Tourmaline Studio Launches Kickstarter for Toys-to-Life Co-op Game, Oniri Islands – Children of the River

Tourmaline Studio Launches Kickstarter for Toys-to-Life Co-op Game, Oniri Islands – Children of the River

Kickstarter campaign for Oniri Islands – Children of the River is now live with a goal of $30k for the artistically attractive two-player co-op toys-to-life adventure game

Geneva, March 16 – Geneva-based interactive developer, Tourmaline Studio, announced today the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for its two-player cooperative toys-to-life adventure game : Oniri Islands – Children of the River. The goal for the Kickstarter campaign is set at $30,000, which will go towards supporting the manufacturing of the figurines. Complete information about the game and Kickstarter can be found on the campaign page below.

Kickstarter Page for Oniri Islands

Oniri Islands – Children of the River is striking for its colorful and attractive art style, as well as the social interaction that develops between the players through its gameplay. It’s a co-op experience where players use two figurines, which represent the game’s two heroes Mina and Tim, to drag along the screen and explore the island together in unison. Players find hidden items and solve entertaining puzzles while also earning unique powers that are physically represented by masks that can be placed on the figurines.

“We’re extremely excited to launch Oniri Islands on Kickstarter so we can gather further support to make final touches on the game in time for its launch in November.” says Marion, co-founder of Tourmaline Studio.

Tourmaline Studio has also released a new trailer to go along with the launch of the Kickstarter campaign. A link to the trailer can be found below.

Kickstarter Trailer for Oniri Islands – Children of the River

Oniri Islands – Children of the River is scheduled to release in Q4 2017 on both Apple and Android tablets for $35.00 USD. The starter pack will include two figurines alongside the application delivering a storyline inspired by Peter Pan’s Lost boys (JM Barrie) in 3 chapters full of life and vibrant imagery.

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About Oniri Islands: Children of the River

Oniri Islands is a co-op adventure game for two players. You play two kids lost on a mysterious island, searching for your shadows. You will find animal masks giving you magical powers to survive. Mina and Tim, the heroes, are two smart toys that come to life on your tablet. Move them on the screen to explore the fabulous world of Oniri Islands! Oniri is made for adventure game lovers from 6 years old and up!

About Tourmaline Studio

Tourmaline is a Geneva based interactive studio crafting new kinds of games. Blending tangible and digital realms. Today video games are not only played on one screen as well as the gamepad is not the only way to interact with the game anymore. We believe some of the greatest innovation in games will come from the combination of the warmth and tactile touch provided by physical design with the various interactive possibilities given by new technologies and digital content. Our goal is to create innovative and memorable gaming experiences.

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This week’s latest from NECA / WizKids 3/14

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Marvel Select Star-Lord

Marvel Select Star-Lord

Marvel Select Star-Lord

Starting off Marvel Select Guardians of the galaxy week, we are going to have a look at the Head Jerk in Charge, Star-Lord!  A little background though, around late 2016, maybe a little bit before, it came out of the woodwork that Diamond Select was tackling the Guardians of the Galaxy.  They set their Marvel Select team of artists off to design the Guardians of the Galaxy in a style that only Diamond Select Toys can do, and what came out is 5 beautiful figures that have all of the swagger of the Guardians themselves.  This iteration of the team is from the modern comic run of Guardians of the Galaxy.  Let’s check out Star-Lord. 

The Good

  • Star-Lord looks comic-fantastic here.  The mask, the coat, the boots, the satchel, it’s all there.
  • The paint on Star-Lord’s mask and metallic armor pieces is really nicely executed, looks great, adds so much depth to the character.  
  • Star-Lord features his elemental guns, and those guns have little punched out pieces where they can clip to posts on his hip.  Nothing like a holster to make me happy!  Despite just being pegs, the guns stay on very well.
  • I very much appreciate the included flight stand and boot blast effects!  They lead to some fun posing!
  • Articulation here is really very, very good.  There isn’t a Star-Lordy pose that isn’t possible and that’s saying a lot, most times figures with a long coat are limited in movement, but the cut of the coat and mix of articulation work very well here.
  • Star-Lord includes a piece of the build a diorama base with clips to connect it to the other base pieces.
  • The boots…this figure is really hyper detailed and looks great soup to nuts, but those are the coolest boots I’ve ever seen on an action figure, they even feel neat to touch.  That’s not weird is it?  Does that make me weird?

The Bad

  • The left hand of Star-Lord, the peg seems like it’s too small to hold either the packaged or alternate hand on.  When I manage to get the hand on, the best I can hope for is that it just dangles there.  This doesn’t affect most poses and is likely a manufacturing defect vs a flaw with the figure, but I’d love to hear your experiences if you have the figure.
  • Star Lord has two heads.  One head he’s masked and has …pretty yellow hair.  The other head he’s unmasked, and has clearly brown hair. 
  • The legs on my Star-Lord are a little loose in the joints.  He can still hold a pose, but I have to futz with it a little.

The rest

All things being equal and honest, I was mad at a few things with this figure, actually mad.  First and foremost, the packaging gave me fits as usual, everything is wire tied down.  I don’t know if it’s an added feature, exclusive to Disney Store figures or what, but the package features a new security button.  When you open the side of the package the button pops into two pieces and flies off the package.  This was on all four Guardians figures and I know my dog is going to find at least one of those button pieces.  I’m done venting though.  Getting past the few issues with the figure and my packaging rage, this is a really fantastic figure that I’m thrilled to own and you will be too.  He moves really well, he looks great, and those freakin’ boots!


Your best bet for the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Select series of figures is the Disney Store /  They have frequent discounts and sales, and you should be able to get all four figures for well under $100 on the right day.

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