litladventures: ttpm Spring Showcase 2017

litladventures: ttpm Spring Showcase 2017

The litlgeeks get to do a lot of fun things thanks to  One of the most fun things they have gotten to do, they have now gotten to do TWICE, ttpm!  The litlgeeks were introduced to ttpmin 2016, went to the showcase, had a blast, and they were (thankfully!) invited back in 2017.  We have a lot of great coverage of the show for you, but before we dive in, I want to give you a little background and let you know what you are going to see.

What is ttpm – toys, tots, pets & more.  It’s an amazing resource for parents and folks that love toys.  The wonderful folks there look at fun products and give unbiased reviews about the pros and cons for what they are looking at.  They also do some incredible industry activities and their staffers are involved in all sorts of great stuff, right up to their CEO Jim Silver who is on ABC’s The Toy Box (litlninja is a big fan and Jim made his day!)

The Spring Showcase featured about 40 great toy brands, and the best part, everything that was there, the many “industry” kids in attendance go to play with!  Note, ttpm is a Toy Industry / professional event, and lots of great media outlets were invited to go play, see, and of course share!  Now, we didn’t get to everyone, but we did our best to get to almost everyone!

The litlgeeks put together a fun video of their day for you.  You can click the links above the video to jump to the toy company you are interested in, or you can scroll to your hearts content.  If you want to come back to the top, look on the right of your screen and click the up arrow.  Enjoy!

Alex Brands | Antsy PantsEASTCOLIGHT Limited | Emzos Kawaii Squeezies | Funrise | Hasbro | Insect Lore | JAKKS Pacific | Jay @ Play | Jazwares | Just Play | Kangaroo | Kap It | LEGO | Little Kids | Mattel | Moose Toys | Nickelodeon | Ozobot | PlanToys | PlayMonster | Spin Master | Super Impulse | Tech 4 Kids | The Toy Box | Tomy | Tucker Toys | Universal Whiffer Sniffers | WowWee | Zing | Event Photos and Press Conference



Alex Brands

What a great time with our friends at Alex Brands.  They were showing off a bunch of great stuff, from Walking Dead foam dart guns from Buzz Bee to their amazing Magic Kits.  litlninja was immediately mesmerized when resident Magician Mentalist and Purveyor of Mystery, Ryan Oakes demonstrated some of the adorable tricks you can learn in Alex Brands My First Magic Kit sets!


Antsy Pants 

Antsy Pants was a name we hadn’t heard before ttpm 2017 and we are glad we know it now.  Kid size, kid friendly, easy to build play “tent” kits that have all sorts of adorable themes from Ice Cream Trucks to Pirate Ships.  The litlgeeks love their role play and Antsy Pants is going to be a must have in our house this year!  Build structures to create your own world and bring your imagination to life!



EASTCOLIGHT demonstrated some fun tech toys!  Telescopes made to mount a smart phone, whether on top for star mapping or right on the view finder for some star gazing pictures, the design is impressive!  They also showed off a conductive play toy, plug in a banana and tap the banana to make music!


Emzos Kawaii Squeezies

Super cute squeezies featuring fun and well designed characters.  They smell neat too, I’m not sure if that’s intended, but I like the smell.  They are so unbelievably squeezable!



Funrise was showing off some really fun stuff at ttpm, Gazillion Giant Bubbles abounded, the Bubble Mill, the Power Wand, the Incredibubble Wand!  Also on display, perfect play size for litlgeeks, Tonka Tinys!  Little Tonka toy truck and play sets that work and interact just like the big ones!  Starting at $9.99 you really can’t beat it!



Our friends at Hasbro constantly bring the fun to any toy show or event we are lucky enough to attend and today was no different.  Hasbro’s booth was just a wall of people at all times because they were showing off the brand new Forces of Destiny line!  We got to see Princess Leia, Sabine, Rey and Jyn!  We got to see some of the great Spider-Man homecoming role play toys and action figures.  Some fantastic Hasbro games were on hand (pictured).  A fantastic spread of Transformers toys including the brand new (and improved!) Optimus helmet / mask for The Last Knight.  We got to see some of the Guardians of the Galaxy goodies that you can find in stores now!  Also on display, My Little Pony, Play-Doh, Monopoly, Littlest Pet Shop and Magic the Gathering!  Oooh!  And some beautiful Beauty and the Beast figures that you can pick up as soon as now! One of the highlights for the litlgeeks at the Hasbro setup though was Nerf Nitro.  Car Guns…  Guns that shoot cars…fast!  Recipe for litlfun!


Insect Lore

We hope you remember our friends at Insect Lore.  We do! The litlgeeks had such a great time growing their own Butterfly Garden.  We got to check out more of their great products for 2017.  Stay tuned to litlgeeks because I think we will have some butterfly giveaway goodness this year!


JAKKS Pacific

JAKKS Pacific has so much fun stuff!  Beauty and the Beast dolls and play pieces like the rose and Mrs. Potts / Chip.  We got our first eyes on the Cars 3 Max Tow Mater!  This beefy tow truck has over 50 phrases and sounds, and can tow up to 200 pounds with ease!  JAKKS has a full line of great Smurfs toys for the latest movie featuring figures, houses, dolls and more.  They have some great ride ons like a Spider-Man bike and a Thomas The Tank Train.  Jakks is also home to some 2016, 2017 runaway hits, Tsum Tsum and Gift ‘Ems!  Don’t forget their great outdoor brand Maui, they showed off the Sky Ball, the Sky Bouncer and the Wave Hoop!  The favorite of the litlgeeks here though was the XPV Rock N Roll Groot.  They spun Groot until they couldn’t spin Groot no more!


Jay @ Play

Ever heard of Flip A Zoo?  Adorable plush not one though, but two!  Each character is adorable, and each character flips into one other character.  From tiny plastic toy Flipzees to giant size Flip A Zoos, Jay @ Play has a huge hit on their hands!



Jazwares is the home of Animal Jam, the fantastic, interactive toy line.  They are also where you go for all of your Peppa Pig must haves.  For the litlgeeks though, Jazwares is where Minecraft and Roblox lives!  Both litlgeeks took as many turns playing Roblox as they could and their friend Aaron gave them not one, but two! Roblox blinx Blox each!  Thank you Aaron!


Just Play

Just Play had a ton of new and exciting stuff on display.  In addition to some great new PJ Masks Deluxe Vehicles and some great new role play masks, Just Play showed off the Marvel Swing and Sling Spidey Plush…he swings and does flips!  Their other big news of the day, the Cars 3 Mack’s Mobile Tool Center.  Lightening McQueens trailer giant sized!  It fights Lightening and has a workshop full of custom parts that you can change up Lightening with! ($59.99).



I’m learning this year actually that one of the most stressful things you can do in your life, next to marriage and home buying is having a pool put in.  Nothing fancy, an above ground pool, but so much work around it!  What’s not stressful about pool buying though?  Picking out amazing and fun floats and toys!  Kangaroo has you covered and they definitely have us covered with a Giant Swan.  The litlgeeks loved their Poop Emoji float too!


Kap It

Kap It, I can’t say simply enough, it takes the wild craze of bottle flipping and makes it a competitive and fun game!  Kap It founders KidzGames are excited for you to try this great take on the new craze, and litlgeeks is excited to share it with you too, so stay tuned for our review!  Kap It uses a soft play mat, square bottles that are easy for flipping, but you do have to bring your own water!  The game is available at for $19.95.



LEGO made a big splash at ttpm showing off their adorable new Cars 3 DUPLO and Juniors sets.  The litlgeeks loved playing with them.  The Internet is raging ablaze though with news of the beautiful new Carousel set which you can even motorize (sold separately).


Little Kids

Our only real meltdown of ttpm, litlzombie was led by the Little Kids booth.  We were going to go to the booth but we were following the floor plan around and we were going to loop down the middle.  On our way by the booth, litlzombie saw a giant bubble wand.  We kept walking and he just lost his marbles.  He wanted to play with it so badly.  We turned it around and took liltzombie to the bubbles and all was well.  He’d of played with that bubble wand all day and not thought about another toy.  Little Kids does have other toys though, Magic Kitchen, Candylicious Bubbles and all sorts of great bubble blowers too!



Mattel is having a great 2017 with hit movie toy after hit movie toy.  They’ve got a ton of fantastic Cars 3 products coming out, talking interactive cars, derby playsets and more.  Mattel is also the home of Fast and the Furious, so many awesome cars and sets out for that.  You want more?  Ok, how about Wonder Woman!  Role Play Toys! Action Figures! Dolls!  DC Super Hero Girls, this line is on fire and it will expand in Spring of 2017 with more action dolls and more figures in the fall!


Moose Toys

Moose was on hand to show off great new Shopkins and Little Live Pets.  They were also showing a great spread of Minions based toys and Disney Crossy Road toys!



Nickelodeon was on hand with a mile of toys from water tables to pool floats.  The highlight here for the litlgeeks was of course the Ninja Turtles.  Adorable plush, Micro Mutants, Viewmaster!  There was also a ton of great Paw Patrol fun on display, and Spongebob too!



Ozobot has been on our list for a while now, and while it was always high up, it jumped up in a big way at ttpm. Ozobot Evo! Groot Ozobot, Spidey, Iron Man.  We love us some Marvel and Ozobot has us covered in July!  Ozobot has STEM in spades!



A line of toys using natural sustainable materials and manufacturing, PlanToys had some very kid friendly playsets that even showed off a little STEM with basic machine mechanics.  Beautifully designed and built to withstand your litlgeeks.



The litlgeeks love PlayMonster.  We’ve already made a friend in our Wonder Crew buddy and we had a great time bringing you news about My Fairy Garden at Toy Fair.  Expect more from each in 2017!  Wonder Crew should see more outfits with matching kid gear and My Fairy Garden brings out beautiful set after set!

Spin Master

You may have heard about Hatchimals, maybe.  This year, Coleggtibles!  Little tiny Hatchimals.  You warm up their egg, break it open and there is an adorable little (non-interactive) Coleggtible inside!  So cute!  The litlgeeks got to meet a Hatchimal!  Spin Master also has oodles of great Spy Gear, Automoblox too!


Super Impulse

The litlgeeks love Super Impulse.  Fraggles, World’s Smallest, Wiz-z-zer!  It was all on display at ttpm! Precision RBS too!  Only the coolest most accurate rubber band launching system EVER!

Tech 4 Kids

Tech 4 Kids is the home of Mash Em’s, Fash Em’s, and most any other kind of Em’s.  This year all lines will grow with adorable new squeezy characters, and the litlgeeks will be reviewing a ton for you too!


The Toy Box 

The litlgeeks are HUGE fans of runaway hit show The Toy Box.  Inventors and toy makers from all over the country present their ideas to a panel of mentors, then kid judges, and then they have a chance to have their toys made by Mattel!  On site were contestants with the Arya Ball, the ball that does it all! litlninja also got a picture with Jim Silver.  We will be hearing about this picture for the rest of our lives.



Tomy makes Pokemon, so they are a big name in our house.  Pokemon toys will grow this year with new characters in their main line, but most interesting a whole new line of collectibles is launching featuring tiny cute Pokemon and playsets!  Most adorable, My Friend Eevee!!  The most exciting thing at ttpm for litlninja was at Tomy too, Lightseekers!  Real world toys that you bring into a game on your tablet / mobile device.  There are accessories, figures, a starter pack a trading card game!  The game launches in May with toys following shortly after, and you must play it!


Tucker Toys

Tucker Toys brought out the action sports in spades.  The most exciting, a bluetooth enabled flying disc!  Play tunes from this water resistant must have!


Whiffer Sniffers 

Whiffer Sniffers brand new series of Sniffers hits this year.  They gave us some samples and litlzombie got a SUPER RARE!! It was in a gold bag and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him more excited in his whole life!



Universal as always had some great stuff to show.  Fast and Furious, Minions, Spirit!  The kids are going to love Universal in 2017!



Our friends at WowWee always surprise and delight.  Though we’ve seen what they were showing before, it was great to put it back in the hands of the litlgeeks. The MinionMIP Robot had them enthralled, but the Magnaflex table was probably where they spent the most time at the show, putting together fun magnetic shapes!



Zing has always made  the litlgeeks happy.  Stikbots, Wethead.  But this year at ttpm they had easily the most buzzed about toy, Thumb Chucks.  8 bucks a piece, out now, they can’t keep them on the shelf.  They are an ultimate fidget toy!  Keep your eyes out for Blast Box too, coming in Spring, this game is going to burst your bubble and you’ll love it! Stikbots grows their family with Pets!


Event Photos And Press Conference

The litlgeeks had a wonderful time at ttpm and we want to thank the fine folks at ttpm and Litzky PR for having us out to the show.  We love seeing all these great toys and getting to meet all of the great people!  On a finishing note, ttpm is started with a press conference each year featuring their top picks for toys they have reviewed so far this year.  You can check out below for images of that and some images of the show floor.

Become a Master of Disguise in LEGO Dimensions

Become a Master of Disguise in LEGO Dimensions

Master of disguise Chase McCain is joining the team of heroes in LEGO Dimensions on May 9 with the arrival of the LEGO CITY Undercover Fun Pack.

The LEGO CITY Undercover Fun Pack allows fans of the recently released game to extend their adventure as undercover cop Chase McCain as he hunts down bad guys. We would like to work with you on a review of the new physical toy and expansion pack coming to LEGO Dimensions, and how the Fun Pack keeps the adventure of LEGO CITY Undercover alive for fans. You can find more information about the LEGO CITY Undercover fun pack below:

  • The fun pack includes a Chase McCain minifigure and police helicopter, perfect for patrolling LEGO Dimensions for bad guys.

  • As an undercover cop, Chase is skilled in the art of disguise and is quick on his feet, performing awesome moves like swinging across lamp posts and wall jumps.

  • The Fun Pack will unlock the LEGO CITY Undercover Battle Arena for fans to play any of the four Battle Modes.

Nintendo to Launch New Nintendo 2DS XL Portable System on July 28

Nintendo to Launch New Nintendo 2DS XL Portable System on July 28

New Dedicated Hand-Held System Will Sell at a Suggested Retail Price of $149.99

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Nintendo 3DS family of systems will soon be adding a new member. On July 28, New Nintendo 2DS XL makes its debut in the United States at a suggested retail price of $149.99. The New Nintendo 2DS XL system gives consumers a third choice of hand-held systems, one that offers pricing and features that fit between the Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL systems. New Nintendo 2DS XL will launch on the same day as two big new games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems: Hey! PIKMIN and Miitopia.

The Nintendo 3DS family of systems will soon be adding a new member. On July 28, New Nintendo 2DS XL ... The Nintendo 3DS family of systems will soon be adding a new member. On July 28, New Nintendo 2DS XL makes its debut in the United States at a suggested retail price of $149.99. (Photo: Business Wire)

“This new addition to Nintendo’s portable hardware line demonstrates our commitment to the hand-held market,” said Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s President and COO. “New Nintendo 2DS XL sports a beautiful clamshell design and offers a great balance between price and performance.”

The new system will be available in a stylish black/turquoise color, and will use the same size large screen found on New Nintendo 3DS XL systems. As the name of the new system implies, visuals will be displayed in 2D only. The system is lighter but still packs the same power as New Nintendo 3DS XL, and has built-in NFC support for amiibo cards and figures. It can play the massive library of quality Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS games in 2D. Nintendo systems are also the only dedicated video game systems where people can find their favorite characters and game franchises, such as Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Kirby, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda.

There are over a thousand games in the Nintendo 3DS game library and more are always on the way, including two that launch on the same day as New Nintendo 2DS XL. These new games will offer fun new experiences for New Nintendo 2DS XL owners, and for owners of any Nintendo 3DS family systems.

  • Hey! PIKMIN: In this brand-new style of Pikmin game, players guide Captain Olimar through 2D side-scrolling levels and collect Sparklium to refuel his crashed ship, the S.S. Dolphin 2, so he can escape the planet. The touch-screen controls let players choose the right Pikmin to toss at enemies and objects, which is critical to defeating foes and solving the many puzzles Olimar encounters during his adventure.
  • Miitopia: Band together with your Mii and Mii friends to explore your own personalized world of Miitopia. Cast Mii characters into various roles and watch hilarious scenes unfold as they work together to defeat the Dark Lord who has stolen the faces of townspeople of Miitopia. Players can bring in their created Mii characters from the Miitomo or Tomodachi Life games, or create their own Mii team in the game. This game has a lighthearted tone with traditional and strategic RPG-like elements, including customization, relationship building and team management.

Remember that New Nintendo 2DS XL features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about other features, visit

About Nintendo: The worldwide pioneer in the creation of interactive entertainment, Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, manufactures and markets hardware and software for its Nintendo Switch system and the Nintendo 3DS family of portable systems. Since 1983, when it launched the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo has sold more than 4.4 billion video games and more than 700 million hardware units globally, including Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, as well as the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS family of systems, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube, Wii and Wii U systems. It has also created industry icons that have become well-known, household names, such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Zelda and Pokémon. A wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves as headquarters for Nintendo’s operations in the Americas. For more information about Nintendo, please visit the company’s website at

Injustice 2 for Mobile Pre-Registration Begins Today

Injustice 2 for Mobile Pre-Registration Begins Today

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment announce pre-registration for Injustice 2 for mobile is now open. Players who pre-register with their email address at will receive the iconic thief, Catwoman, as an exclusive playable character at launch. With her powerful Bleed effect, which ignores enemy defenses and damages opponents over time, Catwoman is a force to be reckoned with as she continues to walk the blurred line between Super Hero and Super-Villain in Injustice 2.

In development by award-winning NetherRealm Studios, Injustice 2 for mobile stars a massive roster of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains and features new and improved combat from its predecessor with increased movement, the addition of projectiles, upgraded special moves and more. Injustice 2 for mobile also features brand-new modes that offer a one-of-a-kind mobile experience on-the-go, including a dedicated Story Mode that follows the events of Injustice 2 for console, a mission-based Operations Mode, a competitive Arena Mode and much more. The game will be available for iOS and Android devices soon.

For more information about Injustice 2 for mobile please visit:

Join the Injustice 2 conversation on Facebook, Twitter and official forums (

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Announces Injustice 2 GameStop Hometown Heroes Tournament

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Announces Injustice 2 GameStop Hometown Heroes Tournament

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced that it is teaming up with GameStop for the Injustice 2 GameStop Hometown Heroes tournament, an esports program for the upcoming Injustice 2 video game from NetherRealm Studios.  
The tournament will offer an all-new way for amateur players in the United States to participate in an esports program and battle for cash prizes. Operated by ESL, open online qualifier tournaments will begin June 4.  Eight Regional Finals tournaments will take place in local GameStop retail locations on Aug. 12, leading up to the Injustice GameStop Hometown Heroes Finals at the GameStop Managers Expo in Las Vegas, Nev., Aug. 27.
Injustice 2 is the super-powered sequel to the hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us that allows players to build and power up the ultimate version of their favorite DC characters. Featuring a massive selection of DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains, players can personalize iconic DC characters with unique and powerful gear earned throughout the game. Additionally, for the first time, gamers can take control of how their characters look, fight and develop across a variety of game modes.  
For more information about Injustice 2 please visit Join the Injustice 2 conversation on Facebook , Twitter and the official forums