If you read this site, you probably know this about me.  I am absolutely enamoured with all things Marvel Cosmic.  Today’s announcement of the Infinity Gauntlet Set from Hasbro for SDCC had me over the moon.  That this is the follow up…I am in plastic shock.

USAToday once again had the first sighting of this amazing, epic news.  

The Marvel Legends SDCC 2014 Exclusive is a Thanos Imperative box set!!

The set includes  Black BoltMedusa, Gladiator, Blastaar and Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy.  The set comes in a special-edition box designed to look like the Galactus Engine from the Thanos Imperative event.  The set costs $99.99 and will be available to SDCC 2014 Con goers.  Everyone else must hope and pray that Hasbro made enough to bring home and sell on Hasbrotoyshop.com.

No words…they should have sent a poet…No words

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