of one of the litlgeeks favorite Wii U games, Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch.

What to Expect

Splatoon 2 improves on the formula of Splatoon in pretty much every way, improved visuals, more music, a focus on gear and upgrades, great new levels.  But there ish one major and heartbreaking exception, there is still no split screen multiplayer.  In a house with two litlbrothers, being able to sit on the couch next to each other and play together without having to buy a whole second Switch is really a necessary thing for the litlgeeks!  That said, there are a ton of great multiplayer options here and with the introduction of Salmon Run, Splatoon 2 is a must play!


  • Two Joy-Cons in the controller grip
  • Two Joy-Cons connected to the Switch
  • Pro Controller
  • Motion controls are included, you can tilt your Joy-Cons or Pro Controller to aim and look!


  • Single Player –  32 missions, paint the town and save the world!
  • Multi-player- Get online and splat it out!  
    • Turf War – Cover the most of the map to win!
    • Tower Control – Ride a moving tower!  Cover the board and knock out your enemies! You must get to level 10 to unlock this mode! 
    • Rain Maker – Use an amazing new weapon that provides a ton of coverage to win your battles! You must get to level 10 to unlock this mode!
    • Splat Zones – Battle for control over specific zones. You must get to level 10 to unlock this mode! 
    • Salmon Run – Team up with friends to fight progressively harder waves of enemies! (This gets tricky when you have less than four on your team!).  Play any time locally, but timed online play.
    • Ranked Battles – Rank up!
    • League Battles – Rank up to B- in ranked battles to get in on league action!


  • Splatoon features a ton of new and balanced weapons to have a Splat with.  
  • Splatoon 2 works with all of the great Splatoon Amiibos out there, including a new Inkling Boy, Girl and Squid just for Splatoon 2! Each Amiibo unlocks gear, and you can save your Inkling to your Amiibo and take it anywhere!

What’s Really Important To Know About Splatoon 2

  • It is gorgeous.  Character animations, the texture of paint, this game is pure art and it’s beautiful.
  • Gameplay is smooth and fun.  The litlgeeks love to use the motion controls, but I have to turn them off because I’m jumpy in my old age and that translating to screen makes me a little woozy.  
  • Outfitting your Splat is fun and rewarding!
  • The Amiibos are all beautifully designed and are a great addition to the core experience of Splatoon 2!


The Amiibos

Inkling Boy

Inkling Girl

Inkling Squid


The litlgeeks have a blast every time they sit down to play Splatoon 2.  They love using the beautiful and colorful Amiibos, and they love splatting paint everywhere!  While their greatest Splatoon wish went unfulfilled this go round (no local split screen multiplayer), they still really love the game and spending  hours playing it.  Per the video, they give it 2, or 14,000 thumbs up.  Whichever comes first.  Splatoon 2 is an improvement on Splatoon in every way really, it looks beautiful, it plays smooth, getting into and out of online matches is easy enough for a 7 year old to do it.  Salmon Run is a great time!  If you have a Switch, you’ll want to pick up Splatoon 2! You can pick up Splatoon 2 here!




Splatoon 2 is rated E for Everyone

This post / video is for entertainment purposes only.



Virtual reality company brings revolutionary AR/VR technology to consumers at an affordable price

 SAN ANTONIO, TX — August 1, 2017  – Merge, defining the future of toys, today announced that its newest product, the Merge Cube, will be available exclusively in Walmart stores across the US beginning this week. The Merge Cube is the world’s first holographic toy that allows users to physically hold and interact with 3D objects using augmented reality (AR) technology. The Merge Cube is fundamentally changing the way people interact with technology, has an affordable price point of $14.99, is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and already has dozens of games and experiences built for it.

The launch of the CES 2017 award-winning product, Merge Cube in Walmart stores follows the success of the company’s Merge VR/AR Goggles ($59.99), which are available in more than 5,000 retail stores worldwide. The only VR/AR Goggles approved for everyone ages 10 and up, the marshmallow-soft goggles offer kids a fun way to experience this exciting new technology. The Merge Cube will expand into other major retailers soon. 

“We’re excited to bring the Merge Cube to Walmart stores and physically put this technology into people’s hands. With this first-of-its-kind product, people can experience the wonder and amazement of interacting with holographic, 3D content in a natural and intuitive way,” said Merge Founder Franklin Lyons. “Our Merge Cube and Goggles allow users to interact with more than just a screen – now they can build worlds, explore the human brain, visit foreign lands and more through the power of VR/AR.” 

Also launching today is Merge Miniverse, a curated portal to virtual and augmented worlds. As a leading innovator in the VR/AR industry, Merge not only creates physical products and apps – its team of VR experts also curates a library of high quality, family-friendly experiences like 360º videos, virtual and augmented reality apps and games. All of the content on Merge Miniverse is tested and rated for age appropriateness, quality, and motion intensity.

The Merge Miniverse allows AR and VR explorers to choose from hundreds of apps and experiences to use with the Merge VR/AR Goggles and Merge Cube, as well as with other AR/VR devices. Some of the Merge Cube apps currently available on the Miniverse (with more coming soon) include:

  • Th!ngs: A collection of holographic mini-games where users can hatch and play with their very own Octopet, battle alien forces, and even hold a campfire in the palm of their hands.
  • Body: A hands on, holographic anatomy lesson that gives a close-up view of the vital organs and their functions, and makes learning about the human body fun.
  • Galactic Explorer: An educational game that lets users hold and interact with the solar system. They can watch as planets orbit the Sun, explore the texture and color of each planet’s surface and discover interesting facts as users navigate the universe.
  • Dig!: A world-building game that lets users build and mine to create holographic 3D worlds they can hold in the palm of their hand, save their creations, share with friends, and even download and build off others’ pre-built worlds.

Merge is inviting developers from around the world to join them in shaping the future of play. In June, the company announced its Merge AR|VR Developer Fund, a one million dollar fund to support the developer community building apps for Merge products. 

“With an innovative product like Merge Cube, we wanted to expand our support of the dev community to encourage innovation and creativity for all AR/VR platforms,” said Merge VR Co-founder Andrew Trickett. “The Goggles and Cube, paired with original apps and those coming in from third-party app developers, provide a hands-on, educational virtual space for a new generation.”

Nationally recognized studios already participating in Merge’s Developer Fund include React VRX, Draw & Code, Steelehouse Productions, Chicken Waffle, NextGen Interactions, Possum Interactive, Half Full Nelson, Cenda Games and many more. 

“When a kid can pick up a physical object and see it turn into ‘something else’ in the palm of their hand, it’s magic,” says Chad Lee, CEO of React VRX. “Developing products that create this magic is exciting for us. We can design so many interesting things around the cube and hope to partner with Merge to make it ‘Toy of the Year’!”

Check out some sweet Merge VR action on Giphy!

To learn how the Merge Cube works, visit

About Merge VR

Founded in 2013, Merge Labs, Inc. is a virtual reality company focused on making VR fun and easy for all VR explorers, ages 10+. Products include the Merge VR Goggles, VR START ( the Merge Cube, and a universal motion controller for mobile VR.

About Merge Miniverse

Merge Miniverse is a portal to virtual and augmented worlds with hundreds of curated apps and experiences to choose from. Each experience has been tested by our team of experts for quality, and includes ratings for age appropriateness, motion intensity and customer reviews. Join a community of AR and VR explorers today at


Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Vulture 2-Pack

Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Vulture 2-Pack

Star-Lord & Yondu | Dr. Strange & Dr. Strange | Spider-Man & Vulture

Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Vulture 2-Pack

Did you get to check out Spider-Man Homecoming?  If you didn’t, you owe it to yourself to get on that sooner than later.  In my humble and mostly irrelevant opinion, it does the best justice to the Spider-Man character that I’ve seen on the big screen.  It was filled with fun, action, comedy, and some incredibly tense scenes between Spidey and Vulture.  It left me wanting more, and excited to see what happens next.  Also doing justice to the Spider-Man character, Hasbro, in this Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming 2-pack featuring Spider-Man and Vulture.  

Spider-Man | Yondu The Rest | Availability Family Photos


The Good

  • Beautifully sculpted web lines all over Spidey.
  • Additional sculpt detail features down the blue – non-webbed portions of the costume add excellent definition to the figure.
  • Black uniform highlights are clean and movie accurate.
  • Web shooters are nicely visible, clearly defined in paint.  
  • Sculpted / painted spiders look movie accurate.
  • Figure features a solid amount of articulation, obviously important for any Spidey figure, ab-crunch, ankle rockers, ball and socket hips.

The Bad

  • The way the figure is packaged has caused a case of janky knee.  Nothing some boiling water can’t fix.
  • I would have liked to have seen the web lines throughout his uniform filled in with a darker color, black, grey.  It’s nice that the lines are part of the sculpt / mold, but color would make it pop.


The Good

  • Vulture is highly movie accurate from head to toe.
  • Vulture claw feet look fantastic and help balance the figure, even with wings attached.
  • Wings, with some limitations are movie accurate.  They fit on the figure very, very well, and he’s able to maintain balance thanks to said claw feet.
  • Helmet looks as menacing as it does in the movie.
  • Paint application is clean and again, accurate.
  • Articulation is good for a character like this, he’s not overly mobile in the film, articulation here allows for most poses you see on screen.

The Bad

  • The greedy me wants to see the spinning thrusters on the wings.  I’m sure it’d be near impossible in this scale, but I want it.
  • I’d love to see the mask articulate up to reveal Keaton face.

The Rest

This wraps up our Marvel Legends movie 2-packs, at least until the Thor 2-packs come out (Executioner / Enchantrees and Thor / Hulk).  Posts on Facebook and Instagram suggest that they are already hitting shelves, but the official street date, we were told is August 1.  Hasbro has done an excellent job in 3.75″ scale, representing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I’m eager for that to continue.  I can’t wait to see what great figures the 2018 Avengers movie will inspire!  I also can’t wait to see what Hasbro announces at the coming conventions for the remainder of 2017.  We will be here to bring you all of that great news and more!  Go get this set!


Available now at Amazon for $22!  Click here to grab it.

Family Photos!