Magic Box: Oniri Islands

Magic Box: Oniri Islands

The litlgeeks got a fantastic surprise in the mail from their friends at Tourmaline Studios.  What was in it??


Oniri Islands is a 2-player cooperative game for iPad.  To play the game, you need the two figures that represent the two main characters.  Mina and Tim.  Now, Oniri Island is part of a Kickstarter project that JUST started 3/16, only two days ago.

As you can see, this project is pretty far along.  The game is wonderful.  The figures are very very pretty.  The gameplay is whimsical with a calming sound track.  

You use the two figures to move around in the game, collect items and interact with objects.  You are guided in the game by Tim and Mina’s grandmother who provides clues and context to your experience.  The litlgeeks played through the first “level” where they had to collect 5 fire creatures to make a signal.  Once they made the signal, animals of the island gave up their spirits to protect the children and become their “masks”.  Masks are other accessories you can use in the real world for the figures, but for purposes of this review, we only received the figures, not the masks.

Highlights of the game:

  • The art style is really stunning, fresh and endearing
  • The narration of the grandmother serves to bring players into the world
  • The figures, though ours are unpainted prototypes are well made, very pretty
  • The game is intuitive and simple to pick up

What we are hoping is improved with the final product (and we are sure it will be)

  • The interaction between the figures and the iPad screen was finicky at times, frequently causing us to have to re-place the figures on the screen.  It should be noted, we do have glass screen protectors on all of our devices, that could have played a role in some of our challenges.

Now, the Kickstarter is live and has been for 2 days.  They are already at $13000 of their $34000 goal.  Let’s all help them get there, this is absolutely a game worth backing.  It’s fun, beautiful and plays great!


The litlgeeks received the products in this review for free.

This post and video is for entertainment purposes only.

Mezco Box O’ Gold St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Box

Mezco Box O’ Gold St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Box

Yesterday, St. Patrick’s Day, Mezco made their Box O’ Gold St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Box sale live.  For $50, you get at least $100 worth of Mezco Merch, and a chance at up to $500 worth.  The fixin’s could come from anywhere in the Mezco line.  Well, MUReview LOVES Mezco, so we rolled the dice…what did we get?  …before I show you…I ordered this yesterday…it’s here today.  EPIC!  Oh…and it’s still available as of today, 3/18!  It’s sold out.

A Heisenberg Key chain!

A Sons of Anarchy Key chain!

A One:12 Batman…POSTER! 

And the crown jewel of our mystery box, the One:12 scale Frankenstein Door Diorama, which retails for over $100 by itself!  Spoiler alert, this was $50 well spent!  We have a ton of pictures of the dio below, but what you need to know is that it’s amazing, it’s heavy…it’s really really heavy…also, it’s amazing!

  • Highly detailed
  • Functioning door with handles on each side.
  • Treasure chest included (doesn’t open)
  • Cardboard backdrop art piece.

This piece is beautiful.  I don’t have Frankenstein, and I don’t have my One:12 figures with me, they stay at work now, but I’ll be bringing this piece to work to hang with my One:12 figures.  This screams “put the Punisher here!” and I’m gonna do that. 


Marvel Select Guardians Of The Galaxy: Group Shots

Marvel Select Guardians Of The Galaxy: Group Shots

It was a fantastic time getting to sit with the Marvel Select Guardians of The Galaxy figure series.  In the set we get 5 highly detailed, incredibly articulated, very awesome figures, for characters that we have all grown to love.  I really enjoy each figure and putting the base together (one piece per figure pack) is satisfying and gives you a great display piece.  I have mine setup downstairs on a shelf, but be warned, the base is fairly large and will take up a good chunk of shelf space.  On the huge plus side, you can get all of the figures on it, and while it is uneven in spots (by design / due to it representing actual shapes), the figures do a great job of being able to stand on all of it’s surfaces.  That said, without further ado, …oh wait.

For anyone confused by the Groot review, I loved it, the Groot figure is really just fantastic, the right bulk, amazing facial expression, ankles are a little loose, but otherwise, just absolutely an awesome figure, you’ll want to own it.  

Now…check out the group shots!


Ari Schultz Medical Heart Fund

Ari Schultz Medical Heart Fund

People Magazine went out with the story yesterday about an extraordinary young by named Ari Schultz who has literally stolen the hearts of people around the world as he found out on camera that he was getting a heart transplant after being in-patient at Boston Children’s Hospital for 211 days.

The litlgeeks have a special message for Ari!

Please have a look at the article  for details and check out this heart-warming video of this litlgeek (that’s right Ari, yer cool with us!) learning he was going to get a heart transplant!  We here at litlgeeks want to do all we can to help out Ari and there is a GoFundMe page setup to help the family with expenses for both medical and living purposes through this difficult time.